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    I think you taking the high road is amazing and takes a lot of strength. If he sees a continued future with someone in a polyamorous relationship, do you need to be gathering documentation on his thought process? Like keep that letter and keep track of dates of conversations? It's his mistakes/journey, but I wouldn't want my kids going to visitation with this messy, poorly communicated, stumbled into version of polyamory. If standard divorces have an agreement that no one introduces new partners for 6 months, how would that be spelled out for polyamory or other versions of his confusion? Take care.
  2. Do you get to spend ANY time during the holidays with your family of origin?
  3. These extreme dot to dots were fun for my then 10yo.
  4. Not a subscription, but is awesome. Free mazes and puzzles.
  5. What about the possible financial harm to the apartment owner who is paying a cop to maintain order and security and root out these exact behaviors that this cop is allowing in his workplace/home? Even if pot was legal, I'm sure his lease doesn't say his son can run a business out of the apartment. I don't think criminal prosecution is the best way to help the 18 year old. The mom wants him to get appropriate help for his underlying issues, the dad is blowing it off. IIRC the dad has convinced the court that the mom should lose custody by at least in part trading on his professional reputation. The mom seems to welcome DSS involvement. I would be 99% less concerned if the dad told the 18 year old "I know you are using, even personal amounts are not allowed here (because I could lose 2 of my jobs and my pension), it's to be kept from your younger (minor) brother, word of this can't get out anywhere." Instead he's got scales and bags of pot out in the open in front of minors who's parents are mandatory reporters.
  6. I agree with you. Generations of wives of cops were forced to put up with domestic abuse because of this reasoning. It sounds like this particular father is letting this happen while alienating the mother from her kids. I understand concern for DawnM being impacted by her involvement, but I feel like if a family on this board was talking about their 18 year old selling drugs from their family home with younger kids living there the answer would be "kick them out, they are an adult".
  7. What about 4-H? You have the overall group, but you also break down into smaller groups by interest. Lots of involved parents. Some events or groups are local, some county-wide, some state as the kids get older.
  8. My son just enjoyed Darwin and also Audubon, On The Wings Of The World by Fabien Grolleau. Read them them in English but they were originally written in French. Both kids like and other graphic novels by Christophe Cazenove. Some of them are science oriented.
  9. What about calling child protective services? If he is a city police officer call the county department or vice-versa? The investigation shouldn't be handled by his own department anyway. Would it be worth paying a lawyer to act as an intermediary to make the report? I would worry about blowback, the dad should lose his job over this. Even if the dad's attitude is that pot is minor and soon to be legalized, there seem to be NO lines drawn here at all. He could tell his son that if he's dealing it's only to adults, not minors. Or sell to your friends not to friends of your brother. Keep it discrete, etc. Even if it was just for the dad's own protection.
  10. Try opening a new browser window, but open it as a new private window. Then try the article again. Some newspapers have changed it so that doesn't work anymore but it still often does.
  11. I found this podcast very informative.
  12. is free up to a point. They limit how many of their adaptive learning modules you can assign without paying. Last summer I assigned my kids all 3 adaptive fractions levels as a review.
  13. We listened to Becoming Kareem read by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar this summer and the whole family enjoyed it. He does use the N-word in describing times people said it to him. Wide range of history which I wanted my kids to be exposed to, but it also moved me because it was about him growing up as an academically oriented introvert boy, and the people who shaped him into who he is today. It was not a comedy, but it was funnier than I expected it to be.
  14. We checked out the audio only Vandiver Odyssey lectures from our library. It came with a booklet. In the booklet for each lecture there is a scope paragraph, an outline of the lecture, essential reading (which books of the Odyssey are covered in the lecture), suggested supplementary readings, Questions to consider (looks like 2 per lecture). My 8 year old wanted us to read an adult level translation of the Odyssey this summer. I thought the lectures would be helpful to ME (never read it in HS or college), the 11 year old saw the CDs and she listened to them on her own. We've read kiddie versions of the Odyssey before but not an adult version, that's next up for us. I listened to the first lecture and I think it will help us get more out of our reading, but they know the general story already. I don't get the sense that my kids will get spoilers from listening to the lecture first, but will get more out of the reading listening before hand. The first lecture talks about the concept of Xenia (guest-host relationship) and she talks about xenophobia. In case you can't get the booklet lecture 1 covers book I, lecture 2 Books II-IV, lecture 3 books V & VI, lecture 4 books VII-IX, lecture 5 books X & XI lines 1-375, Lecture 6 Book XI lines 375-end; book XII, lecture 7 books XIII-XV, lecture 8 books XVI-XVII, lecture 9 books, XVIII & XIX, lecture 10 booksXX-XXII, lecture 11XXII & XXIV, lecture 12 no books noted "In this final lecture, we turn to the question of whether the Trojan War has any historical basis." Hope that helps.
  15. We were fighting 13 stripe ground squirrels. Used kitty litter down the holes had the most success.
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