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  1. On 6/30/2021 at 8:44 AM, Gil2.0 said:

    If it's a long-term basis then make the kid wait for 1-2 sessions of early tutoring. My experience has taught me that if you want to do a mediocre job on a long term basis, then do not plan first. For every 15 minutes you spend planning and thinking ahead, you save yourself about a month of start-and-stop, going in circles, backtracking, time-wasting nonsense.

    Computer Science =/= Programming. If you actually want to teach the broader Computer Science, then it's going to take more intention and design than just teaching a unit in Programming.

    So, my opinion is that if it at all possible, then the time that you have carved out to tutor this kid, cancel/postpone the first 2 sessions with him/her and instead sit yourself down and use that time to plan.

    I'm not saying sit down and plan/create the first coding projects--designing a coding project to be used as a tutorial is extremely time consuming in the early days (I know!)--I'm saying decide what your first 3 "units" will be and the best sequence for them.

    ID the big items in each unit and then ID the sub-items and the skills needed for them.
    Look for resources that aid in your specific aims.
    Anyway, that's my premium grade opinion which cost you a whopping $0.00 and 37 seconds of your time.



    I am going to work with his current tutor to create a transition plan.  I actually have  a window of time to plan this out (July).

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  2. 4 hours ago, MeaganS said:

    My kids have been enjoying Nintendo switch's new game programming game which has built in lessons. 

    They have also been enjoying CS First lessons. Especially my 12, 10, and 9yo.

    I had no idea that the Switch had a programming game! Also I will definitely check out CS First Lessons -- I had not heard of it before. Thanks for pointing these out! WTM board never disappoints.

  3. 6 hours ago, Clickie said:

    I have a couple of suggestions for books that could be used as spines.

    Background:  Both my husband and I have bachelor's degrees in Computing Sciences and in my last position, I was a technical architect.  My husband set up an IDE for my son last year-ish so that my son could write his first Hello World in Java, but we haven't gotten back to it in quite a while....  2020 and 2021..... 

    DK's Help Your Kids with Computer Coding: Scratch and Python mini-projects, true or false, data types, strings, loops.  Written to be very accessible.


    DK's Help Your Kids with Computer Science - topics like binary,  what is hardware, etc.  It's written to be very accessible.



    I've also seen this one, but I don't own it:  I think my son already understands the topics in it, he's relatively advanced in Scratch.

    Another DK book:



    These are on my wishlist - thanks so much! With so many choices it's nice to get solid recommendations.

  4. 24 minutes ago, dmmetler said:

    My daughter's college math class went to Pearson the second half of the semester. SHe pretty much ended up using Khan Academy to learn the content, because the teaching piece wasn't very good. Having said that, her professor also pretty much just vanished, so if there had been teacher support, it might have been different. Her class this fall is also using Pearson, but has a weekly Microsoft TEAMS lecture where students will have a chance to ask questions,etc in real-time, so hopefully it will go easier. 

    That's what I am concerned about -- the teaching. The samples look like automated tasks. I didn't realize there was a real teacher on the Pearson side. She'll have a teacher at her school overseeing the process.

  5. I am currently working with a student who struggles with Alg. 1. To start with we are using the CLE (Christian Light) Alg. 1 Math Skill Development Sheets. There are 63 of them, reviewing basics that are covered in Algebra - fairly easy and explanations on each page. Then we will start in the Alg 1 LightUnits this summer. It is a gentle program with lots of review. With this particular student I need to build her confidence, and it is working. I thought about using the Key To series but CLE is better (see samples online) for this student at least. Surprisingly the Christian content is almost nonexistent. It is entirely missing from the Development Sheets.

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  6. Since mid Match I have been shepherding jr high and high school kiddos who I formerly had in my computer lab (in-person) study hall. It is incredibly exhausting for me and for the kids! We only have school for 2 more weeks but I call some of my kids several times per day to try to keep them going. This past weekend the seniors graduated, all 34 of them in our tiny district. It was surreal, and beautiful. Ceremonies were conducted on the football field with one vehicle-full per graduate, all lined up in a horseshoe arrangement. I think it was the best graduation I have ever attended. Tomorrow back to my 7th -grade through HS Juniors...I imagine some of them will need to work through the summer to earn credit. My position will probably be eliminated through budget cuts but I want to still work with those who have started with me...we will see how this goes. Taking this a day at a time.

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  7. 5 hours ago, Pen said:


    Otoh, Lots of people have taken HCQ prophylactically for malaria over the years without knowing which person would develop malaria .   Sometimes even chloroquine which had more risks was taken for months by missionaries and others in malarial areas (before malaria developed resistance), and many did  just fine with it. 


    In Oregon it may not be prescribed as a preventative. You have to be admitted to a hospital to receive it.

    https://www.oregon.gov/omb/statutesrules/Documents/855.007.0085 Prescriptions for Chloroquine.pdf

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  8. She has to realize that every other senior in the nation is facing the same thing. I know, it sucks. But she will get through it. It's fine to break down and let it all out...that probably helps. We will all get through this, as a nation, eventually.

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  9. Yes I'd fly and drive back, staying at out-of-the way places on the way back and masking N-95 on the flight. I will possibly be doing this in the near future.

    eta: I would take some type of porta-potty because I will not go into a gas station restroom 🙂 even I have standards

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