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  1. Convaid Metro stroller - compact and light weight, maneuverable in small places or Advanced Mobility Freedom stroller - which is heavy and bulky, but has more recline and shade, handles grassy type terrain better Both are near $1000. Both are high quality. The Freedom is large enough that he is unlikely to outgrow it. The Metro comes in sizes. It could be bought a bit large, and would last for years.
  2. We solved this problem and made reading a treat by allowing my 9 year old to read at night after she’s in bed. It worked wonders.
  3. I have heavy thighs, full backside, and am much smaller in the waist. I also need the the inseem to be at least a true 32 inches after washing. Most pants just won’t work, with the main problem being the thighs. The best jean I’ve found is Eddie Bauer Curvy fit. They happen to be 50% off today.
  4. My similar 9 year old girl likes Cynthia Rylant books, Pathway and Abeka readers, Boxcar Children Series, Beverly Cleary, Andrew Clements, and biographies like The Childhood of Famous Americans series.
  5. We have used it this year for my 4th grader. She does the program independently. She loves it and often chooses to do more than one lesson a day. She wants to continue with the next level. Her retention has been great. There is a lot of fun review. It is from a Christian perspective. It is possible to do without the timeline cards, but, I would definitely recommend them. They are very helpful for reference throughout the program. VP’s other recommended books aren’t necessary at all. We use MFW and use the history books with this program to round it out, since we already have them. It seems to go on a 50% off sale about every 3 months. I’m hoping for a sale around January.
  6. For math, Teaching Textbooks has an auditory component. You could also add in a CD such as Rock n Learn Country for multiplication drill.
  7. I know almost nothing about music, but I'll share my experience. My 9 year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons for almost 2 years. We signed her up for private lessons at a large music store. The salesman at the store helped us to find the guitar that was a good fit for her. I think it's called a 3/4 size. He said many smaller adults chose to play this size as well. She tried on several 3/4 size guitars to find the one that was the most comfortable and gave her the best positioning. This was especially important for someone so young. Lessons are expensive, but meeting with the guitar teacher once a week has been fun and motivational. Nothing was ever said to use about using nylon strings. We've only used steel. I made sure she knew what to expect as far as building up finger strength and tuffness. We started with very short practice sessions and gradually built up to 20 and then 30 minute practice sessions. If you want to hold off on lessons and just give her a taste of it, I think Alfred's kid's Guitar Course with DVD is good.
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