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  1. Diagramming sentences. I ask DD to point the subject and she gives me, "The". After 4 years of FLL she gives me "the" ?!

    1. SGPS


      That's discouraging. :(

    2. EKS


      Let me guess, was this the sentence? "The was his name."

  2. somebody help me find the exercise thread?

  3. Hey! Just figured out this status update thing. Yay! Be prepared for nonsense!

    1. Avila
    2. GWOB


      I kinda like your nonsense.

  4. Hope you don't imagine me w/ my hair in a french twist, red heels, and puffing on cigarette with one of those dainty holders! I didn't even shower yet today.

  5. Sorry to be so late in getting back to you. Thank you for the Thanksgiving cartoon. Hope your turkey was better than mine.

  6. Thanks, the shoe will drop on Thursday. I'll probably cry a lot (or try to) and then post about it several days later.

  7. It has to do with visiting someone's profile and leaving a message. If I want to reply to a message on my profile, should I do so on my profile, send a notification on your profile, or send a private message? :confused: :bigear:

  8. good grief! can you explain this visitor thing?

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