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  1. Just curious if we're missing out on anything. :drool: Is there anything really cool and fun you suggest?
  2. Wanted to bump for newbies and those getting their new year planned!! :D
  3. Thanks! I'm gonna go read it right now!
  4. Thanks to all of you for sharing your goals!! They're awesome!! :D
  5. That's wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing this with me!! Very inspiring!! :D So much to ponder!!
  6. More specifically...your teenager? And say your child makes his or her own money and can buy it themselves. Do you let them do that? Do you limit how much you will let them buy/drink? Just wondering how others compare to what dh and I allow and don't allow for our kiddos. ETA: Or any sodas for that matter?
  7. Do you set yearly goals for your kids? If so, would you mind sharing them, along with what grade level the goals are for? I'm very curious to see what others goals are. I have never actually sat down and written out goals for my kids before (I know! I know!), but this year I am. I'm excited! I think this will be a good year for us!! :001_smile:
  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I'll just get one book then and copy the few pages that need it. Very helpful!! And good idea on highlighting directions!! I'll probably need to do that for my boys as well!! :tongue_smilie: They aren't the greatest at following directions sometimes!!
  9. Please? Anyone? :D I looked at the samples online and they didn't *appear* to be consumable but I wanted to double check before I click buy! Thanks!!
  10. Is it consumable? I'm about to place my order and was wondering if I need to order 1 or 2 workbooks for the 2 kids that will be using it. Thanks a bunch for the help!
  11. Thanks a bunch for your input! I did outline his four year plan. He'll be doing about 7-8 credits a year. About 5 whole credits and and about 3-4 electives a year (just depending on if they are half or whole whole credit). Then starting in 11th he will take cc courses for dual enrollment. I will see what else I can get to add to Live Mocha for the spanish grammar. Thanks!!
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