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  1. Anyone use Science in the beginning for a co-op? For history, anyone use beautiful feet early American or truthquest for a co-op? How did you structure it?
  2. Anyone have a company they love for this? Looking for second grade for next year.
  3. I am trying to figure out something for my second grader in the fall too. Was looking at American history too. Thinking of a combo of road trip USA, mp book on stories of American heroes, draw the USA and some games like destination USA and scrambled states. I was thinking of buying the liberty kid videos too.
  4. What does your morning time look like if your kids are young? My oldest is 6 almost 7. My next is almost 5
  5. For those doing iew bible heroes did you buy Teaching writing: style and structure to read before. It is a little pricy so I am scared about making that investment.
  6. Would the iew bible heroes, Michael clay Thompson not the whole thing and aas be a complete la program. Can I just not do the writing portion for Mct and do iew
  7. So we got 2a last week. My son has been doing Singapore 2a but is really have trouble with the digit difference grids on pg 28-29. Anyone elses kiddo having trouble but doing well in Singapore and knows the math on the preassessment for 2a. With a younger student would you just do some of the problems to supplement and skip the challenge problems or just hold of completely. I just thought he would like the way it is taught and be a break now and then from Singapore.
  8. My son is in first grade too and doing Singapore 2a. I just ordered beast 2a. Is that the level of Singapore your son is doing now?
  9. Anyone do it? I would have a 1st grader and prek
  10. Is there an audiobook I can download on my phone? Not the cd version
  11. My son is in 1st and we are using this curriculum. Do you guys cut out all of the activities in the appendix beforehand and have them just write and draw the pictures or have your kid cut and put together too. Trying to think what would be the best use of our time.
  12. I did it. We picked and chose activities. My kids enjoyed some of the activities but I'm not really sure it was worth the cost in my mind. Let me know if you have any other questions. There is a board on Facebook if you want more info. Some people love it.
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