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  1. I have been teaching Latin to co-ops for 3 years. My advice would be to "steal" some of the Classical Conversations songs for endings on YouTube. I am not a CC mom but the songs were helpful for memorization. Teach Roman culture along with it. It makes it more interesting. I am a big big fan of Lively Latin. It is beautifully laid out and simple simple simple. I have used 4 or 5 programs and it is by far my fave for beginners. My daughter is currently doing Henle at the high school level, but her background came from Lively Latin and Latin for the New Millennium ( I love both of these programs!). Oh and have fun! It can be great fun if you take it in stride and laugh a little at how difficult the Romans made their language...and how beautifully logical and organized it is!
  2. I love the title to this thread. We did it for one year because all our friends were doing it. I dislike it because directors/tutors get into for the money/to pay for their own CC and their motives get muddy. Also, if you get a bad tutor, you are out of luck. I endured a whole year of grammar and IEW being taught blatantly incorrect to my kiddos. I wanted to scream!! I can see the benefit of community big time. I actually considered it again because we are so lonely. Then I got a hold of myself! There are a lot of positives, but the negatives for us were so negative they could not be overlooked.
  3. This thread looks old, but we are desperate to find some other high schoolers or tot schoolers in the Richmond area!
  4. We are struggling big time. My dd would kill herself doing school 24/7 if I didn't put a limit on her. She will be a sophomore and we are doing 3 APs this year at her absolute insistence. We will start doing DE next year. The school she is interested in uses weighted GPA to determine merit scholarships. We are finding that to be a big wrench in the works as the state we lived in before solely looked at ACT scores. Now we feel like we have to do the harder classes for everything. I love the advice of keeping your kiddo in mind and not just admissions. What good is college admission for a completely exhausted and burnt out child.
  5. We are just starting this process with my two teenagers. This information is so wonderful! Trying to find an advisor as we speak!
  6. My ninth grader was the only freshman and the only homeschooler at our testing location for any AP test. She took the AP Psych test (her first AP) after studying the Myer's text with the Sonlight syllabus and every single set of flashcards and every test prep book available on Amazon. She literally can't sleep waiting for the scores. We are in VA, so it will be Thursday morning. She feels very confident. I am less worried about the score than I am about her reaction to the score. She knew that material backwards and forwards and upside down (and, as a result, feels like she can psychologically analyze our behavior at ever turn LOL!). The distributions said that doing well on FRQ2 was predictive of overall score. She knew that one. I am ready for the wait to be over!
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