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  1. I noted the teacher in all our class descriptions even if it was me. We've used co-ops, online classes and DE classes it is a lot to track. I also noted it on the transcript:

    *Course taught and graded by instructor other than parent through either a co-op class or online class
    **Dual Enrollment at Chattahoochee Technical College - official transcript available upon request
    ***Dual Enrollment at Kennesaw State University - official transcript available upon request
  2. My oldest did both but it was because I really didn't know what we were doing! He took the SAT twice...first time really just to see how it would work, then the second time for DE admissions. He did ok, not great but good enough. Then I had him take the ACT on a whim as his passion is biology and I thought maybe he'd do really well on the science section. He totally rocked it. He did really, really well on the ACT. Out of the two standardized tests, the ACT is clearly for him. He just took it again last weekend to see if he could bump his score up just a couple more points.

    So in your case, I'd see which she prefers and is more comfortable with. Her scores look great for both so she's very lucky. It sounds like she'd have a good shot at doing well on the PSAT so go for it. My son didn't take the PSAT as I figured the odds were slim and with the pandemic and all the weariness that has accompanied it...eh, we just didn't go for it. For my son, the SAT was just not the best fit. In hindsight, I should have had him take a practice SAT and practice ACT at home and it would have been glaringly obvious as to where he needed to go. Oh well. 

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  3. DS is registered to take the ACT next Saturday. He's changed his mind on who he wants the scores sent to. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit the list of the schools that will be sent his score. The ACT website is infuriating and has me clicking in circles. Is it really an option to change where the test scores are going? It say I can, but doesn't tell or show me HOW. 

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  4. I actually volunteered in the past at this library location. I was only there for about a year before I had to stop due to my son's schedule. There has been some staff turnover so the manager wasn't there when I was. I mentioned it in the interview and it is on my resume. I've had volunteer positions for the last decade or so. Experiences range from the library, zoo, Scouts and food pantry. Still currently volunteering with the Scouts. I mentioned all that but the actual questions just really threw me into a tizzy. I do think it is as Jenny in Florida says....since it is a government position, they do have stringent rules to follow. I guess I just thought the interview would be easier than it turned out to be.

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  5. Oy. So I've been thinking for a while it's time for me to jump back into the workforce. Oldest son is 17 and youngest is 14 so I'm not as hands on as I used to be. A part time position at our local library has opened up which I was hoping would be a good fit. I just got home from the interview and I'm just so overwhelmed. I gave them the hours I am available which apparently don't really work for them (some days I can only realistically commit to 2 hours, three days a week I can give them the whole day). Since it is a part time position, I'd made the assumption that it was more flexible that it appears. 

    What has me reeling is they asked me the stereotypical interview questions that I haven't had to face. Ever. When I was working full time in the design industry (20 years ago!), those interviews were very much design centered. I've had two part time jobs since leaving the work force full time, but those were positions I found through friends so the interviewer already knew who they were talking to due to the personal connection. I just wasn't prepared for the questions..."give an example of how you have been part of a team and incorporated all the positive aspects of teamwork"...Uhhhhh. I gave examples of when the boys and I used to volunteer at a food pantry and our local zoo but I feel like I totally stumbled and stuttered my way through it.

    I'm lucky...I don't "need" a job right now but I really wanted to get back out there even if it was just part time so that when our youngest flies the nest, I am already working on that next step. I just told my husband I'll have to go though at least 10 interviews like today's before I feel comfortable giving them what they want. I knew it would be hard re-entering the work force but I just didn't realize HOW hard. I talked quite a bit about being a homeschool mom since that is what I've been doing the last 8 years. I know that was probably unprofessional but that is who I am and I'm not ashamed of it nor regret the experiences it brought me. I just need to find a way to competently express that experience I guess. 

    This is going to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. 

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  6. DS has applied to one school this month. He was able to apply via their Chancellor's Choice so no essay needed. I had him apply via their website as opposed to Common App. Awaiting their decision as the application payment method was beyond messed up. They just got payment today. He's still deciding on other schools to apply to...those will probably require Common App. I have everything ready as his high school counselor except the counselor letter. I am procrastinating like a grade A level expert procrastinator. HOW am I supposed to write a counselor letter for my own kid? I can't even. Every time I sit down to write this letter, I find something else to do. I just don't want to do it. Horribly immature of me, I know.

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  7. I don't have experience with their Geography but my son took their photography class last fall. Very underwhelming. Not much teacher feedback on work and there wasn't much personal interaction with the teacher. I know it's online which is a different bag of tricks but he's had online classes in the past with great interaction and results but this wasn't one of them. 

  8. I tried Breaking the Barrier with my oldest and it was an epic disaster. Part of it could be that he is just not that awesome with foreign language and I'm not fluent in Spanish. At all. We ended up with him taking 2 agonizing years of Latin (which I am very familiar with). My youngest (9th grade) will be taking Spanish this year via the Homeschool Spanish Academy. I have no prior experience with them but have heard rave reviews so my fingers are crossed. Homeschool Spanish Academy offers the options of monthly payments and seems very reasonable for what you get. 

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  9. I had to separate my two boys when the oldest started high school 3 years ago. It was a HUGE benefit to us all. I stopped getting upset at both of them and they both were able to get the attention they needed. I have the youngest set up in our school room and the oldest is in his bedroom. He has to keep the door open so he can still hear what is happening downstairs. I hated doing it at first as I worried the oldest would feel excluded but he's an introvert and is much happier and more productive when he can be by himself.

    In regards to the online school, sounds like it could be worth a try for your sanity but if he isn't looking forward to it you might have an uphill battle on your hands. Maybe try a short online class from Outschool this summer to see if would adapt to an online learning experience? We've done online classes, some were successful (Clover Valley big time thumbs up) some were not (DE at local community college was very hit or miss). Really depends on the format and interaction of the teacher with the students. 

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  10. @SweetCicely interesting. They told us at the Open House in March that there was not a separate scholarship application. I thought that was kind of strange. I have a lot to look into. DS also has dual enrollment. So far, from what I can see he is eligible for the honors program, it will just depend on how many kids apply. He is right on the edge of what they are looking for in terms of test scores, GPA, etc.

    Did your daughter enroll at WCU? If so, does she like it?

  11. Interesting on all accounts. DS is planning on majoring in biology. His interest is specifically herpetology and he has already spoken with a couple of biology professors to see what he could do in research as an undergrad. He's totally fallen in love with WCU. His test scores are very good as well as GPA. His leadership and volunteer experiences really make him shine along with his avid interest in herpetology. I want to be sure that stands out to WCU which is why I was wondering if it would be "too much" if I just threw in all of that instead of just the transcript and test scores. Think it would be in his best interest to just send in more info as opposed to too little.

  12. DS will be applying to Western Carolina this fall. I contacted them last year asking what requirements they have of homeschoolers and was told it is just send in a transcript and either SAT or ACT scores. That's it. No course descriptions, resume, school profile, etc. They do not use the Common App so this looks to me to be pretty straightforward (and easy?!) process. However, I am curious if I should go ahead and send the course descriptions, etc has I already have them written up ready to go. Is this overkill? Their admittance rate is decently competitive so I do want to help him stand out but I don't want admissions to flag us as a problem child. He is my oldest so this is all new for us. I had a local college admissions counselor here in GA tell me they don't like being overwhelmed with info but at the same time I see just a transcript as not being enough. Am I making this harder than it is?

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  13. I don't consider Build Your Library assignments very rigorous but I LOVE the reading selections. She has sample weeks on her website for each level. She does include discussion questions for the reading but it's more to check reading comprehension than anything. My youngest will be doing both levels 10 & 11 this year. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to cram two years of reading into one. Levels 10 & 11 are world history, 12 is American history.

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  14. Hey @mom2scouts...I think we are twins! Both my boys are scouts also. I've considered looking for a part time position with our area boy scout council but personally I am not a great scout (I don't camp. at all. ever) but I'm great at filing, office work, that kind of thing. But I have that wonky schedule to deal with... Regarding the design position...the industry has changed SO much in the 17 years I've been gone. My husband works for an architecture firm (environmental graphic designer) and I feel very out of the loop when he talks about the technology they are using now. I also cannot fathom going back to that culture and the clients. Ugh. 

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  15. This is something I've been thinking about for the last year or so. I have two sons, one will be a high school senior in the fall and the other a high school freshman. Still homeschooling but really it is just the freshman as the senior is in DE. Senior will be taking one online Blue Tent class but I'm not involved in his day to day education. Just checking in with him to be sure he's on track and not drowning. The freshman will have some things with me but some classes outsourced to co-op, Derek Owens and Homeschool Spanish Academy.

    I see the end in sight. I started thinking now would be a great transitional time for me to figure out what to do when both boys are out of the house. I honestly have no idea. I applied for a part time job at our local library but found out last night I didn't get it. Pretty bummed about it as I was thinking it was a perfect fit for me. Have considered working retail part time either at Home Depot or Publix (grocery store) but our family schedule is still erratic and the freshman does still need me at home some of the time. Before kids I was an interior designer at a large architecture firm. This a career I do not want to go back to. I have held a couple of part time positions since leaving the corporate world. I was a data collector when the economy tanked in 2008 and we really needed the extra money. Then I found a data entry position through a good friend. While I didn't love the job (boss was controlling and didn't trust his employees) I did like that 90% of the job was work from home. I was able to work this part time position and homeschool the boys. Unfortunately, that company went out of business. 

    So what next? I don't know. I hate the idea of tutoring or teaching. I've loved homeschooling our boys but I really don't think I would enjoy teaching or tutoring other kids. I still want to be available as a wife, mother and daughter. My parents live an hour away and they are approaching the age where they may "need" me. But I'd like to bring in some money, would like to have something "to do". Admin job? Office manager? My interests are baking, nutrition, dogs and reading. Where does that lead to? 

    Good luck on your journey. It's good to hear from other moms in a similar position. 

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  16. My son used the GPB physics website along with Paul Hewitt's Physics book in the class that was at our co-op. Eh. From what I understand, they have updated the videos as the ones he watched were very outdated. Overall the content is solid, I don't recall any red flags. It was just incredibly BORING. I watched one lesson because he swore up and down that whatever it was he was looking for was not addressed in the video. It was addressed but I fell asleep while watching it! I can see how he missed it because it was mind numbingly boring. I'm not a huge physics fan but did very well in it back in the dark ages when I was in school. So I'd say, good content, boring, boring, boring. If you are using it as a supplement, I think that'd be fine. His teacher relied on the GPB videos more than I like. Paul Hewitt's book was a much better choice. It was a much more interesting read than anything I saw on the GPB stuff.

  17. We used Level 12 from Build Your Library. It is a comprehensive curriculum but totally worth it just for the literature section. I added books that I want him to be sure to read such as The Scarlet Letter but it's a great list that covers America's timeline. I like that she put in discussion questions so I didn't have to come up with them ;).

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  18. I was pretty hands off for the learner's permit. We live in GA and a friend whose son had been through it already said "get the app, study it, take the test". Okayyy. So. That's what my son did. I'm not kidding....the day I drove him to DMV to take the learner's test, I decided to give him a quiz on road signs on the way there (don't ask why I didn't do this before....I guess I had a mental block on his driving). Anyway. He says "Mom, I haven't studied any of that! Don't ask me what the signs mean!" WHAT?! Apparently all he saw on the app was stuff like what is the name of teen driving law in GA? A few road rules but it seemed like a lot pointless stuff to me. He isn't the best test taker but he did ace the driving test. There were a few road signs on the test so glad I went over them with him on the way there...although he knew more than he thought he did.

    Once he got his learners I would narrate my driving in front of him. Such as this is why I'm not turning right at the stop sign or did you see what the driver just did in front of us? For the first few months he had his learners he just drove in a school parking lot on Sundays with my husband. It was probably a full year before I was comfortable with him driving with me in the car. He had his learners for 2 years...in part because he took him sooooo long to get the required hours on the road. This is partly my fault since it took me forever to become comfortable with him driving. He did attend a driving school...did the class part all online and then the actual driving skills with one of the instructors. The instructor wore a mask and was so incredibly laid back. Wonderful experience.

    It's hard watching them go through this but I tell you what....it is nice having another driver in the house. He's now comfortable with it and loves running errands for me. Good luck with everything!

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