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  1. Hello All, Our DD will be starting 2nd grade this fall and i would like to work on improving LA. Her math is good and she is enrolling in a Aops after school center for 3rd grade math. I am not sure what can i do to work on her LA skills. Aops evaluated and suggested to start her with their 2nd grade LA course. Any reviews on Aops english courses? I know they are good with their math but never heard about English curriculum. If not what are my other options ? Thanks in advance!
  2. If you are after-schooling or have after-schooled a 1st grader, what are you doing and what has worked well? How do you prioritize what to focus on? Would love to hear what resources you like and what other families are doing. TIA!
  3. Thanks for your reply. My daughter is currently in 1st grade. JEI has 1 hr a week class where they typically group 6-8 kids of different grades. And then they follow it up with a weekly homework. So far from what i am seeing, worksheets that my daughter bring home for homework are decent. She wraps up the homework in 2 sessions, each 20-25 mins. My issue here is with the "1 hr class". I don't see any value add for the money ($120 per month) that we are spending. Either i continue with JEI and add supplements from Murderous maths, Zaccaro's, Mental maths, Soroban, Chess, Robotics, Programming, etc. for additional 2 sessions a week making it 3 hrs of after school math in a week or Switch to Self tutoring model completely and tutor her myself for 3 hrs in a week following one of Singapore Math,Beast Academy...etc
  4. Thanks all for your suggestions. My DD goes to a public school and she is accelerated compared to school standards. Want to encourage her using accelerated programs at home. Information that's available online is overwhelming(Beast Academy, Singapore Math...etc) and wanted suggestions from experts. Looking to tutor here on math & Spelling after school. Please suggest.
  5. Dear All, Want to know which course everyone is following for afterschooling 6 year old: Math -- Spelling -- Writing --
  6. I am sorry for the confusion. I meant (private tutoring)self tutoring at home after school. Looking for suggestions on which math course to pick. There is overwhelming information regarding the same...Singapore Math, Beast Academy...etc
  7. May i know how old your child is. I have plans to do some private tutoring for my DD. She just started first grade. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks!
  8. Dear All, I am glad to stumble upon this forum. My DD6 started 1st grade this year and i need some advice regarding which math program to follow after school. I got her enrolled in a JEI Learning center during summer and thinking of continuing her during school year. I see that a lot of you followed Singapore math and was wondering if i should introduce Singapore math in parallel as well ? JEI sessions are 1 hr a week and they basically send a work book as homework for the week. I am not sure if that's enough. Pls let me know if you have any suggestions/inputs regarding the same. Thanks!
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