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  1. Kemta

    Broken foot

    Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your advice! I did end up seeing two orthopedic docs today (one was just interested and hopped in the room to help haha). Did a bunch of extra X-rays. Turns out I have a Lisfranc Injury (X-ray showed a gap where that ligament should be and they're fairly certain I completely compromised it) and multiple fractures in my foot (the base of my poor toes has just swollen like crazy) as well as a sprained ankle and knee (didn't notice that one...). They were shocked as my foot was very "angry" swelling wise - want me putting absolutely no pressure at all on my foot. Going in for an MRI to determine if I need to put screws in my foot. Totally true - urgent care, regardless if they have X-rays or not, are just not equipped to se those things. Thanks again! Here's to no surgery and a speedy recovery!
  2. I was recently canyoneering in southern Utah. I was coming down a 150 ft drop and a couple things went wrong and long story short I free fell about 30 feet then hit a wall with my left foot, didn't have a good grip, hit another wall on my right and then slid down the mountain on my forearms until I caught grip on the rope. I know, I'm very lucky. When I caught grip I had the most intense pain in my left foot ever - thought I was going to throw up. I know I was in a bit of shock too and I was able to repel down without using that left foot for the next 15 feet. Got down and could not at all put pressure on that foot. It was really painful. We were kinda stuck at that point so I had to finish up the next 6 repels through the canyon. Was able to not use my left foot and I was lucky some of the crew was able to help carry me out. I just could not at all put pressure on my foot. We got in the car to drive home, got my shoe off (which also felt like I was going to throw up) and elevated and iced it. Got home, and it had swollen up pretty bad but no discoloration but the pain is now going up into my knee and hips. The swelling and center of the pain is on the top of my foot and around the arch. I still can't bear weight on it but I can hop around. Went to the local urgent care (unfortunately they do have some pretty bad ratings on google), they did take 2 X-rays and said it wasn't "obviously broken" and they were "very surprised" considering what it looked like and the backstory. And everyone with us told me they felt like it was broken. Urgent care felt like it was a very bad sprain. Told me it'd take a couple weeks to fully heel. I'm a very athletic person so I got a good "don't be a stupid athlete and not take this seriously" lecture. Which I understand completely. My question is, should I get a second opinion? I feel really really stupid because I was in a lot of pain and typically, I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I've never broken anything before. I've had a light sprain and a fracture before and this was far worse than those. Anyone else have similar experiences or advice?
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