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  1. I'm 55 and I wear leggins and skinny jeans BUT I do wear them with longer shirts. "Boyfriend" jeans are popular and I think those are cute when styled with the right shirt & shoes. If you google boyfriend jeans you'll see what I mean. They're sort of like mom jeans but it's all in the styling, I think.
  2. I just switched from Venus to the Target brand 5 blade razor because it cost less and was surprised that it worked just as well as Venus, maybe even better. What has made a HUGE difference for me is using an exfoliating glove in the shower before shaving. I use it with a bit of Aveeno Baby Cleansing Therapy Moisturizing Wash, which I then also use to shave. It's super gentle and makes your skin feel silky. No more same day stubble.
  3. I always take a measuring tape with me when I am shopping for carry-on luggage. I have found that the listed dimensions on the tag do NOT usually include handles and wheels. I remember when a passenger was about to board a plane and they asked him to step aside. They tested his carry-on by placing it into a container they had and it didn't quite fit. They wouldn't let him take it onto the plane. Always better to be safe than sorry. If you have a lot of clothes you are trying to pack into a carry-on, maybe small vacuum storage bags would help. We've used them in regular size luggage and they are a huge space saver!
  4. The Travel Berkey is the same stainless steel system as the Big Berkey, just smaller. I read that each filter should last 3000 gallons, so two should have lasted for 6000 gallons. But even if it is 1000, I had used less than 300 gallons so it's really strange why they failed so soon. I do clean the whole system pretty often, taking everything apart and scrubbing inside and out and re-prime the filters.
  5. It seems like that may have happened with the first filters that became smelly and cloudy. I keep the canisters very clean so not sure how it happened. With the 2nd set of filters, the water was coming out clean and tasted fine but when I did the red dye test today I found that neither filter was actually working. We have pretty good tap water with just a bit of chlorine. I didn't detect any chlorine but if the red dye is coming through then, according to the Berkey website, the filters are not working properly. I'm wondering how long this has been going on because although I clean the system regularly I haven't done the dye test since I first installed them.
  6. It's a travel Berkey with 2 black filters and 2 fluoride filters. We have very good tap water, not hard, not much chlorine. I contacted Berkey, both the dealer and manufacturer, the first time the filters failed. They had me do several tests but couldn't figure out the problem. They started out perfectly fine but after about 500 gallons the water coming out of the filters was so bad - really foul smelling, cloudy, musty, and undrinkable. The water that was going into the Berkey from the tap was clean. They offered me a discount to replace the filters. When I installed new filters, I did the red dye test and everything came out crystal clear. I just did the same red dye test today after about 300 gallons filtered and both filters produced pink water. From what I understand they should have lasted for about 6000 gallons, especially since the water going in from the tap is pretty clean. The washers and wing nuts look good to me but perhaps that's the problem. I looked at a video on the website that said a possible problem could be that they are over tightened and stripped so I checked that and thought it was ok.
  7. I've purchased Berkey filters twice (from an authorized dealer) and both times they failed after filtering just a fraction of what they should have. On to something else.... Has anyone tried a Propur pitcher? They claim it removes fluoride and that appeals to me. Any other pitcher suggestions? I would love to see some independent test results of all these water filters to see if they actually hold up to what they claim.
  8. I recently purchased glasses for distance from EyeBuyDirect. I can see crystal clear if I look straight ahead, but for some reason if I look towards the top or bottom of the lens it's a bit wonky. I seem to remember that there may have been an option to choose a better quality lens for a bit more money and if I were to order online again and that was an option, I would definitely choose the best quality. Also, I might try Zenni next time.
  9. Awesome job! That is really stunning! And your dd is beautiful!
  10. I received a notice that I am being considered for Petit Jury Service. In the past I have requested to be excused because of homeschooling but that isn't an issue this time. The truth is I have very limited transportation. We have one car and my (retired) husband now works part time, all different hours and different days. I doubt he would be able to request a schedule that would allow me to have the car during the days and hours I might be required to be on a jury. We are not anywhere near public transportation. Is this a lame excuse to ask to be excused? Or should I just wait to see if I'm actually called for service?
  11. Thanks for all the info. One more question. Do you notice a big difference in screen quality in the Kindle compared to your phone? My eyesight isn't that great so I'm wondering if I should save up for a tablet with higher resolution and dpi. I would love the higher screen resolution found in the ipad mini but want to pay a Kindle price. lol
  12. Any problems with android social media apps like facebook and instagram? or Gmail?
  13. Does anyone use a Kindle Fire in which they have downloaded Google APK files to install android apps? How is that working for you? Any lags or other issues?
  14. We do BJU with DVD's and it comes with a printed packet with all the paperwork you need including quizzes, answer keys, AND only those pages of the teacher's manual that have assignments (such as chapter section & chapter review questions) and those answers. The packet doesn't come with the whole teacher's manual, just the pages you need as the facilitator. I never even use these pages because the text is too small for me to see. It's easier for me to download the teacher manual onto my computer and use it that way. I can zoom in and make it easier on my eyes! So for me personally, I prefer the online text and wouldn't purchase the teacher manual.
  15. Many years ago I loved everything middle ages, knights, lords and ladies, so I often use usernames with Lady..... then either my first name or the first letter of my last name. My avatar is a photo I took.
  16. This SAME thing happened to my husband leaving Logan airport! One day in Boston I stopped to ask a panhandler for directions. He pointed to the left and said take this right. I said you mean left? He adamantly pointed to the left and said no, take this right! He also asked me if I was a movie star, so I think he was a little under the influence. lol
  17. We use our credit card for everything we possibly can to build up our hotel points, and we got into the habit of paying it off completely online once a week instead of waiting for the bill to come in. It gives us a feeling of better control over our finances. I keep hand sanitizer in the cup holder in my car and use it every time I leave a store and wash my hands as soon as I get home.
  18. My favorite was a portable Bluetooth speaker. My DH liked his Shiatsu neck & shoulder massager. DD's favorites seemed to be her mukluk slippers and her custom made Yumiko leotard (she gets a custom leotard every Christmas and literally screams when she opens it). DS favorites are his new phone and the newly released Super Smash Bros Ultimate for his Switch.
  19. My dd's headlights were really bad to the point that she was struggling with visibility at night. We tried everything we had in the house to clean them, even toothpaste. Then we bought a headlight restoration product from the car store and that didn't work either. We brought the car to her auto service guy and he had to use a machine on them. I don't remember if it was a buffer or a sander or both, but they looked brand new after that.
  20. We cut the cable cord a couple years ago. For live TV we like Playstation Vue the best. We also have Amazon Prime. We access both of those services through a Roku device connected to our TV. There's a couple local TV stations that I can't get on Playstation Vue so I bought an inexpensive antenna (about $20) that we occasionally connect to the TV to watch those.
  21. Photo of my tree up close. This year I went with white wrapping paper with buffalo check ribbon. I ended up removing the tree skirt and putting down white "snow".
  22. A new phone (his screen has been badly cracked since the summer) A new quiver Video game for his Nintendo Switch Stunt kite Bible NASCAR wall calendar Gift certificate to the go kart racing track
  23. We recently purchased a 50 pint GE dehumidifier from Home Depot for our basement and we are extremely happy with it. Right now, with all this humidity in the northeast, I'm emptying it about once a day! I also bought the same unit but smaller (30 pint) for my daughter's 400sf studio apartment and it's perfect. Before she got it everything in her apartment felt damp. It is on wheels so it is moveable and easy to empty.
  24. I make what I call breakfast cookies and keep them available to snack on throughout the day for my son who is trying to gain weight. Each cookie has about 230 calories and has oatmeal, banana, chia seeds, flake coconut, nuts, etc. So something like that might be helpful. You can add in other ingredients that you like. If you'd like the recipe I use I'd be happy to pass it on to you.
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