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  1. If you are happy with the washer then I say go ahead and get the matching dryer. Our washer and dryer are both GE and we love them.
  2. You know, I usually feel just as do about going back until my child is asleep. But there were several factors here that made me make the exception this time: my daughter is 16, it was only a very brief period before she was put under so she wasn't away from me for long, she was okay with it, I was standing right outside their office door, I know this surgeon well and he has taken all my kids' wisdom teeth out and actually took out "toothlets" on this same daughter a few years ago. Her wisdom teeth, while not urgent, were in the perfect place to be removed with minimal trouble right no
  3. Houses are selling with a day or two of being put on the market. Prices are climbing rapidly. We are staying put. I would LOVE to move but it just isn't the right time for it right now.
  4. I was prepared to walk out if my daughter's dental office didn't allow me to go back as well (and other parents were back there too). Fortunately they were wonderful, as always, and allowed me to go back with her. Like you, I think it is very important that I am present for all dr and dental appointments. Now, I wasn't allowed back prior to her wisdom teeth surgery yesterday, but she had had her pre-op appt last week, which I was present for, so I was okay (not thrilled) with yesterday. I was also allowed back post-op and met with the surgeon before bringing her home.
  5. I have been to the dr quite often since the pandemic began. In all offices (and for radiation) the following have been standard: temp checks at door, questions asked about exposure and travel, masks mandatory at all times, preferably no one except patient comes in. My daughter had her wisdom teeth out yesterday and this was the protocol: temp check, masks, i had to wait outside until she was done ( i could not go into office with her at all prior to surgery), the tech got me once she was done and I met with the surgeon to review how things went---this happened in the office at the
  6. I'll join in. Mine, once again, lost a piece of mail that we were supposed to get. I get daily informed delivery e-mails so I know what we are supposed to receive. It is always a not-fun game of seeing what actually will show up and what doesn't. Another not-fun game is seeing what wrong mail shows up. Yesterday was a bonus day.....mail for us didn't show up and mail for a neighbor did show up. Unfortunately what is lost is our electric bill, so now I get to make an online account to see what we owe so I can pay it. Our mail person really needs to be in another profession! Edit: a
  7. Thank you all for your advice! I am going to try to save it.
  8. There are really no words for how jealous I am that you get to do this.
  9. Your pick up sounds organized and nice. What kind librarians too. Mine is not. They have all the books in bags labeled with our names in the vestibule of the library. No one is watching them nor watching who takes what. They have a guard outside who constantly yells at those in line and also makes sure that only one person at a time goes to get their books. But again, no one is making sure you take only your books. You can't return books whenever you want, you have to stand in that line, listen to the guard scream, and then put your books in the bin. They don't check them in for at leas
  10. I would go. Oh how I wish our library would open. They are doing pick up but it is a mess and I won't use it again. Once they are open though, I will happily go and be in heaven. Until then, I am spending a whole lot more money than I usually would on buying books (used if possible).
  11. I made sourdough started (with whole wheat flour) in May. No clue when in May. I put it in the fridge once it was ready and then forgot about it. I haven't fed it since it was initially made. Is it safe? Do I shake it up to mix it again and then feed it in prep for using? I smelled it...it smells like alcohol.
  12. This site looks very good. My daughter is checking it out now. Thank you and thank you for the advice too.
  13. What a nice way to start the day. They are simply precious!
  14. This the recipe I was going to use! Her site is wonderful and she has so much good solid info (backed up with science).
  15. I am going to make my own as well. How much turmeric and black pepper are you using per capsule? I read 1/4 tsp turmeric and 1/8 black pepper.
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