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  1. I am looking for a complete and pretty version of The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights. I have a number of fans in my home, boys and girls, and therfore am looking to own a larger version (not a small paperback) with at least a few random, engaging illustrations. Any recommendations? For such a book, ordinarily I would request hardback, but I know they are making some gorgeous paperback versions these days with laminated covers that are thicker than normal. Any other King Arthur fans with a recommendation?
  2. I'm confused. Is this what they're thinking: Algebra I (8th grade) Geometry (9th grade) Algebra II (10th grade) Advanced Mathematics (11th grade) Wouldn't this would be far too redundant? Has anyone considered this new course? I love the layout of the book and wish their other books were set up like it.
  3. Hi all, I am looking for a leveled reader for my 2nd grader that includes a workbook. Any suggestions? Do such things exist for homeschoolers? :)
  4. I've been inactive and busy lately so forgive me if these were recently discussed. Here are my questions: 1) What is your favorite homeschooling through the high school years book? 2) What is your favorite 8th/9th grade biology program? Thank you.
  5. If your students are in pre-algebra or above, do you run into this problem: there are days (and they sometimes come in streaks) where my older children will get several math problems wrong. However, each day I ask them to make their corrections and the 2nd time around, w/out any help from me, they get the correct answer. I would say this is the case with about 98% of those that they get wrong. Why would this be? Sometimes it is careless errors and I'm quick to point it out, but other times I'm not sure what it is. Do you have this same issue at times? Why can they do perfect work the 2nd time, but not the first time? It really slows down their day.
  6. If your schedule is/was fairly consistent from day to day, how many hours of sleep do you think/know your younger teenagers require? My children have typically slept at the lower end of the requirements so I want to make sure I'm at least in the ballpark with the amount of time we provide for their sleeping needs. Thanks.
  7. Another DIY cheap option is to use those peel and stick tiles (linoleum). I've seen many women do that project all on their own. :) Hoping you get a fresher feeling to your kitchen soon.
  8. :rofl: Your post cracks me up! It sounds like you purchased hens. We started with baby chicks so they are VERY friendly. When it came to egg laying time, we placed plastic eggs in their nesting boxes and they took right to that space. Depending on the age of your hens, maybe they too could learn from this trick. You could just use some plastic crates w/fresh hay for their nesting boxes. Personally, I would place them as close to the house as possible so you don't have to run across your acreage every day to gather those eggs. :lol: Otherwise, the good news is that once you figure out where they lay their eggs, they will at least be consistent and you should find their eggs in the same place each day. Another thought, go outside every day with a pail of food for your chickens. With any luck, in time, they will learn you are the food train and come searching for you each morning rather than running from you. HTH! We love our chickens. :001_smile:
  9. I'm a simpleton, I assign extra chores for neglected work.
  10. What kind of sauce do you use on your stir fry? Mine all love a good peanut sauce. There are lots of yummy free recipes online. My apologies for this recommendation if you have any nut allergies in your home.
  11. I've only used the Key to Algebra books. Rather than using them as a review, I used them as a gentle introduction to what is coming up next. HTH.
  12. Just looking at my options. Anyone have a geography program they enjoyed and is appropriate for second graders? I'm open to a variety of ideas: US only or World History. I suppose we could do a States Notebook so recommendations in that area are welcome. Thanks!
  13. Have you looked at Spanish for Children? I'm going to start it with my 7th grader after the holidays. (She is finishing up some other Spanish work right now.)
  14. We must be the odd family out. When I posed this question to my family, they were stunned. No one thinks our littles are short changed, rather that the they have a richer environment because of the olders. To the original poster, I too adore the toddler/preschool ages. Every day I make sure I sit on the floor and play with them. I would think with a 2nd grader your school day will be on the shorter side (than ours) and you could make such time for the littles too. In fact, your 2nd grader would probably get a big kick out of some of the activities geared more towards the littles.
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