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  1. I hear you. Take a global view of the academic goals, curriculum, and topics you want her to achieve or master for the year. You may need to do this planning away from child, husband, and home. Then break it out into what she can do: completely independently; needs some guidance and some independence; and, what needs one-on-one teacher-intensive instruction. You may be surprised that there really isn't as much that requires your full attention. Then make a plan for the week that allows for you to do your work while she is doing her independent work. Schedule the intense one-on-one work. And, finally create a guide-by the side situation where you are both working but you are available. Next, have a private appointment in the morning in which SHE tells you what she is going to do. She needs to write it on a white board or 3 x 5 card. At that time, you will discuss what you will work on with her and when. You can have status checks agreed upon at that point as well. When she gets more skilled at this, she can plan her week in a notebook or planner. You won't get everything done but if you get the big things mastered and help your child develop a personalized learning system for herself she is equipped for life. You always have options. Consider the option of transforming your systems.

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  3. Hi WTM community, Anyone using the Conscious Discipline Techniques? I would like to know more. I am trying to learn the approach but it is difficult to get my arms around it and how it works at home vs. a school situation. Thank you!

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  6. Community Colleges offer online courses. Students can get dual credit -- high school credit while in high school then college credit after matriculation into a college. It is important that the credit be used as high school credit while in high school and NOT college credit. Otherwise a student enters college as a transfer student limiting admissions and financial aid options. Once a student has enrolled in college then s/he goes back to them and submits the transcripts for credit for the college courses. With accelerated learners, if they can handle the content and can meet DEADLINES, then this is an excellent way to meet academic needs and save money on college. However, there are some caveats: Students need to be able to meet online deadlines Students need to be able to handle online discussions, posts, and interactions -- their classmates are college students and they will write things you may not approve of Parents need to be aware that some straightforward courses can be taught in a controversial manner --- it is a thing these days Students need to understand and parents need to supervise grades -- an "F" is a problem, it can even impact being able to attend some colleges later on Attending community college is also an option but be aware that you student is on a college campus with adults, adult posters, adult discussions, and adult opportunities. I cannot stress enough how mindful you need to be about how controversial some subjects are approached these days. Navigating those waters might be tough for even you much less your child. Finally, use to check on professors, content, and other students' experience. It won't tell you everything but you can pick up some insightful or helpful information before signing up for a class.

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