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  1. I collect fountain pens. My experience is that the best flex nibs are the type used with a nib holder and dipping ink. The amount of flex in the cartridge style pens isn't comparable. For faster and easy writing I prefer a standard non flex cartridge pen. It doesn't have to be expensive, for instance one pen that I frequently keep in my purse is a Pilot Metropolitan that cost me $15, and it is very smooth and easy to write with. Eta: also, in terms of smooth and easy writing, the paper makes a big difference.
  2. For us it's not the holidays that are as difficult as the days leading up to them. For most times when we plan some special event or outing, we don't even tell our disabled kiddo before hand, because it's the anticipation that gives him issues. But that's not really possible for things like Christmas.
  3. My dogs prefer antlers. We find them while hiking and they last them forever. I see them for sale at pet stores all the time too. They chew and chew and no pieces have ever broken off, they just slowly wear them down.
  4. Lego duplos were a huge hit with the toddler.
  5. Here I believe... https://www.google.com/amp/s/thewelltrainedkitchen.wordpress.com/2006/10/26/quivers-legendary-cinnamon-rolls-courtesy-of-jean-quiverof10/amp/
  6. Good luck those sound great! Also, we are refined food free and use evaporated cane juice for sugar...it would be like your maple syrup if they evaporated the liquid off for longer than they already do and just had the dry sugar crystals left over. So it's easier to sub for sugar since it's in crystal form. It may make some recipes easier for you to adjust.
  7. I went to use baking powder the other day and it was empty. My child wondered if it would react with vinegar the way baking soda does and used it up without telling me lol. I would just put yours in another container like a mason jar btw.
  8. You also asked about ways to eat healthy, and I have found that I like veggies more and eat a lot more of them, when they are a bigger part of my life. As I started growing even a small amount of my own veggies I started eating more and it grew from there to where now I easily eat well beyond the recommended daily servings of a variety of veggies. I also mill my flour from whole grains myself so any bread products I eat are healthy complex carbs and not just the empty calories and simple carbs of most baked goods. Basically for me it took becoming more involved in my food instead of just buying it from the store. The more involved with it I became, the easier it was for me to eat very healthy. Obviously it won't work for everyone but it's what worked for me. I think part was because once I started tasting what I could grow or make myself everything pre packaged wasn't as good and I stopped craving it and now I crave things like braised red cabbage instead of donuts lol. Good luck to you in your food journey.
  9. There is a vegetarian cookbook from Rancho Gordo that I love, and this is coming from a non vegetarian. It is available on their website. And another favorite of mine is the vegan cookbook available from Baker Creek Heirloom seed company on their website. Again, even as a non vegan I love it.
  10. Well we decided on lasagna for Monday so I'm making the noodles tomorrow hopefully...then it might be time to finally wrap things lol.
  11. One thing that is common wirh Tourettes, is often its at its worst at night when in bed trying to get to sleep. One theory about this is that people suppress their tics somewhat during the day around people so they catch up with them at night when in bed.
  12. I have a child with tourettes and there are a few treatments for it that work for some but I don't know many who benefit from medications or supplements, but other type of treatments can sometimes help. I would recommend going to a neuropsychologist or neurologist to see if it is tourettes or something else. About the effect of the tics on the family...yes it can be more annoying and painful than anyone can understand...it can feel like you are being tortured. Even though I know obviously my child can't help it and it must be worse for him, it doesn't decrease how painful it is for me to deal with too. Good luck to you and your family!
  13. Yay for permaculture, we have had so much success with it. A version of it too, that we use and that not many are familiar with that he may want to look also, is hugelkultur. Also, for low income ways to grow food, Dr. Kratky in Hawaii has been successful with teaching people non circulating hydroponics so they can grow food to sell and to feed themselves with few resources. https://www.permaculture.co.uk/articles/many-benefits-hugelkultur
  14. I don't know about miso, but kombucha is lactofermented, so different from alcohol and usually helpful to the gut so that makes a lot sense.
  15. Kefir and fermented veggies are made by lactofermentation and do add probiotics, but alcohol is a different type of fermentation so it acts quite differently in the gut.
  16. The type of fermentation is different though. Lactofermemtation is the type that adds probiitics to your diet. So it's different from alcohol.
  17. I've had those they are so good! Maybe it's just me but when I grow or buy different looking beans or veggies that to me are pretty to look at, I eat a lot more of them. I think the pre-oral (looking at the food) stage of eating is my favorite I guess...I'm all about pretty food.
  18. No problem, enjoy! It was the beautiful and tasty Rancho Gordo beans that got me to start growing my own. These amazing jade beans are some of my favorite to grow for dry beans for soups and such because of how different they look.... https://www.rareseeds.com/fort-portal-jade-bean-/
  19. So for about 16 years I've been milling my own flour from a variety of whole grains like einkhorn wheat, spelt, kamut, millet, amaranth, quinoa, etc. I like to mix a bunch together. One of the things a lot of us who do this do, is add dry beans to some batches of grain to be milled because it has been known for awhile that the combination of whole grains and beans forms a complete protein. In my own experience when the beans are in the flour and baked as part of the bread, I don't notice any digestion issues at all, although beans don't bother my digestion too much as it is. So maybe adding bean flour to whole grain flour can help some people who want more beans but have issues with digestion? I'm not vegetarian so I don't rely on beans for protein or anything, I just thought it might be an idea for those who do. I do eat and drink lactofermented foods like sauerkraut and kefir too so maybe I don't get bothered by beans much because of something like that in my diet, I'm not sure just throwing it out there. I love beans, especially heirloom beans, so I hate to hear that anyone has a lot of trouble with them. I grow a lot of my own dry beans but for those who don't know, Rancho Gordo sells some delicious heirloom beans by the way.
  20. I don't mean to make light of death, but I had to chuckle a little that some people have mentioned being cremated and having a barbeque.
  21. If my family want to have some sort of gathering to remember me I don't care, however I'm sickened at even the thought of people looking at my dead body, my body being dressed up and made to look like I'm sleeping, or any such service where I'm on display in some manner. To me personally I feel like it's a desecration of my corpse and I would want my family to find another way to say their goodbyes and remember me.
  22. I always get my seed catalogs just before Christmas and I go through them usually Christmas eve marking the varieties to buy next. It feels like a shopping spree because I can choose so many since they are only 2-3 dollars a packet. Not much cost has to go into my garden each year really so I love the feeling I get with the seed catalogs that they are the one catalog I can open and literally pick anything I want from and in the end hardly spend much at all.
  23. I always quarantine the sick person and usually they are the only ones to get it.
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