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  1. I would absolutely report it. They probably won't do anything (ours wouldn't) but it is still worth reporting. I am fed up with the postal service. We have had several problems with both the service and our postman. At present a book I ordered for my daughter is currently lost and the seller won't do anything about it until it has been a month since ordering, which is today, and I will be contacting them. It has gotten so I cringe when ordering anything if the only way to have it shipped is postal service. I wish there were always other shipping options for every place I order from.
  2. 2020 needs to go back to the pit it crawled out of. Your daughter has been handling things amazingly and I am proud of her. She needed that release and a good ugly cry can be a massive relief. Sending her lots of hugs and hope something really nice happens for her soon.
  3. I'm very sorry. If I lived near you I would be happy to come help you guys out. I hope you are able to get some extra help today and save most of your things.
  4. @Tanaqui. This is great! Thank you very much.
  5. I had forgotten it was also good for RA. You are right, it absolutely must be monitored. I have to have a thorough eye exam every 6 months. In fact, my immunologist wouldn't start me on it until I had an eye exam and she gets all the reports from my ophthalmologist because she wants to be sure that my eyes are okay. I hope that you don't need it, but glad you are willing to take it if recommended. Just be sure to see your eye dr every 6 months. I know that it has been proven to extend the life of Lupus patients by quite a few years (and keep them healthier!). It makes me sick that patients that need it can't get it. It also scares the hell out of me. Chronic hives may not sound like a big deal. I assure you they are. When I flare I will have hives that are larger than my 2 hands together, have more hives than clear skin, and I have large bruises when the hives heal due to all the scratching. My eyes have been swollen almost shut due to hives on eyelids and around my eyes, and my lips can almost triple in size. I could go on, but you get the idea. This is not at all a "feel sorry for me" post, it is just to show the difference in my life being on Plaquenil has made. It is a quality of life issue, because trust me when I say that you can't live with hives like that, it is torture. The only other option for keeping them under control is Prednisone, which is far far more dangerous to be on long term. I just pray I will be able to continue to get it and that everyone that truly needs it can get it. We should not have to worry about this! It is best I keep my opinion on trump to myself. I will get on a soapbox that will send my BP to stroke territory, but suffice it to say that you are absolutely right about him.
  6. @Zebra. How do you make bagels? I also make all our bread and all of my baking is from scratch. I would LOVE to make bagels but don't even know where to begin. Since all my baking is vegan I don't use brownie box mixes so I have no advice for you, I'm sorry.
  7. Thank you for this!!!! Plaquenil is a good drug, for some things. It is NOT for Covid 19! I am on it for chronic hives and it is fantastic. It is also used quite successfully in Lupus patients. The last time I spoke to my immunologist she told me that they are starting to have some trouble getting it for patients. That really upsets me when it has not been proven to be successful in Covid patients, but is successful in other diseases, yet those patients are having issues getting it due to a lot of misinformation and now just plain wrong information. I am incredibly fortunate I was able to get my 3 month refill, but am concerned that when it is time for the next refill I may not be able to get it or get the full supply. This is a drug that I depend on and absolutely must do many many many other people.
  8. This is just awful in every way. I am very very sorry. Hugs...
  9. I was way more excited than I should be to see this updated. It seems like a whole lifetime ago that the first thread on this appeared. In a way it was a lifetime ago really. Sigh..........
  10. Where did you order them from and are you happy with them?
  11. I haven't heard of iHerb before, but will check them out. Thank you for suggesting them. It is always good to have several sources for things, especially when they are good companies to work with.
  12. Yes! I love Vitacost and order quite a bit from them. I have only gotten the wrong thing one time and a quick phone call fixed it easily. They also pack things very well and carefully. Love them!
  13. It is absolutely possible for you to lose weight! It may be harder than when you were younger, but will happen.
  14. I'm glad you have a plan that works for you and that you feel better already. I love intermittent fasting. I fast 16 and eat during 8 hours. It works well. Recently I started whole food plant based (i was already vegan) and it is going well. I am not militant about it but try to stick to it as closely as possible. My reasons for switching to it were primarily driven by my recent breast cancer diagnosis and a huge flare in my chronic hives. My poor body and immune system need a good reset and boost especially with a month of radiation coming up. I do feel much better but oh how I miss sugar and sweets!
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