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  1. Considering this for when we start the formal year here on sept 1, but wanted to know of other experiences before I decide to go forward with it.
  2. No it is not - please see my post above. This is common for people who have not been able to reconcile in their hearts the idea of repentance for salvation and the ways we are always sinners and it is part of being human in the flesh. PLEASE get them some Christian Counseling! :) Likely this is a simply matter that just talking with someone who knows these things from angles perhaps this individual has not considered would benefit in understanding and finding peace. :)
  3. ~As someone who has attended seminary, and husband is a pastor~ No, this is not OCD or anxiety disorders. This is a person with a strong higher conscious. It also sounds to me like the person is not focusing on the idea of repenting and forgiveness being granted of the new testament for believers who accept the Messiah. No this is NOT a mental health issue, it is a poor teaching of religion it sounds to me. I recommend going to see a CHRISTIAN counselor to talk about these things - they will address sin likely equally to the person who is struggling's beliefs and be able to reconcile it with Biblical teachings. That is my opinion at least.
  4. People have no gauge of responsibility and are selfish, so having more children, aka more responsibility, is a burden to them not a blessing. However, I am very sorry this happens to you OP. I have 2 and one on the way, I don't get comments rn but I do get a lot of "Well I bet #3 was a surprise!" Um no, they were intentional. <_< **just a note, why the heck does this forum HATE certain letters on my keyboard? It is just this site, it is not my typing I do not get it. I have to edit a lot because typos appear and no where else does this happen? (I type fast but seriously. Not that fast.)
  5. 111

    PreK and K Plans?

    I have a 4 and a soon to be 3, they will both be preschool/prek this year, and both kindergarten next year. We have however started our pre/k year as of MAY 1 - as an attempt to bring my children's learning levels closer together for easier teaching. DD was 3 when we started now 4, and DS will be 3 about a month into the formal pre/k year. Summer school was Evan-Moor in this order: Think and Do, Do and Learn, and now the scholastic Jumbo Kindergarten Workbook, however two sections from it are being reserved for the actual school year - Word Building, the Flashcards, and Getting Ready for Grade 1. I was hoping to be through lesson 50, but we are more likely to be through lesson 40. My children read actually advanced what is offered by the distar series, but we are behind simply due to time. I do not like to skip lessons, so no loss. I just want to be through distar before I deliver baby #3, and that is clearly going to happen so all is well. Phonics was a combination of what they got as we went through distar, as well as the "Brighter Child" Phonics Cards. I have new cards to change out for the new year to trick them haha. Reading is just a variety of k readers, and we have been working on our sight words with school zone flash cards for ages 5 and up... they know a handful by sight for sure, a lot they sound out and read which is fine as well. Want these memorized though. Writing is my own system haha. It is going great though so I am not worried. Math we are now counting and recognizing all numbers 0-100, understand greater than/less than, understand the concept of equals and balancing equations, addition, working through subtraction lol, and we are getting into the breakdown of shape types, like square vs rectangle vs parallelagram, etc... We had breif lessons on plants/parts of plants, planets, food pyramid, color wheel, intro to chemistry, and did a lot even before summer school that I am not even counting like matching letter upper/lower activities and etc. They also know all 50 states on a map, and know the 50 states song in alphabetical order. But moving on to my plans for Pre/K Fall/Winter Term: Although I have not purchased a real formal plan or curriculum for anything, I have my own system that works very well for me. Evan-Moor preschool skills sharpener for each, working on math, reading, and writing. I also have these in the kindergarten level ready to go so when we completely one grade level we can jump into the next. I view pre/k as just trying to get them caught up to K level before K lol. I have the distar reading series to continue lesson 41 through lesson 100. Math will be largely mastering addition and subtraction equations, word problems, and tables as well as mastering shapes and understanding graphs. I am cutting out science and social studies outside of what we naturally talk about because at this point although they liked it, I did not find it very beneficial. Patience with large and fine motor skills will be big too this year. DS2 is very lazy and needs to get his butt in gear, and DD4 likes to get distracted and goof off. Basically Character Building. Life Skills also need mastered before baby like being able to go through the entire restroom routine without help, getting dressed, showering, I will brush teeth because that would be a nightmare of dental bills, and eating meals silently and with no mess as to have time to breastfeed adequately for #3. (I already have a rough plan for BFing #3 once I am back from birth into the winter/spring term.) I currently spend 4 hours per day on schooling, but one hour is dedicated to the 30 min. meditation we do daily, 15 minutes for snack and snack clean up, and another 15 mins for all the potty breaks necessary. We all get up at 6am, start at 7am, done at 11am. Chores until lunch at 1130, nap at 12noon until 2pm when hubby is off work. We are pretty predictable around here. Wow I am typing a lot. lol
  6. That sucks, but we all know how this usually plays out, sadly. Legally speaking - I would pay the ticket since #2 and #3 are excuses, #4 is going to lose because the officer has the authority here, and #1 is like saying I did clean my room, I just put it all in the closet. I believe you that the ticket was likely not fully justifiable, I know cops can be jerks, but from a legal standpoint you already lost sadly. :001_unsure:
  7. I am using distar series - and I LOVE IT. I will be through lesson #50 by the end of the month with my DS2 and DD4, and although my DD4 is reading well beyond the lessons, it is good review and focus for her. She picked up reading faster than I could have ever been prepared for. DS2 is reading at about a kindergarten level, he is a LITTLE beyond the lessons as we go, but that is okay with me - it is doing the work and focusing that is good for him. I have a feeling in the next couple of months it will be more of a struggle for him as he tends to feel overwhelmed by longer words, which do come up in lessons down the way. ;) But seriously I totally recommend this along with getting some phonics cards to practice sounds, and teach short/long vowels as well in practice. LOVE LOVE LOVE Distar. :thumbup1:
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