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  1. My daughter has a vintage shop on Instagram. I made a separate post earlier, but, since I don't post much, I'm afraid people thought it was a scam. She puts a lot of time into searching for neat items to sell. There might be something that would make a fun and unusual gift for someone. Anyway, we'd appreciate it if you could take a look, and here's the link to her shop: https://www.instagram.com/silvertabbyvintage/
  2. We just quit using the pellets because the solids still stink until they dry out.
  3. Once per month. I've cleaned out someone else's fridge that hadn't been cleaned for so long that it took a looooong time to clean. I had to use the SOS pads and scrub hard. I figured it would be easier and faster to clean it out once per month.
  4. Check out Silver Tabby Vintage on Instagram!
  5. Yeah, maybe, but there are other paid holidays, too. Christmas and New Year's are both Fridays this year. The many Monday holidays are what makes it so uneven. I think if we switched a Monday/Tuesday even twice per year, it would even things out more. I don't expect the paid holidays to be split exactly 50/50, but a little closer to it would be nice. That said, thank you for the response and the idea.
  6. We don't have a supervisor right now, but I failed to explain that. Our former supervisor was pretty nice and didn't ever act inconvenienced about anything (thankfully). We started at the exact same time. Before we started, she said she was flexible and open to splitting the days whatever way I wanted. I chose to work mornings, but then she said she wanted days off and wouldn't agree to that. So, I chose to work Tuesdays, Thursdays, and alternate Fridays. I suppose it's my fault because I chose those days, but I wasn't thinking about bank holidays. And, regardless, if I had chosen t
  7. ETA: Okay, anybody? What would you do if this was you? I share a job with someone else. She works Mondays and Wednesdays; I work Tuesdays and Thursdays; we alternate Fridays. If one of us takes PTO, the other person covers for her. Because she works Mondays, she gets most of the bank holidays off with pay. It usually works out so that she gets an entire week off without losing pay. Last year she also got Christmas and New Year's because they landed on a Wednesday. At first I was getting a half-day of pay for holidays even if I wasn't scheduled to work, but then t
  8. What are your favorite websites to find bargains on booking hotels/motels?
  9. Yes, we're in the Midwest, but I haven't noticed other people having their names shortened. It is just this one name. Even after people are corrected, they will repeatedly even catch themselves saying it and then add on the rest of the his name. I think it's disrespectful to continually call someone by the wrong name, and people shouldn't change someone's name. He's actually had other kids argue with him about his own name!
  10. People can name their girl that, but it's not an original girl name. Gabrielle is the girl version. One problem is that people read "Gabriel" then pronounce it as "Gabrielle." Biggest problem is that it's shortened to "Gabe" 98% of the time. Then they call him Gabe....reel because they're correct themselves...repeatedly.
  11. Ding, ding! You're the winner! Yup, that's it. It is EVERYONE.
  12. It's almost unbelievable. I'm sure it sounds like we're exaggerating.
  13. I don't blame you for correcting them because it does easily spread, but it happens with every new person my son meets.
  14. This is our experience exactly. I don't understand how they can mess up a simple name, or how 98% of people will shorten it: Us: "Hi! Meet our son Michael." (not his real name) Them: "Hi, Mike!" OR Doctor's office: "Michelle?"
  15. ....and we, including my son, don't. Pretty much everyone either shortens my son's name or, when reading it out loud, calls him by the female version of it. He even had a co-worker argue that he could call my son by a nickname. Very few people call him by his full name. I know that being called a wrong name or having a name shortened happens to all of us occasionally, and some more than others, but I had no idea it would be this extreme of a problem when we named him. Even if we correct people, they still repeatedly shorten his name before stumbling and correcting themselves. Y
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