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  1. Pick Up the Pieces by Average White Band
  2. He is one fascinating person. And I get what you’re saying.
  3. Or a playlist of all the above named.
  4. Crazy Frog Axel F. It really can’t get any worse than that.
  5. I have barking dog at night neighbors and let their cat run around un-neutered neighbors. As a result I’ve had kittens born in a hole in the ground near my house. ( Years ago.) (Some of the things that drive me the craziest in life are people who treat animals badly, tailgaters and aggressive driving, and people who aren’t considerate with their cigarette smoke). Also, insincere, lying, selfish, controlling, and manipulative people make me want to vent every day. Being around calm, peaceful people is so awesome. Grouch, grouch.
  6. If I moved out of the house my children grew up in I would eventually grow painfully nostalgic (because I know myself) and wistful for those days of living there. This may not be a “good” thing, but it is true. This may not be true for you at all. Practically speaking, I wouldn’t do it if it meant going into debt.
  7. Remember you can microwave your dishcloth (or sponge) for about one minute to kill germs that make them stink. I do this before washing them. Then they hang to dry until they get washed. If a freshly-washed cloth stinks, I just pop it in the microwave. Microwave them when they are wet, not dry.
  8. Brick ranch....1200-1500 sq ft. Car port. Wooded, small to medium flat yard. Some sun. Neat and tidy landscaping. Covered deck in back and access to walking biking trails. No carpet, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl walls with white trim. Sheer, light white curtains. Pretty patchwork quilts on beds. I almost have this now. Almost. You didn’t ask about dream cars, but there would need to be a silver Jeep Wrangler in the driveway. Preferably concrete drive😁.
  9. Blendtec baked potato soup Grilled pork chops (Blackstone cook top) , rice, steamed broccoli Instant pot slow-cooked chicken shredded and tossed with gf pasta, roasted broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and peppers Chicken and rice, carrots, and Instant pot pinto beans Moe’s night-Bowl with beans, cilantro lime rice, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream, simple homemade salsa, lime juice, and tortilla chips.
  10. I make a roll on stick by melting coco butter then pouring it into an empty push up type container. It’s easier to apply.
  11. I make a balm from ultra pure lanolin, beeswax, and olive oil. It’s super thick and tacky, though, but there are so few things I can use. If you use too much beeswax, your balm will be too hard. Chagrin Valley makes some awesome things if you resort to something premade. They are all organic with no preservatives. Just basic stuff with a shorter shelf life, so you have to watch that. They have awesome whipped coco butter. I don’t think coco butter smells strong. It smells like chocolate.
  12. JAWM please. Just letting off a little steam this morning. People who consistently either put others up on pedestals or down on the lowest rung based on their own hasty judgment and assessment are annoying me today. I think they should stop pointing out how "others" need to be fixed and spend some time fixing who they are. (Example: Oh, this person should cut their hair. This person just never says a word. This person is a spoiled brat. This person should date this person. (Let me stick my controlling nose in and tell them so a thousand times until they no longer want to bring around a
  13. I can’t get my link to paste correctly. 😕
  14. Just one more thing to throw out there: What about CBD oil? Have you ever tried it? It’s important to pick high quality. They are not all equal.
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