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  1. Jean, you are one classy lady.

  2. Hey, how is the house selling going? Haven't seen you post in a while and I'm tap, tap, tapping my fingers waiting, waiting...

  3. Awww, thanks!

  4. There are more of us. Some are just tired of it and avoid the threads altogether. Not every Christian is stuck in the Crusades. ;-)

  5. Those timeline pictures are GREAT! I love it.

  6. Happy Birthday! We share the day. I hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  7. Hi, came for a visit. ;-)

  8. Hah, we share a birthday!! Happy Birthday to you as well!! I'm 35 today.

  9. Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

  10. Is this MariaW?

  11. Is this Bibliophile from HSR?

  12. Sorry, I didn't mention the specific thread. It was a rather lengthy reply to someone. UUGh, I can't find it. You basically laid out your reasoning for why tracts are a lousy idea. I wholeheartedly agreed with you.

  13. That was an eloquently stated post on the Halloween thread!

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