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  1. peacelovehomeschooling

    What do you have hanging above your bed?

    This painting, without all the writing and stuff underneath it. It is framed in a black slightly distressed frame.
  2. peacelovehomeschooling

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    I'm sorry...rookie mistake! I just answered someone else, I got white (see my other post about why).
  3. peacelovehomeschooling

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    White. I like the clean classic look of it. Had I chosen a color (or multiple colors) I risked waking up one day and hating the color. I plan to keep this forever, so classic white it is. I only have the dinner ware and don't plan to purchase any of the serving pieces, so this is perfect (though I know many will find it boring!).
  4. peacelovehomeschooling

    S/O -- Just for Fun: What color is your Fiestaware?

    White. I like the classic clean look of it. This way I will also not wake up one day and hate the color I chose and feel the need to get rid of it. White I will enjoy forever. I only have the dinner ware and don't plan to purchase the serving pieces.
  5. peacelovehomeschooling

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    Based on recommendations when I asked about dinnerware, I just got Fiesta Ware for the first time. Macy's had it on sale plus an extra 25% off. I love it! I'm so glad that so many people recommended it. Thank you hive!
  6. peacelovehomeschooling

    Breast cancer diagnosis 2nd opinion? (Updated 14th Feb)

    Thinking of you and praying as you embark on your journey to full healing.
  7. peacelovehomeschooling

    Should I get GE CAFE Matte, OR Kitchen Aid appliances?

    All of our appliances are GE and I love them. They have lasted a very long time. We will only buy GE.
  8. peacelovehomeschooling

    UPDATED W/ PICS! Cold weather clothes... where to buy?? Help me, please.

    Those pictures are beautiful! What a gorgeous state. I would love to live there.
  9. My daughter was adopted internationally. We know many people who have adopted internationally. I had a friend who was adopted (a closed adoption). In my area international adoption is very common.
  10. peacelovehomeschooling

    Hedgehogs? Anyone?

    We had one! I loved her and she was such a sweet little pet. They do require special care, as has been pointed out, but they can make very wonderful pets.
  11. peacelovehomeschooling

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Forgive me for laughing, but of course it was you! We are eating twins!!! Yes, I am trying to adopt the same way of thinking.....just jump right back on track and "throw away" (man I love that saying...the person that told me that is a genius) the bad day. I do try to minimize the damage along the way....which is new for me...I am a very black and white/all or nothing thinker when it comes to eating/food.
  12. peacelovehomeschooling

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Thank you for starting this! Like you, I am a very private person, and having a bit more privacy with this topic makes me very happy. I appreciate the invite and just joined. @Kassia. Sorry you are up at that early hour! I hope you are either able to go back to sleep or get a nap later. @teachermom2834. Congratulations to your daughter! Now I can't remember who it was that had their meals thrown off which messed up the whole day. But I am the same way...anything that screws up even one meal messes up my whole day of eating. I have tried to conquer both the problem and the anxiety it provokes (when even thinking about my meals getting out of whack) by planning a way to eat even a little around the time I should be eating. So taking an apple and a bar in my purse and calling it a meal. Anything to keep things as normal as possible. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.
  13. peacelovehomeschooling

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    In my world frosting should be it's own food group. Batter would be listed as a subgroup under the umbrella of the frosting group.
  14. peacelovehomeschooling

    If you used to have a microwave and now don't...

    I don't blame you one bit! I wouldn't want my daughter lighting a gas stove either. Edit: Yikes the tripped circuit and kids not noticing makes me shudder.
  15. peacelovehomeschooling

    If you used to have a microwave and now don't...

    It is usually just my daughter and I here, so we won't run into that issue. However, what I do is take a sheet pan and cover it with aluminum foil, on one side is her food, and the other side my food, placed in oven until warm. I feel like there could be some way to do something similar in your case. Maybe use 2 pans and foil to divide things up? Put in oven and heat? I love finding a solution to a problem, so I will be pondering this as I heat food over the next few days! I do absolutely see how a microwave makes your life much much easier.
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