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  1. The reason I ask is not because of diet reasons but they both contain natural probiotics.....and the Dr. mentioned not eating Activia specifically.
  2. OPGTR was one of the five (...six....maybe more if you count components) phonics programs that I used with my two dyslexics. I used each program until it "outpaced" them (only way I can think of to describe it). I wish I had started Barton's much, much earlier. Every other program went too fast (it has taken my boys a year to memorize 20 sight words). You can certainly use it for your NT daughter. I might even do that too, my 3yo old told me recently that she was disappointed I "didn't teach her to read yet"! ;-)
  3. My first thought is....would we have to give up homemade yogurt and fermented vegetables in order to try the protocol?
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