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  1. Hmmmmm...... I try to look at my planner at what needs to be done each day and do the most important things first. If the other things don't get done that day, things won't fall a part. I think that's a good habit, although right now I'm not following that because I'm sitting here typing this instead, lol. I also TRY to make the bed right away (not always), and try to wash dishes right away. I really don't like dishes sitting in the sink. I remember just barely having returned from our honeymoon and having MIL over for the first time. I got up to wash the dishes when we were done. She made a comment (in a bit of a sarcastic tone) that she never understood why people get up to wash their dishes right away instead of sitting around relaxing first. Being so young, that got to me and I thought I was doing something "wrong" or being neurotic. Now, at age 54, I just think that another person can leave their dishes in the sink til next year, but mine are gettin' washed right NOW. 🙂 No guilt. I need that t-shirt. I Do What I Want.
  2. I hope she feels better soon. Did your vet mean you must never give any dog people food? Or that it wouldn't be a good choice for your dog for a specific reason? I'm by no means an expert, but I do believe, generally speaking, that the idea that dogs can't have "people" food is silly, unless there is a sound reason why you shouldn't do it. Real food is real food. It's just not for people only. However, you can get into trouble if you give your dog just any "people" food. A lot of stuff we scrape off our plates into the dog bowl is too salty, full of unhealthy fat, preservatives, etc. If you decide to feed people food, it is something you have to choose carefully. Chicken and oatmeal is healthy and good for you and a dog, too. Too much bacon would be bad for a dog, and could even cause pancreatitis. If my dog needed to have meat, I would cook it separately from mine and use very little salt. I cooked for my little dog in his elder years as his kidneys were failing. He did MUCH better on this than any dog food. He got supplements, too, because just feeding oatmeal and chicken isn't nutritionally complete. I was suggesting it just to test out her stomach to see if it's the dog food, allergy, or something else. You could do it gradually, and it shouldn't hurt anything. IF that's okay with your vet. After you find a good dog food that doesn't seem to upset her stomach, maybe you could use a lean meat as a topper over the commercial food. Just a bit of good protein in the form of real food to add to the dog food. I know some people that do this. Maybe your vet was saying not to feed "people" food because he/she knows that, alone, it wouldn't have all the nutrients that a dog needs. If you are interested, you can do your own research and you can find guidelines for feeding this way that are totally sound. BUT, for just an upset stomach, it's fine to feed very lightly salted chicken and oatmeal for a few days or a week to try to test out if a certain dog food is causing the problem, etc, or to just give their stomach a chance to calm down......without worrying about extra vitamins and supplements. Then you can just gradually ease back into their regular food, if you want. I used to use ground beef, too. Fat is not bad for dogs, but, as in the example of bacon, it's so full of nitrates and such. My dog got into the trash once and ate some stuff, including bacon. He got very sick. He had an extremely sensitive stomach, though. He got lots of oatmeal and chicken, lol. Ground beef and chicken have always worked well for me. There are others on this board that will probably have much more expert advice. This is just my opinion and what I've done that has worked for me!! Just remember not to do it long term unless you know how to do that in a way that is nutritionally complete. Hope she does get better!
  3. After ruling out serious problems (kidneys, liver, pancreatitis, etc.), my go to for general upset stomach is boiled lean chicken and oatmeal. My opinion is that oatmeal is fine for dogs as long as they are also getting adequate high-quality protein. Oatmeal is soothing to a sensitive stomach. Add normal diet back in gradually over the course of a few days. At first, use smaller portions and serve more often. If the vomiting came back (again, all else ruled out), I would repeat the process until the stomach is calm, then I would suspect it is the particular brand of food or even possibly an allergy to something in that food. I would switch and try again. I tend to agree with cooking for dogs and even raw food feeding, but I know this isn't always possible.
  4. Indigo Blue


    This is true. This happens a lot, generally speaking, and not necessarily talking about this thread. On the other hand, along with those types of posts, are some really encouraging, thoughtful, enlightening, and supportive posts, which can potentially make a difference in how someone looks at a situation and can be helpful. Sometimes it's good to point out things that an OP may not be seeing, but nobody benefits from being flat out attacked. Scarlett, I sincerely hope you are able to work this out with your son, no matter the circumstances. I'm betting that, in time, if that's what is in your heart, you will. I believe that there is always a way to mend a relationship if there is a desire.
  5. When one ds, public-schooled, was in high school, there was a lot of recognition for academic achievement. This was 12 to 15 years ago. There didn't SEEM to be a lot of negativity about it then. Football and sports were highly regarded as they are now. In the home schooling world, there may have been just a bit more of a competitive atmosphere. You certainly would not have wanted to sit around with other moms at the park and talk about high grades and achievement test scores. Maybe it was harder to hear about negative comments in a public school setting. It would have been seen as bragging at home school events, I guess. Anyway, it seems to be getting worse in the last few years....that is, that it just seems "bad" to talk about high achievements. It's as if it's only "fair" if everyone is the same and everything is "level". Having said that, I was around some parents while home schooling that truly were just outright boasting and had no shame. I know the OP isn't talking about that, though.
  6. Years ago, we visited friends and stayed overnight in the cold mountains. I remember her walking into our room and putting a super heavy quilt on the bed. That night, dh and I both talked about how heavy the blanket was. But it felt nice. I remember sleeping so well that night and never really having that feeling with a blanket after that. Dh gets super annoyed if there are pockets of cold air coming into his blanket from gaps. If he thinks it's my fault because I'm the one letting in the cold air by pulling on the cover, he says you're letting in an arctic blast! (So, me being me, I have to do it again, just one time, on purpose and yell out, arctic blast!). So I think he will like it. I'll try to remember to update the thread later.
  7. I'm imagining myself in the dentist's office and they are draping that heavy x-ray blanket over me. That's what I think it might feel like. lol.
  8. Is this a good place to insert a little mini-vent? Good. There is a person, who shall remain unnamed, who if asks, "Where are you at?" or "Where are you at in life?" one more time, I'm gonna lose it.
  9. On the warmth, well, obviously I've never tried one, but my understanding is they are supposed to provide weight without being too "hot" to sleep under........... There are some minky ones that look nice to me.
  10. Thanks! Such good advice. When you say you're zonked after a few minutes, do you mean sound asleep? When ds goes too far down do you mean too deeply asleep? This sounds great to me!
  11. People say they help with falling and staying asleep. This would be wonderful if true.
  12. Oh, wow! Dh is always saying how he likes heavy blankets. If I buy a new one, he says it just doesn't feel heavy enough. I know I can just pile on more blankets, but it's not as easy to quickly make up the bed and there'd be so many more to wash. I was thinking we could each have one separate small weighted blanket. I think he would like one. He does often have dreams that he is being chased. Maybe the weight will make him feel more secure, lol. One ds, who actually has mild sensory issues, thinks the weight would feel really good. I might be like you, but who knows......
  13. I posted about them maybe a year or so ago. I've been thinking about them ever since. I think dh and one ds would love one. Maybe I would, too, but I'm not sure. I've been reading the reviews on Amazon, and people really sing the praises of a weighted blanket for so many reasons. Are they really that good? I'm thinking of buying these for Christmas for a few people this year. Some say not to wash them or dry them. Some say they do with no problem. I'm thinking I might wash them on delicate in cold water, and either dry them once on low to see what happens, or hang them over the deck rail outside. I'm thinking of 12 lbs. for me, 15 lbs. for ds (who weighs 140 lbs) and 20 lbs for dh (who weighs 175 lbs.). Personal/twin size. I can see where they would really be great for people with sensory issues and for people who are on the spectrum, but, just for general use, how are they?
  14. I used to have part of my office in our bedroom and the rest of it in a spare bedroom. It was that way for years because, for so long, we ddn't have a spare bedroom. Ds had moved away permanently and we just never moved it all into one room. I thought about it one day and decided to do it. I really thought I could. Dh wasn't home. It involved getting a long, heavy desk from one end of the house to the other. I was doing fine and then came to a place where you needed to make a right then an immediate left. I knew that would be tight, but I thought it would go through. But instead, I got the giant desk stuck at an angle, blocking the hallway, bedroom, and living room. I didn't want to move it back, because it had been so hard getting it that far. I thought dh would be angry when he got home. He wasn't though, and he just got a set of handtrucks and stood the desk on one end and wheeled it into place in the spare bedroom. I felt so dumb. But in my defense, I have accomplished a lot of things when left home alone and to my own devices. 🙂 That's the best time to get anything done. I would so love to own a pole saw.
  15. Just in case you haven't thought of it, all the episodes described above consist of food items that could potentially cause reflux. Soda, whipped cream, greasy food, chocolate, high-fat food. It could very well be lactose intolerance, but just wanted to point this out. My reflux always begins with nausea (once I actually got sick), then stomach gurgling, then gas, It takes two to three hours to feel better, and it's always after eating those very same foods. And if I've recently taken an NSAID in addition to that, it's double trouble. Maybe you could try low-fat dairy, using only vanilla flavored things, to test it out. If it still happens, that might point to a lactose problem. Maybe try things like low-fat yogurt, milk, and ice cream (vanila-flavored) to see what happens. At the same time, avoid other reflux-causing foods like chocolate, soda, ranch dressings, creams, spicy food, onions, etc, ......just briefly while you test it out. Editing to say: Reflux could definitely cause vomiting.
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