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  1. Hello All, Our DD will be starting 2nd grade this fall and i would like to work on improving LA. Her math is good and she is enrolling in a Aops after school center for 3rd grade math. I am not sure what can i do to work on her LA skills. Aops evaluated and suggested to start her with their 2nd grade LA course. Any reviews on Aops english courses? I know they are good with their math but never heard about English curriculum. If not what are my other options ? Thanks in advance!
  2. If you are after-schooling or have after-schooled a 1st grader, what are you doing and what has worked well? How do you prioritize what to focus on? Would love to hear what resources you like and what other families are doing. TIA!
  3. I am sorry for the confusion. I meant (private tutoring)self tutoring at home after school. Looking for suggestions on which math course to pick. There is overwhelming information regarding the same...Singapore Math, Beast Academy...etc
  4. May i know how old your child is. I have plans to do some private tutoring for my DD. She just started first grade. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks!
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