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  1. Hello everyone, I'm trying to decide between using ELTL level G or Writing with Skill for my 7th grader and I was hoping to get some opinions. He has used MCT English for the past few years and loved it but I need something a little more open and go and in one book (and we will continue using MCT off and on as well). If you have used either one or have knowledge of them I would love to hear opinions. Thanks so much!
  2. Hi all, Thanks in advance for the help. My son is in fifth grade and using the Math Mammoth sixth grade curriculum. I'm at the point where I feel like we may need to switch because he is so miserable. He was homeschooled for his early elementary years, then he attended a montessori school for two years, and then a gifted school. I feel like his math has been a little bit all over the place. He is way above grade level in certain areas, and yet there are areas he seemed to have completely missed out on in school. We used the Singapore math curriculum and Miquion through his second grade year. He has always excelled in math but is definitely not a "mathy" kid. He is the kind of child who gets frustrated easily if something doesn't instantly click for him, but also gets frustrated by too much fluff. This year I was really hoping for consistency so pulling the plug mid year on a curriculum is not what I have been hoping to do. From the beginning of the year he has been miserable with the program. He is technically doing well but math is a daily struggle and takes him forever. Sometimes it feels like he doesn't connect with the way the program is explaining things and it often feels short on actual instruction in the sixth grade book. Do I push him to keep going and finish out the year? Do I switch curriculums? I fear he is beginning to really hate math. If I were to switch at this point, can you suggest some different curriculums? I've been interested in Right Start but I know he would probably be in their last year at this point. Saxon? What do you suggest? Thank you.
  3. Hi all, I was hoping to get some advice on a great spelling curriculum for my first grader. Here is my challenge: he is an advanced reader (7th grade level) but I would say an average speller. We have the all about spelling curriculum from my oldest son but I really feel like he doesn't need that much extra support. If we could make spelling more of an open and go program that would be great. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi all, I am about to order this curriculum for this year and I was wondering if any veteran homeschooling parents could help me figure out if I should order the spiral bound, paperback, or pdf. Thanks so much!
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