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  1. Hi parents! Are any of you homeschooling in Denver, CO? Would love to connect with other homeschoolers of elementary-aged kiddos!
  2. What are some of the pros/cons of Horizon vs. Abeka math for second grade? Background: we did Miquon for K, Singapore at a private school for most of 1st, but struggled to continue Singapore at home for the end of 1st. I want to go with a procedural curriculum that will provide a really solid foundation and be fairly straightforward. We will probably need to back up to a first grade level for math to review a bit. Thank you so much for any advice! 🙂
  3. Kai-- this is so very helpful! I love your distinction between tablework and "couch time." I love this! Thanks so much.
  4. Could anyone offer some advice for simplifying second grade? I am reading The Well Trained Mind and *loving* the approach. However, when I printed out the curriculum planning worksheet, I counted between 10-12 separate subjects. Yikes! Any advice for how to provide a quality education that is a bit more streamlined? Thanks so much!
  5. I'm considering using Winter Promise's Hideaway in History this coming winter/spring. I've read mixed reviews about WP, but many of them are quite old. Any recent experiences with them? I'm looking for a curriculum for my newly 6yo that incorporates (1) living books and (2) activities. She is an only child, so can handle a bit extra prep, etc. Thanks so much!
  6. Well, I think I'm going to just order both Miquon and Singapore, compare, and plan to return one. For those of you who did EarlyBird Singapore, did you do just the textbook or the activity book, too? Thanks for all the helpful feedback! :)
  7. Thanks! Did you get the Teacher Guides for Miquon or Singapore?
  8. Thank you all so much for your input! I *think* I've ruled out Right Start and Horizons and have narrowed it to Miquon or Singapore. My new thread is here: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/654356-k1-math-miquon-vs-singapore/
  9. I *think* I've narrowed it our K math options down to Miquon or Singapore. I'd really able to be able to look at both, but it looks like I'd need to buy both in order to do that. I'm looking for a program that (a) teaches the "why" of math from the beginning and (b) is relatively easy for the teacher to use. DD (5.5) is already great at doing mental math. I know Miquon teaches the "why" but can be intensive for the teacher and/or confusing. The simplicity of Singapore is very appealing, but I'm not sure it teaches conceptually as well as Miquon. Advice/experience from those who have used one or the other or both?
  10. Thanks so much! I haven't been able to talk to anyone who uses Right Start. How long do lessons take on an average day?
  11. Hi there, I'm getting ready to start K with my 5.5yo who shows quite a bit of interest in math and talent at mental math. I'm debating Right Start vs. Horizons vs. Miquon for her. Any advice? Thanks so much! :)
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