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  1. And...here is what I would suggest too. The way I even chose what programs to apply to was that I knew the specific research I wanted to do and looked for where those profs were in the country doing that research and I specifically targeted them and their labs.
  2. I think a lot depends on the grad program too. In my case, the grad program I was applying to was only accepting a few students out of the hundreds since just a few labs had openings. The lab I wanted into was of a prof who felt my undergrad experience was exactly what she wanted for the next addition to her lab team. It was super competitive and came down to my experience matching what the prof whose lab was open wanted in her lab. I don't think my grades or test scores even mattered at all to be honest, although they were excellent. So I got in and it was all paid for and I received a stipend too to live off of. But, not all PhD programs work this way or are this intensely competetive. So I would say if it's a program that works differently and is accepting more students and they aren't required to have a lab accept them to even enter the program, then I would think there is a lot more leway. In my case the profs were just looking for who they wanted to add to their lab so if you were that person then you were in. But again, this was a PhD program only accepting a few people at that time and those accepted had their tuition paid for and were paid a stipend from the lab they got into so it would be completely different in something like a master's program or whatever.
  3. I want to live as long as possible. I feel like some crappy things have happened in my life and it's only been later in my life that things have been better overall, not perfect but going in a direction I want, so I want as much time as I can get now.
  4. Level 7 of Build Your Library is exploring world cultures and is wonderful.
  5. Lol...in some ways yes definitely, although lately we have some super stressful things going on so things aren't the norm right now. I have a child with multiple disabilities and an anxiety disorder and one of his favorite garden snacks is the lemon balm and I haven't really paid attention or noticed any calming effects from it.
  6. No opinion on its use for anxiety, but we grow tons of lemon balm and you can eat it too. We snack on it in the garden constantly...it's in the mint family. I add it to our smoothies as well and we do use if for tea. I pick a couple handfuls and pour boiling water over it and let it steep awhile, then strain it out and refrigerate the liquid which we drink cold in the summer. I also make lemon balm jelly with it. Being in the mint family it's super easy to grow so I recommend growing it for anyone who likes it as it has a lot of yummy uses.
  7. We tried several workbooks and for us they never worked. The best luck we have had is with writing down words that come up from our reading and learning those.
  8. It's not that simple for everyone. I realized I was being spiritually abused for some time and it took awhile to gain the courage and strength to actually cut ties with the religion and it's community that I had been a part of for my whole life at that time. It wasn't like changing which fitness club I belonged to...religion is often a huge part of a person's life and it can take time to really get to a point to be ready to leave a church.
  9. Things like that make me think I'm in a movie like in that movie where Jim Carey was in a movie but didn't know it.
  10. Yep, even the lid to this giant 15.5 quart one is quite heavy. I only own a food scale so I can't actually weigh the pot but I'm curious how heavy it is.
  11. Lol, yes he agreed that he is required to do all the lifting :)
  12. That's a great idea I will definitely try it, as it's a cooking method I was interested in long ago but thought would be too complicated but your ideas make a lot of sense, thanks!
  13. I like roasting turkeys in my roasting pan so they get more browned all over, but in my smaller dutch oven I often make chicken en cocotte. So I think I could put a turkey in the giant pot and make turkey en cocotte but I've never heard of doing that so we'll see. It turns out great with chicken so I bet it will work with turkey.
  14. Yes, I have had this problem and the one thing I finally found that has worked for me is magnesium glyconate. I have tried other forms of magnesium and the glyconate works best for me. I take one before bed and I'm asleep in 30 minutes like I took a sleeping pill or something. If I forget to take it I'm ruminating and my mind is running for hours before I can get to sleep.
  15. Yes I have those sizes too and use them a ton. I just don't think I've ever felt like there was anything I needed over 15 quarts for lol.
  16. Lol...yes, he has been commended and we have both been getting a good laugh at it too. He has agreed that he has to do all the lifting of it too thankfully. He actually bought several pieces because he said it was too good of a sale to pass them up. The rest are a manageable size. All the suggestions have been great so far thank you all! It just cracks me up because the one I had that I thought was huge is dwarfed by this one.
  17. I looked it up online and it's known as a goose pot lol. I'm just cracking up that my husband bought this.
  18. Hey the keeping stuff cold thing is a great tip! I never thought of it but they retain temperatures so well it makes sense.
  19. I checked the box and it's 15.5 quarts lol.
  20. So I have a bunch of Le Creuset dutch ovens that I constantly use. My husband ran across a clearance sale on Le Creuset so he bought a huge, like the biggest they make, oval dutch oven. I have the next size down and it's big enough that I make french chicken in a pot in it, so with this one being bigger still I can't even think of what to use it for. Suggestions?
  21. Another one I forgot to mention that we are loving is Math U See for my disabled kiddo. He had reached a plateau in math until we made the switch to MUS.
  22. In my experience it was my undergrad research experience that got me into the top graduate school program in the country for my particular field of study.
  23. We haven't ever had a Correll dish chip or break they are very durable.
  24. I was just responding to the post asking for any thoughts on the religions she listed and I provided my experience with one on the list.
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