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  1. If addressing the allergies doesn't helo, I'd rule out Lymes. Spring and fall are notorious times for Lymes flares. I'm currently experiencing sudden onset daily headaches.
  2. When I was taking capsules and burped, a Turmeric cloud came out of my mouth! I kid you not!!!
  3. Do you have a FB account? There is a Turmeric Users group there. They can help you decidr if turmeric can be used with the meds your pet is on. I have a mastiff mix which suffered a devastating spinal injury 3 years ago. It left her paralyzed and unable to urinate. I had to express her bladder. It was SO scary. After acupuncture and Chinese herbs, she regained her ability to walk again. The treatment worked for 3 years, then she slowly lost the use of her weakest leg a couple of months ago. We put her in a wheelchair and started the golden paste. She isn't panting anymore and the muscle spasms she was having have stopped. Also, I recently spoke with a woman who works with paralyzed dogs, and she recommended Nzymes. They're sprouted soybeans. I'm skeptical, but I'm going to try them on her and my dogs with skin issues. It can't hurt. I also give turmeric to a very old potbelly and a huge farm hog. It definitely makes a difference!
  4. OH Hornblower, you have been/are going through SO MUCH! I remember you from when I used to frequent the boards. I hope you fully regain your health. I admire your strength!!! PUPPY??!!!!! I can't see the pic.
  5. I take golden paste regularly and give it to several of my pets. It's like popping Advil- it takes all my pain away. It also reduces my swelling. I LOVE it
  6. I don't know the history of issues between you and your daughter, but I wouldn't necessarily blame her behaviors on a problematic relationship. Does she have anxiety? Behaviors anxiety cause can be severe. Are you her "safe" person she takes things out on because she feels most comfortable with You? If so, that's good. She just needs to work on how she handles herself. Don't accept her abusive behavior. Making it clear that her disruptive behavior in the home will no longer be tolerated can be a good first step. That said, her moving out is going to be the best thing for everyone in the house, especially her. She will never learn and grow to her full potential until she is out on her own, making mistakes and learning from them, and taking personal responsibility when necessary. Allowing her stay at home is preventing this and it is enabling her. I like what you said above. Let her know you want to help the relationship, and a little space may be just the thing which is needed for her/everyone. And yes, let her know she can call or text anytime, you love her, etc. If you get inundated, you don't have to answer every call or respond to every text, and certainly not in her timing.
  7. taxes are not good and while finding a house to fit your needs would be possible, I think it would be difficult. My BIL has a house in MA, (in an area not local to ) and it's 2700 sf, nothing too fancy, and taxes are just over 6k per year. NH taxes are atrocious so I couldn't recommend that, but you get a lot more house for your money.
  8. At this point, I think it's essential to do OTC as much as possible to help alleviate the symptoms. I am wondering if you asked for diflucan, if you can tell them that during your outbreak you've treated a yeast infection twice with OTC meds (I hate to lie, but dealing with doctors like yours - I hate that even more!) On top of doing a candida diet to be safe, also check out which probiotic you want. The ONLY probiotic I ever used with results was Prescript Assist. It's expensive, but it was worth it for me. It is a soil based probiotic which also has a prebiotic. I always wanted to add other probiotic strains but am off all of them right now. Will look into that later. Another thing I would try is this. First drink a large glass of water. Get grapefruit seed extract which is the liquid form. I forgot who manufaturers it but it used to be sold in a white squeeze bottle with red writing. Put the maximum dosage in (10 drops I believe) and mix well with 1/4 cup water, less if you can. Gargle and swallow. This will be safe since you already consumed a large glass of water. It will taste HORRIFIC but I would try not to drink anything and let the extract coat your throat. If it became unbearable, perhaps suck on a xylitol mint or something. I recomment Spry. Oral thrush is horrible. It is unacceptable that they are having you wait so long for proper treatment.
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