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  1. I’m going to do something rare for me. In light of the pandemic and the ever greater greater importance of staying connected, I’m going to open up my social media accts.  If anyone wants to follow/friend or whatever it’s called. PM me for my info. I’m 98% of FB bc my other accts are fairly new but I do have Instagram, Snapchat, and twitter too.

  2. I’m back from the most amazing vacation of my life. Soooo.  Back to normal life.  I guess. If I have to. 

    1. Scarlett


      Welcome home to cold and rainy weather.  

    2. Murphy101


      I’ve been hiding in my bedroom under the covers since I got here.  First thing I did was start planning on using my Heathywage check to book my next vacation. 🐬🐠🐡🏝🏖

    3. Familia


      Welcome back.  Glad you had an awesome time!

  3. In 25 days, I will have a Catholic husband. 🥰

    1. scholastica


      Woo--hoo Martha!! So happy for both of you!

    2. Patty Joanna

      Patty Joanna

      Many happy years!


  4. A certain child was crying about my insistence on wearing shoes to play outside. I went to check the mailbox without my shoes on. I hurt my foot. Said child starts laughing hysterically through their tears as they see me hobble up the walkway. My mother’s curse came true. I have a kid just like me. I don’t mind though.

    1. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      Sorry for you, but may The Mother's Curse be alive and well when my kids have kids!!!


    2. MotherGoose
  5. í ½í²•Aldi's FINALLY got some more boxed Macaroni &Truffle in the store. I'm in heaven for Easter bc that's the only thing in my basket!!í ½í¸‹

  6. He lost his bleeping glasses AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. goldberry


      I am now charging my 16 yo $10 every time she "can't find them". ((hugs))

    2. mommymilkies


      Oh no! They need to make GPS trackers for them!

    3. Upward Journey

      Upward Journey

      I am so sorry. On vacation two weeks ago both my dh AND my ds lost their glasses in The Sound. I wish that I could say it was the first time. o_O Two day drive to get home again. I was not a happy camper.

  7. Baby bunnies just born in my hall closet! FIVE of them all plump and warm.

    1. WendyAndMilo


      I WANT ONE!!! :)

    2. Murphy101


      I'll remember that in 10 weeks! I know we won't keep more than 1, 2 tops.

  8. 22 years today of mostly wedded bliss!

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    2. Chrysalis Academy
    3. Rebel Yell

      Rebel Yell

      Chrysalis Academy beat me to it!



    4. Murphy101


      Mostly bliss marriage! Mostly marriage for 25 years! ;D

  9. The smell of a wood burning fireplace and homemade cookies in the air and A Christmas Story on the tv. merry Christmas

    1. PollyOR


      Merry Christmas :)

  10. People are crazy. Thank God for coffee.

    1. Mommy to monkeys

      Mommy to monkeys

      Truer words were never spoken.


    2. Snickerdoodle
  11. The Husband is home, time to heat up some of his apple pie moonshine.

  12. First night home and dumb enough to fall asleep in the recliner. Ouch. All over ouch. Still better than the previous 6 days at the hospital.

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    2. unsinkable


      Ugh! That is too bad. What a horrible thing to happen on Thanksgiving.


      I'm still praying!

    3. Tullia


      Wishing you a speedy recovery! (Martha in NM)

    4. PollyOR


      So glad to hear you are home. Hope your family is waiting on you hand and foot ;)

  13. Had gallbladder surgery yesterday AM. If they can get my heart checked out as okay, then I hope to be home tonight.

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    2. ErinE


      I hope you get well soon.

    3. gaillardia


      That sounds miserable and I hope you are feeling much better!


    4. Heather in Neverland

      Heather in Neverland

      Prayers for quick healing!

  14. Snow in may is NUTS! Might as well burn my tomato plants. And they had several green tomatoes starting to grow. :(

    1. Miss Marple

      Miss Marple

      I think we just got rain but I had to turn the heater on this morning! 64 degrees in the house. But the sun is shining today :)


    2. Murphy101


      Idk. It was supposed tI happen around 2-4am and I did not stay awake to find out. :)

  15. Bummed my entire thread was deleted & I don't even know why. :(

    1. [email protected]

      [email protected]

      A fight started. Sorry. :-(

    2. Murphy101


      Yikes. I was racking my brain trying to figure why the topic and 3 pages there when I went to bed last night were against board policy causing the whole thing to be deleted. :(

    3. [email protected]

      [email protected]

      When a thread goes seriously downhill, we've found that it's usually best to remove the whole thing. Alas.

  16. My modified Whole30 is working! I broke the plateau! I've lost 6 pounds! And ONE PANT SIZE!!!

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    2. freeindeed
    3. Murphy101


      I allow Kerrygold butter and one siggi yogurt when really wanted. I also don't leave out every condiment that might have sugar in it, tho I don't use them much anyways. And I probably eat forbidden freash fruits. Oh and sometimes a recipes calls for a small amt of honey and I don't leave it out. Also, something like tomato sauce is processed so that wouldn't be allowed, but I use it anyways.


      I have given up all pasta, rice, and dairy except for the ocassional si...

    4. Murphy101


      And no sweets other than fresh fruit. Not even fake sugar.

  17. The flu has arrived here.

    1. Miss Marple

      Miss Marple

      Ugh! Hope it passes quickly

    2. Tullia


      Hope you're all better soon.

    3. annandatje


      There is a locke discussion about some sort of flu remedy that looks like word "oscillate."

  18. Listening to big bad voodoo daddy, eating homemade cheesey bread with dessert wine.

  19. Wishing I could change my name but drawing a complete blank on any name to change it to. Typical..

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    2. elegantlion


      Didn't you used to have the nuns with guns avatar? I liked that. I hope I'm remembering that correctly, because I sometimes think, "Oh it's the nuns with guns lady" and then I smile.

    3. Murphy101


      Yes! The avatar links thingy I was using broke or whatever you call it when they stop working and I didn't replace it.

    4. Tullia


      lol...maybe I should put some color in the formerly M in NM part of the siggie; I'm not trying to confuse anyone. I called your old avatar "the militant nuns" and I miss them.

  20. No problem. Been there done that and likely will again. :.(

  21. I hope you get pain relief soon, but All I could think when I read your post was, "What's the full story on that armadillo!?" Off to google armadillo, leprosy, and children...

  22. hmmm. I just typed in TTC and then the first one it brought up. but I couldn't figure out how to actualy download anything and everything I clicked shut down my system and gave virus errors.

  23. Isohunt is full of viruses!!!! Ack.

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