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  1. I have chronic pain. What I do is use TWO instant pots and a microwave rice cooker. Rice goes in the microwave, beans in the large IP, and chicken, roast or pork chops and gravy in the small one. When all is done, leftovers are stored in the container in which they were cooked and put into fridge. Plates go in dishwasher. Done. This is how I live my life, unless I feel good and can do something more. I also steam veggies on the stove, and cook baked potatoes in the microwave. I buy pre made desserts (gf). We have pizza night. And sub sandwiches. And salads.
  2. What does this look like? Do behaviors like head-banging fade away in childhood to be later replaced by episodes where emotions run high? For example, seemingly having a hard time coping with being gently reprimanded in adolescence, and later as an adult when workload begins to build while having a few especially busy work days? What about emotions rising when parents who are not really arguing but are having a discussion about something that might end up sounding more like bickering? What about my noticing that when college courses are beginning to pile on a semi-large load of very difficult
  3. Thanks, @Garga. Another thing that bothers me are the good messages they are putting out there .....tolerance, acceptance, how to be there for your friends, standing up for one another....the boyfriend does so many things to show good judgment and character. But with Elsa, she isn’t just experiencing flack from “normal teen behavior”...they send the message that, along with all the good examples of integrity from the teenagers (even in spite of their, at times, goofiness) they somehow try to make their treatment of Elsa just as justifiable.(The writers, I mean). That bothers me. I mean, in wh
  4. I looked outside to see my first bird so I could post on the other thread. There are no birds. It’s dreary and rainy. Younger ds feels isolated right now. I’m trying to encourage him. We’ll need to visit often to help him through the winter. Older ds is completely overwhelmed at work right now. This new year is different from the others, but I’m hopeful things will get better this year.
  5. Also, it’s not a wholesome show, but it’s not the worst out there.
  6. @Mrs Tiggywinkle, I can see how you can relate. My goodness. You don’t get any judgment from me. Honestly, I feel my younger ds could possibly be ASD and began to realize it only a few years ago. There were so many moments in the show where they nailed it. Things slowly came to the surface a few years ago. Childhood things...head banging, lining up stuff, and now only tolerating deep touches and not light ones...and lots more. But I didn’t know then. If you were around him today, you wouldn’t see it. I can see it, though. He’ll probably never be diagnosed. I’ve always found myself ha
  7. I hear you. I’m older, and it wasn’t quite this bad in my time. Ds worked hard, but we had a good balance. He did great and neither of us have regrets. It’s what he needed. It’s what he wanted. I hear about so much of this talk of less school and free and easy. Math is harder for some than others, but I believe it’s good to find a balance.... working to their ability...and maybe just a bit harder for extra challenge. Then time and room for fun.
  8. I’m so sorry. That sounds really, really hard. You have my empathy. Yes, when she’s sitting at the bar, I’m screaming inside for her not to go there. Then she does. I think maybe this show is just way too triggering for me. We were never allowed to behave that way. Ever. They were free to show their frustrations about her in hurtful ways. (I couldn’t even though it would have been justifiable. If I had done that, it would have meant being slapped back into place). The husband never protected Elsa from that excessively harsh treatment. He seems like such a nice guy, but he f
  9. Well, I’m pretty sure I’m an INFJ and I think there are just too many different kinds of toothpaste to choose from at Walmart.
  10. Thanks for your reply. That’s interesting. So you feel that she was treated unfairly but also that she is lying in the bed she made. I can see that. However, to me, it seems she is the family scapegoat. That’s probably too strong a word, but it is the one that comes to mind. The characters are all generally good people with their own shortcomings. It seems she has it especially rough. Casey was writing a note in class about her infidelity to her boyfriend. She drew a picture of a witch and was writing below it how she wanted to be honest about her infidelity because she didn’t want to be li
  11. I get that her character is controlling. But I feel sorry for her. She is disrespected to the point where it feels abusive, and it seems we are supposed to accept it as “normal teenage behavior”. This is all before she was cheating, too. I just don’t see that she’s the horrific mom that they make her out to be. In fact, I think it’s clear she genuinely loves her family and is a much better mother than so many other moms out there. It’s hard to watch her being treated this way. She’s not evil. She just needs to work on boundaries a bit. Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking this! If so, I’m
  12. It is. But my ds has stretch marks, hyper mobility, and pectus excavatum and does not have EDS.
  13. I want the facts about the latest advances in treatment and general important information. I'm tired of hearing the same old debates and arguments. I have to be careful when talking to my mom because she likes to focus only on negative things during our conversations. So she is honed in on this. I get it. It's horrible, and I'm worried about all the older people in my life. But I just don't want that to be the constant focus, because then I feel it getting to me. My mom wants to wallow in it, but there is nothing I can do about that. And I have taken an indefinite (maybe permanent) hiatus from
  14. Op, just reading your post again. Take my unprofessional opinion with a grain of salt, but this is just me trying to reassure you. If you were like this in high school and have done fine with no major problems all these years, the odds may be in your favor that your daughter will be the same. I feel that if your daughter has vascular involvement, you would have known this a long time ago as this is the most serious type. I, too, would be worried about the pain, but there’s a huge chance that, while this whole thing is potentially not completely benign, it’s also not that ominous. I hope it tur
  15. So many flags with my children, but this is what reassures me.
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