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  1. @teachermom2834Could you name some of the high quality Latin teachers?
  2. Is it normal to get the answers to *multiple* problems in one sitting? Or is that overachieving?
  3. I agree, it’s odd. I don’t understand the 56. I would think plagerism would be given a 0.
  4. I have to decided to try AAS over the summer. It will give me a chance to get use to it while we don't have much going on. If we don't like it, she will use R&S in the fall.
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I'm still weighing my options. :)
  6. She's nine. 3rd grader with November birthday. Does that make a difference? I would rather just do R&S and reevaluate later, if that wouldn't kill her! ;-)
  7. She will be using R&S English and math in the fall. I thought I would just use R&S spelling as well. I knew she wasn't a great speller. Then I got her scores back today. :-/ I thought oh no we may need a little more guidance.
  8. This year it was Abeka. Which was pretty much memorize this list of huge words. No, she did not do well.
  9. Our Standford 10 results came back today. My 3rd graders worst score was spelling. 27% percentile and 2.3 grade equivalent. Should I consider AAS? But those tiles seem not so user friendly...Someone please sell me on it or talk me out of it.
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