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  1. Many hugs. I am so sorry about this development. Cancer is a special kind of sneaky mean nasty beast.
  2. I keep up with all of my books on Goodreads. I highly recommend it.
  3. You are amazing! Thank you for the update. I hope that things stay as wonderful as they are now and that you and your husband continue to grow closer.
  4. I hope she will respond to you. That was a good way to handle it.
  5. I am starting to plan for 10th grade. This is the first of probably several questions I will have. She will take chemistry. Thus far we have been using Apologia for Science even though we are secular homeschoolers. I am not sure I want to use it for chemistry. Does anyone have a chemistry curriculum that you highly recommend? She isn't interested in chemistry. She will be completing Algebra 1 this year so I think she will be ready for chemistry. I did see the sticky on chemistry, but still thought I would check with you guys.
  6. Our little shihpoo is a love. She is laid back, doesn't bark a lot, loves every single person she meets. She is truly one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.
  7. I am very allergic to many things. The only breed of dogs that I can tolerate without reacting are: poodle, maltese, and shitzu. We have had a maltese, a shihpoo, and a maltipoo. They have all been very good pets. I would love to have a big dog or to be able to just go to a shelter and get a sweet little mutt, but my allergies prevent that. I am just happy that there are these 3 breeds that I can be around. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to have a dog, and life is a thousand times better with a sweet furry friend or two (we have 2 now).
  8. Our church has name tags. They are provided by the church when you join. They have huge magnetic boards that hold the name tags when you aren't wearing them. It is nice because I just get when I get to church and then take it off and put it back on the board when I am ready to leave. I wasn't so sure about it to begin with, but am now used to it, and okay with it. I am very introverted and also bad with names. If I had to make a tag every time I went to church I wouldn't do it. But I like the way our church does it.
  9. Over 500 a year for us. Music class is just over 100 a month. She also has an art class but that technically is school. Though she would want to take it whether it was for school or not, she really loves it.
  10. Yes, the texture and behavior of my hair is completely different than before the greys came in. It is maddening! I had finally figured out how to manage my thick curly hair. Now it is wiry, frizzier than ever, and can't decide if it wants to be wavy frizzy or just frizzy. I miss my curls, miss how thick it used to be, and miss knowing how to deal with it. I end up pulling it back every day because nothing I do to it looks good anymore. Little hairs stand up all over too. None of the conditioners I have tried do anything. I have tried various serums to control it, and they do nothing. Blow drying makes it bad and letting it dry naturally (which is what i have always done) makes it bad in a different way. It is bad no matter what. I don't know what to try next.
  11. I will tell him because he could have been hunting this down for days without ever thinking to call HR. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction.
  12. Please don't apologize! You were offering something that is helpful to you and trying to help us. I am appreciative. The really good thing about you suggesting this is that it gave others a chance to point out (and you kindly called your plan and confirmed it) that this type of plan doesn't work with pre-existing conditions. Many people may not know that and knowing it up front could save time and energy. I am very glad this plan works for you and others who don't have high medical costs.
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