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  1. 11 minutes ago, kbutton said:

    There seem to be only six in my entire state. One of the neighboring states has a whopping total of four. It's not ubiquitous. 

    There is only one in my state and it is still fairly new.... and 3.5 hours away from me. The next closest one is in the next state and 5 hours away. Needless to say, I've never been to Trader Joe's.

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  2. We use Victor Beef and Rice dry food. Costs around $40 for the large bag. For 2 chihuahua sized dogs and one medium to large size dog, we go through a bag about every 6 weeks. We get it from the local feed store but places like Atwoods and Tractor Supply carry it as well. We use the beef and rice because it is corn free and one of our dogs is allergic to corn. When we can't get Victor for some reason, we get whatever grain-free brand we can find.

  3. I participated in something like this when I was a freshmen in the high school varsity band. Yes, they "kidnapped" us at the early hours but they didn't come in the house. We got donuts and juice from a 24 hour grocery store. The band director was present at the school but the upperclassmen (the drum majors and section leaders) were the ones who picked us up from our houses. It really was harmless fun all around.

    They asked our parents and our parents were able to say no to the activity. I don't remember there being permission slips but this was back in the early nineties, I might just be not remembering almost 30 years ago or it just might not have been as big of a deal back then. We (the freshmen) all knew it was coming one day during homecoming week but we didn't know which day until it happened. The whole activity centered around welcoming the freshmen, there was no hazing, and making them feel part of the group and school spirit was a big part too. The kids of the parents who didn't consent to the "kidnapping" part didn't miss out on all of it. The activities ran into the school day the next day as, like I said, ours was during homecoming week.

    I participated and it was fun but I don't know if I would let my kid do it today. It would really depend on the circumstances and how well I knew the adults involved.

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  4. Glitter is evil. Full Stop.

    The only glitter I will have anything to do with is digital glitter in digital scrapbook supplies. And even then I still use it very sparingly just because I still believe glitter is pure evil. lol

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  5. How old is she? If she is younger than 6 or 7 years old, I would just keep practicing. Medial sounds, which tend to be the vowels, are the hardest for most children.

    Have her stretch out the words, exaggeratedly so.


    Can she hear the vowel that way? Can she segment words? For example can she tell you the sounds in the word rat? Have her jump for each sound in a word or clap. You can play this as a word game when you are in the car or waiting in line somewhere. 

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  6. My vindictive ex turned some of my own family on me so I would be careful of everybody for a while. 10 years later and there are still members of my FOO that believe my ex's lies and slander about me. An ugly divorce can cause people to choose sides and you would be surprised sometimes by which side people choose. My whole point is just be extremely careful, an ugly divorce can bring out the worst in people. Even people who are not directly involved in the divorce.

    Definitely get a prepaid card or several prepaid cards. If you get several, don't keep them together. Personally, I opened my own checking account online but my ex wasn't that money savvy. It worked out fine for me but we didn't have a huge amount of money for me to siphon.

    Another way I hid money prior to my divorce was to take out cash or make purchases while grocery shopping so the purchase or cash didn't appear as an extra purchase or withdrawl on the joint bank account. For example, I bought myself a cheap prepaid cell phone while grocery shopping at Walmart one day so that they purchase was hidden within the grocery bill. I did the same thing with buying minutes for the phone, I hid it in the grocery bill. Like I said, my ex wasn't the type to go over the receipts or anything, so that worked for me. He would have noticed an extra purchase or withdrawl on the account but he didn't typically check receipts. It might work for you or it might not depending on how financially involved your STBX is. 

    You can pull up to $100 off of a prepaid card into cash with a small purchase at Walmart. Just buy a pack of gum or something for less than a dollar and pull up to $100 off of the prepaid card. I cashiered at Walmart for a short while. People do this all the time. You can then turn around and put the cash on a money order at the Money Center. Just about anywhere that will take a check will also take a money order and many times places that won't take checks will take money orders if you ask. Money orders can't bounce like checks so they are safer for the person receiving the money. Yes, this method of turning prepaid cards into money orders might sound expensive but it is completely anonymous if you need to hide what you are doing from a STBX. Sometimes safety in anonymity is worth paying for.

    Lastly, don't forget to just ask and explain your situation when looking for a place to live. Sometimes people are willing to make exceptions or bend the rules for you if they know you are trying to get out of a bad marriage or even just looking for a fresh start. The worst they could say is no.

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  7. Yes, my son, also a rising third grader and ADHD, can retell a chapter or a movie....if he was paying attention. If the chapter or the movie doesn't capture his attention, then it is hit or miss.

    I break it down and have him give me paragraph by paragraph narrations when he is struggling. Or page by page, which ever is appropriate. It also helps when I warn him ahead of the reading that we will be narrating at the end. It doesn't matter that he knows that we do it every time we read XYZ. If I warn him, he does much better than if I don't.

  8. I second everything in Rosie's comment.

    Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes actually taught me a lot about how to draw. I'm no great artist but my skills did improve while I was going through that book with my kids when they were little. I'm not going to be entering any art contests but I can draw more than just stick figures now and have it be recognizable to others lol.

    Don't forget to check the library! They usually have tons of drawing books in both the kids section and the adults section.

    I also second the suggestions for Youtube. Mark Kistler, as mentioned above, has many videos on there as well as many others.

    My youngest son enjoys watching and drawing along with the Art for Kids Hub Youtube channel. That man has a serious gift for teaching others how to draw. I would definitely have your son check him out.

  9. 6 hours ago, Scarlett said:

    It has been a very stressful week with several outbursts and temper….ripping a phone out of the wall, throwing keys against a wall….being a total jerk to me over nothing., 

    I hope you told him "I would be embarrassed if I or my son acted like that at your age."

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Annie G said:

    Poor little guy! I hope he can sleep. 
    I react to fire ant bites and in addition to the advice given above, I usually take Motrin or Tylenol. But I don’t know if that’s appropriate for such a young child. Also, watch for cellulitis. I’ve had that with ant bites twice in the past three years. 

    Motrin/Ibuprofen isn't a bad idea since it is an anti-inflammatory.

  11. 50 minutes ago, Mrs Tiggywinkle said:

    For this, I pay around $220 a night. 


    12 minutes ago, freesia said:

    I could use $220 a week!

    She's paying $220 per night, not per week. It works out to just under $15 an hour for 3 kids. It's about average for babysitting in the places where I've lived. Normally, overnight baby sitting pays a bit more than average in my experience.

    Per the question, I would ask what gives, ask for the advance back and expect that I wouldn't get the money back nor would I expect her to babysit anymore. Like the others have said.

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  12. 5 minutes ago, EKS said:

    Start with something that he can read very easily without sounding out. 

    That's just it though. It changes day to day what he can/will read without sounding out. Yesterday, same day he had the "wheat" revelation, he was sounding out "A cat and a rat. A rat and a cat." when we were trying to find some super easy fluency readings. But he also read "Gus wept, "Help! Help!"" without sounding it out yesterday.

    I'll try that Audioblox exercise with him a little later and report back.

  13. Some shorter picture heavy chapter books to bridge the gap between picture books and chapter books:

    The Story of Diva and Flea by Mo Willems

    Leroy Ninker Saddles Up by Kate DiCamillo (who doesn't love a story about a horse that likes spaghetti?)

    Princess Cora and the Crocodile by Laura Amy Schlitz

    The Mercy Watson series by Kate DiCamillo (not my favorite but many kids love it)

    Mouse Tales by Arnold Lobel or anything by Arnold Lobel really

    Heartwood Hotel by Kallie George

    Ivy series by Katherine Coville

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  14. On 7/19/2021 at 12:17 PM, PeterPan said:

    Lakeshore Learning

    I love Lakeshore Learning... my wallet, not so much lol


    9 hours ago, EKS said:

    The thing that seemed to help with this for us was Audiblox. 

    Audioblox sounds familiar. Maybe it was something we did with oldest ds when he was having trouble learning to read? I know he did Earobics for a while when he was in speech therapy...


    And now, just because real kids are complicated, Ds does this....

    He was playing Minecraft today and he wanted me to help him spell the word "wheat". I told him to sound it out. He said the first sound was /w/ so I told him to use "two-letter /w/". Took him a couple tries but he figured out it was "wh". Then I asked him what is the next sound, he says /ee/ and he types in the letter e and it auto fills in the word "wheat" for him before I can tell him which /ee/ phonogram to use. He says, "Oh it has the word "eat" at the end. And the phonogram "eat, bread, steak" /ee/, /e/, /A/." He only learned that phonogram last week. I was dumbfounded for a second because I was still having to help him on the phonogram reviews with that phonogram last week. We haven't done the word "eat" yet as a spelling word so it is not one I would expect him to recognize. The only formal exposure he has had to the word "eat" is as part of our mnemonic for the phonogram ea.

    So I was thinking about dropping SWR at least for a while like you said @PeterPanbut today's events have me in a quandary. Is it evidence that SWR is working its magic, however slowly for DS or just a one off epiphany? I used SWR exclusively to teach both my girls how to read. It didn't really work for oldest ds. But however similar they may be, DS8 is not oldest ds. Oi, why do real kids have to be so complicated lol!

  15. 1 hour ago, GracieJane said:

    How do your children sit for an hour and listen to read alouds?

    You do it in bite size pieces, not all at once. Some kids love to cuddle on the couch and listen to stories. Others just don't. My youngest (8.5yo) is not a story cuddler. He likes to listen to audiobooks at bedtime which accounts for maybe 30 minutes a day. The rest we do in bite size pieces throughout the day.

    When my older kids were little, we read over meals, we listened to audiobooks in the car, I read to them in the bathtub when I had a captive audience. Only one of my six kids would have sat and listened to stories for an hour at a time in early elementary school but she had been listening to chapter books since she was a nursing infant. Every time she nursed, I did a read aloud with the other kids. 

    You are doing nothing wrong. Keep reading picture books throughout the day. They will only let you read picture books aloud to them for a short time in their lives. They have the rest of their lives for chapter book and other books. 

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