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  1. Hi Brenda~! Thank you so much for answering my question:) I really like your videos and I think it may be the answer to what I was fearing with SM. We are starting at grade 1. So I will watch the video once a week prior to our week, and then use your syllabus for the week... correct? And at some point you will incorporate the TB but for now you are not? It helps to understand this bit of info :) I am SO GLAD that maybe I will not need the HIG... however, I know the HIG covers games, etc to play... I have watched a few of the sample videos you have out but did not see any games you suggested, although maybe I missed this. Do you usually cover that or suggest games? The videos basically cover what is in the HIG for the week? Again, thank you for this service. I think it will be beneficial for so many! SM made so many conceptual leaps that I gave it up when I used it for my son. I do love the program though. So I hope that with your help, I can be more successful this go 'round with my daughter.
  2. I just ran across this and wonder if anyone is using it? thoughts? does she not use a HIG or Textbook then? http://www.singaporemathlive.com/
  3. Hello:) Those of you who use MEP, a few questions: - can it be used as a supplement to help with conceptual/mental teaching in a program that maybe doesn't have that as its strength? (CLE + MEP) - how do you use MEP, do you print off all the pages and corresponding TM ahead of time and hole punch? Or just print as needed? Is it fairly open and go? - is MEP mastery or spiral? - do most kids test in at lower grades? should someone start at the beginning no matter what or is there a placement test? thanks:)
  4. Thanks! Is SM and CLE both the same effort to teach from the TMs? or is one more user friendly? I have taught Right Start and used SM for one whole year (level 1a and 1b), i have also taught Math Mammoth for this past year. I am not "mathy" but I do get the conceptual teaching, I think. I just wanted a curriculum that helped me implement it and didn't rely solely on me remembering how to do it, lol! It sounds like CLE might be a good mix? I feel like it seems easier to teach and it has more review built in, am I right?
  5. I want something that teaches some conceptual math, and I know SM has that one in spades... but does CLE also teach any conceptual? Are they both the same as far as ease of teaching (are the TM's in both easy to use to teach from or is one easier than the other)? With CLE i was considering supplementing with some education unboxed videos and right start lessons. i like how straight forward CLE is and it seems like a strong program, but I am also very interested in SM. thoughts from anyone who has used both?
  6. this is a great idea! so the IP lines up with each lesson? is it listed in the HIG which pages to do in IP?
  7. i agree, and i actually just went up to my local homeschool store and put my hands on it again. i really love Singapore. i am slightly worried over all the moving pieces... but really, it isn't that big a deal. my daughter actually loves workbook pages, so getting the workbook would probably delight her. she FLEW through SM Kindergarten, doing 4-8 pages a day, loving it. i have never really used the HIG and i worry over if it is cumbersome or time consuming... do i need to prep the night before or is it fairly open and go? it is down between SM or Rightstart at this point, both have their advantages.
  8. i really like the education unboxed! but what curric do you use? i see she recommends singapore and MM.
  9. I have used right start, singapore, MUS, Math Mammoth... I still don't have a favorite but they are all great. which is your favorite for teaching the base ten/conceptual math that helps with mental addition/subtraction? Right Start is really great at this i know... is Singapore as strong as Right Start in this manner? Curious because I am picking a math for my rising 1st grader who has completed all of Singapores Kindergarten books and has done really well... i don't love Singapores math as much for 1st and up due to the amount of books to buy and juggle. but i AM considering it still.
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