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  1. Yeah, I don't even do 7 loads a week anymore so I can't fathom that much in one day.
  2. I read a book today. And went on a long walk with dh. That is all. Seriously. We even ate out so I didn't cook. ETA: Tomorrow we move ds into his off campus apartment so I'm sure I'll make up for my lazy day today, though.
  3. My dd, 17, and I both wear Old Navy jeans. Not the skinny ones but more like your Eddie Bauer pic above. Neither of my dc have ever seemed to care at all about what's considered fashion or in style. It's never seemed to hurt them socially either. If my dd wanted the skinny jeans I would be fine with it though as I don't feel it's a big deal and she's the one wearing them and should be comfortable.
  4. I have the same thing for breakfast every morning during the week (weekends dh and I eat breakfast out - dc can come if they're home and awake). I have one piece of avocado toast with arugula and tomatoes, eggs, and fruit. Lunch is usually leftovers 3 days a week, a tuna sandwich one or two days, and a black bean burger one day (there's a frozen one from Whole Foods that we love). Dinner is an easy rotation of just a few meals. Usually chicken two nights, fish, pasta, beef, and a veggie meal. That leaves room for leftovers one night or something like cereal or take out.
  5. I truly feel for all who are struggling. I feel that I have been fortunate to struggle with parts of my faith but never with having that faith (if that makes sense?). I've always been a Christian and held a solid belief in God but I have struggled with finding my place within Christianity. I grew up in a Baptist church and I guess I was fortunate to have family who didn't hold tight to all of their beliefs. I knew we, as a family, didn't agree with their beliefs on dancing and alcohol. There were other things but those were the things that stuck out to me when younger. So, I never felt my faith and beliefs had to be so rigid. When I married dh, he was actually an atheist but thankfully he is now a Christian. We've definitely struggled together to find our place these past several years but, again, we have been fortunate that our faith has held strong. As adults, we've tried many different churches and never encountered any judgment until people found out both of our dc are part of the LGBTQ+ community. We have been told often that we can't be "real" Christians and be ok with that. I find it interesting that this is such a line in the sand for so many with so many other things happening in our world. I'm not bothered by their ridiculousness anymore thankfully because I am secure in my beliefs and relationship with my faith. My biggest concern for my dc was them not losing their faith altogether and I am so thankful we found the Episcopal church because they are both in good places now with their faith. I wish we could all focus on those things that we share instead of our differences (as there are many among the different denominations).
  6. 123

    Flu shot, when?

    We usually get ours early November. The one and only time I've had the flu was in May. I've worried about getting it too early since then and my doc advises the same.
  7. I always hear of these stories but I've never experienced them. Not in FL, CA, TX, IA, or IN. I can get a sick appointment same day most of the time but sometimes it happens within 48 hours instead. A new patient appointment is different and usually takes several months unless I find a doctor new to the practice. Specialist appointments often take longer for a check in/up but I haven't waited more than 3 months for those either. Currently, we are actually surrounded by hospitals and doctor's offices. They are everywhere so it seems to be super easy to find one when needed.
  8. I feel for you and I honestly don't know what the answer is. I've been battling a $500 bill for almost a year now. It is for two vaccines but the provider didn't bill it as such. I can show proof of them billing the same thing correctly before and after this date of service but no one cares. Everyone even admits it is for vaccines that are completely covered by my insurance. The insurance company has been zero help. Everyone seems to agree with me that it's wrong but the billing/coding department of the provider isn't changing it for some reason so I will probably end up paying it eventually. They have resubmitted the claim five flipping times now but always with the wrong code. I don't know how to make it right and it truly stinks that no one involved seems to use any common sense.
  9. Dd's psychologist has a professional degree (PsyD) and bills insurance 200 for our every other week visits. Price was the same when we went weekly. When we've seen therapists with certificates only it was less. I think it's way too much, but maybe could depend on where you're located and availability of other help.
  10. Nope. Our anniversary was actually a few days ago and neither of us even remembered until late in the day. 😜 We did take a vacation, just the two of us, a month ago and called it an anniversary trip. We usually don't get each other more than a card.
  11. 123

    Portion sizes

    The salmon portion looks smaller than what we eat here but the rice looks like more than we would eat. Veggie portion looks normal for us.
  12. This is what I mean though. Why are you so invested? And if you are truly wanting Harry to be happy, he seems to be quite happy, so why not be happy with him? I think Harry and Meghan are grown ups and this idea that they have to fit your ideal is extremely weird to me. I don't see what she is doing as having a Hollywood lifestyle at all. I do see those wanting access to be very Hollywood though.
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