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  1. Hello, I am putting together a class for my 9th grader (and some others) for next year to cover the core and standards of WA ELA. I am doing this though from a science perspective so that my student will in fact learn and engage with the course. I am combining Botany and Mythology together to meet said standards required. I am looking for suggestions or resources that are not costly that will help with this process. I have a microscope and a Intro to botany book on its way. The two areas separately are easy enough to teach, but putting them together is where I am having some questions. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I just came across this site and found it helpful for an endeavor I'm taking with my son next year so thought I would join to see if the community could further help. I am a para and starting a teaching program, but have pulled my ASD son for school to try and get him caught up. Thank you for having me!
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