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  1. Can you share this previously posted organized spelling program?


    I am starting reading reflex.  I used a portion of spell to write and read with my older children.  They learned the rules and used the Wise Guide to Spelling.  The system did not work for us.  I have attempted to implement the entire system and it is extremely difficult.  The teacher prep is difficult.  


    My son, who is 13, appears to be dyslexic.  He reads at a grade level of 4.5 to 5.0.  His spelling is at a similar level. 


    I want a program which encourages him and equips him to improve his spelling and reading levels.


    Whoever you are, I wish I could hug you.

    I sent my kids to Catholic Schools a few years ago (after 15 years of homeschooling). I taught 5 of my 8 children to read using RR and they are all testing high in reading. However, my 2nd grader, whom the school is teaching to read, is struggling, so I pulled him out of school. (also pulled the kindergartner)

    We will be starting RR right from the beginning. I found the spelling program that someone here developed and so generously shared on the old WTM General Board.

    I can't tell this person how grateful I am to them for being so generous to let us have access to this nicely organized spelling program!


  2. Thank you for the reply.  HOTMW sounds like an excellent choice.  The students in our cooperative meet on Mondays as a group.  A syllabus is provided for all high school classes.  The students complete four hours of work during the other days of the week.  I am specifically concerned about a publication date for a teacher guide.  

    I do not want to create 34 weeks of home work assignments.  

    I am glad to know the cd's are available.


  3. My family participates in an academic coop where high school and middle school classes are taught.   My sons LOVED Story of the World.  


    World History is one of the classes being considered for our academic cooperative.  When will a teaching guide be available for this book?


    Can anyone with experience with this book give me advice on using this with a group of 8 to 10 high school students?



  4. North Carolina is the location to recommend.  Look at specials for home school students at www.riderschoice.blogspot.com


    Cataloochee is wonderful.  Sugar Mountain is great but lodging is a little pricey.  Beech Mountain has specials for 2 or 3 days in a row.


    Riders choice is a home school ski group which coordinates rates for all home school students.  


    Your kids will enjoy skiing.  

  5. WOW

    My family lives in Tennessee.  We have taken advantage of home school day rates at:  Catalooche in North Carolina, Sugar Mountain in North Carolina, Massanutten in Virginia, and Paoli Peaks in Indiana.  We are now looking at Beech Mountain in North Carolina.  Our family started skiing 5 years ago.  We try to go on two day home school packages.  


    Our lowest rate has been $25 a day for lift tickets, equipment rental and a lesson.   Typically, we ski on Mon and Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday.  


    I would love to find more home school specials in other areas.  Our skiing experiences do not compare to the Colorado mountains.  We hope to plan a trip to places in Utah or Colorado.  Do any of those places offer home school specials?

  6. My son will be taking the ACT on February 8th.  He has tried a practice test and he is not happy with his scores.  He is working on taking the test more quickly.  


    Do any of you recommend a specific course?

    I am willing to purchase an online class.  I have been encouraged to be careful as many test prep programs are not helpful.   


    My son has the 2013 edition of Cracking the ACT.  Additionally, he has the ACT prep online practice.  We purchased this when we signed him up.



  7. I will be teaching at a home school coop. I will be teaching 5th - 7th grade students literature. I am hoping to focus on American literature.


    Can some of you share your suggestions for books and short stories?


    Right now I have:


    Adventures of Tom Sawyer

    setting 1836 - 1846 - St. Petersburg (southern town)


    Mama's Bank Account

    setting 1900 - San Francisco, CA


    I would like pieces set during colonial america, the great depression, and exploring west.

    Short stories would be nice too.

  8. I have a son who is entering 9th grade next year. His older brother will be entering 10th grade.

    My plan is for the older son to study Apologia's Human Anatomy. Would it be too difficult to place my younger son in this course?

    I looked on Apologia's site and it encourages that students need to have completed Biology I and Chemistry I.

    Looking at the units in Biology I, I am seeing no human anatomy completed. I am not understanding these prerequisites.

    If anyone has a student who has completed this course, please give me your opinions.

    My thought was simply that my boys could work together and encourage one another in learning this material. They tend to work well together on subjects.

    Thank You


  9. My son used to love Language Arts. Within the last couple of years, I have seen a sudden turn on this subject. Right now he is reading To Kill A Mockingbird. We just reviewed Julius Caesar , which he also studied in 7th grade. We finished Our Town in December.

    Our studies of American literature have been limited so I decided to compile several pieces of American Lit with a couple of Shakespeare pieces for 9th grade.

    Here is the issue. I think my son finds these classics to be "depressing and discouraging". He is not enjoying all of these sad and tragic "classic" books.

    Here is what I am noticing. Our reading has taken a sad turn. In 6th and 7th grade, most reading was encouraging with main characters finding worth and victory. We devoted all of 8th grade literature to poetry and short stories, Best Shorts. These stories varied but many were encouraging.

    Now as we begin high school, the current literature and planned literature are sad in plot.

    Can you recommend any high school literature which is encouraging to add to our reading?

  10. During this last pregnancy Michelle Duggar wore a beautiful maternity top. She and Jim Bob had a lovely picture made while she was wearing it. Anna also wore the top when they went shopping together at a consignment sale.

    I attempted to ask the Duggar's where to buy it. Unfortunately, automated messages are a necessity for their family right now. I tried another message board, and I tried the forums on the 19 Kids and Counting website. No Success :(

    Do any of you know where to purchase this maternity top?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  11. My son is in 8th grade and he is taking Apologia Physical Science through a tutorial program. If your student is struggling, you can purchase audio versions of newer and older editions on a mp3 type cd. I highly recommend the test and answer book which also gives answers to the module review pages. The audio cd will not play in a vehicle cd player but it will play on a computer or certain cd players.

    My son reads the chapters and highlights. Then he listens to the cd and highlights more. He pauses the audio cd when answering his on your own questions.

    I would take the program slowly and enjoy all of the lab experiences.

    My husband and I have been concerned that the program is lacking a little substance in certain areas, but in general it is good.

    This is a strict creationist view. It also has large amounts of opinion inserted. I do not consider this science above normal 8th grade level but I have been told it is a 9th grade level course.

    If the child struggles, I would begin now and count it as a 9th grade science. Our area does not count physical science as a lab science anymore but many places count it. We are able to count this as a science elective through our umbrella school. My son is excited to be earning a high school credit.

    My son is in Algebra I and has completed Pre-Algebra. If the math is overwhelming, you can always come back to this later. It is not continually necessary as far as I can see. We are in week 7 and metric conversion is not being covered weekly.

    Good luck.

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