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  1. Yes, all school-aged kids have to be in the program. I know someone who put her high school kids into Challenge so they could continue as a family even though she had them doing over half of their work elsewhere. They say it is for providing a consistent "face" to the program. I can see it somewhat, but I've never heard of a university model or private school doing that. In our county we actually have an elementary and a high school principal whose wives homeschool all of their kids, and it's not a requirement for them to have their kids in public school either.



    I am not a CC administrator but I have never heard of this in my experience with Classical Conversations.

  2. We hit a similar wall and just backed up.  I found the material was moving too quickly.  We concentrated on the following


    1) backed waaay up to where the lessons were completely successful (all games and the oral review were easy for her - that's where we started over)

    2) we played every game, did every single question they asked.  No shortcuts

    3) we progressed with mastery


    We are now a whole level from where we were when we had to do this but she is now mentally adding large numbers, and multiplication has been a snap because of our Classical Conversations memory skip counting math songs.  


    I cannot stress enough how damaging skipping ahead in math is.  I'm on child number 4 and it NEVER helps my gang to skip.  

    YMMV.  HTH

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  3. I am a greeter at our church and you wouldn't believe the amount of admissions by people saying they don't want to shake my hand because they're very sick -


    they do shake my hand and tell me how they'e been dealing with intestinal and breathing illnesses and are probably contagious.


    It's something I am very cautious of and wash diligently and try never put my hands or any food in my mouth at church.


    I'm astounded at people in this regard.  I find it selfish and inconsiderate, but it happens everywhere - stores, co-ops, parties, etc.


    We love them anyway but goodness, common sense is lacking regarding this issue.

  4. We just built a house and in laws moved in with us.  We hired an architect to get exactly what we wanted.  He "gave" me things I never thought we could afford.   I know the charge seems high at first but it is really worth it if you consider they are "for you" - not a builder.  He just was able to move walls and etc I'd never dreamed could be done.



  5. LOVE!!!!!!!!!! My Plum Paper Teacher planner.


    I customized the subjects and it has four lines in each subject...If I wanted to I could have a line for four kids...but I am not schooling four :)


    Love it!

    Did I say I love it?  Quality ring binder, love the customized cover with my name on it, love the customized subjects, the extra note paper I'm keeping a journal of important things in, and LOVE the quality of the paper itself.

    Awesome for the $.

  6. I love my Cuisinart Food Processor - I've had it so long the bowl is in dire need of replacment though.  May be time for a new shiny one.


    I am so pleased with splurging on my Cuisinart crock pot - it can braise and steam!


    My must haves in the kitchen are my Henckels Zwilling Pro 6 inch knife and paring knife.  


    very reasonable and a superior knife!

    and the paring fits my hand perfectly, love the handles.



    DD (8 yo) and I are going to start playing with this book



    She wants to be a baker when she grows up  :hurray:  :hurray:  so I get to play kitchen with her until she changes her mind and wants to be a vet, lol.

    I post a book like that because it is a whole different ball game being in the kitchen with a fun book like this to lead us through than look at our time there as drudgery.


    and this book is a lifesaver on weeknights for our large family




    Some other fun things I love...




    these feel so nice to dry dishes with, and they are so pretty.


    LOVE kitchen stuff.  Have fun with it.  I feel bad spending any money on kitchen things, then DH reminded me this is my craft, and my "job" and having the tools you need makes every job easier.

    I've invested in some things, and still have them after 10 - 15 - even 20 years.

    Figure what you'll use for years and start there.


    I echo those ALL Clad pans someone mentioned up thread.  BOY those are SWEEEEEEEEEEEEt.

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  7. Just wanted you to inspire you = not guilt you...

    we were at the Smithsonian Museum of American History and I happened to be standing behind a little boy and his mom.  She asks him as he darts off towards the next exhibit, "Wait, what is this all about?"  


    The little boy pipes right up, "I know, mom.  I already read it and know about it.  It's talking about..." and he proceeds to go into the intricate details of the commentary board.  She was clearly embarrassed that he was running off, in effort to reassure her I asked her how old he was.  She replies, "9".


    She may have been embarrassed but I was impressed.  I've raised a 9 year old boy.  The little guy had a better grasp on the facts than my high schooler right now (we haven't covered WWI yet :closedeyes: ).


    Anyway, I think it has alot to do with interest, but also they'll drink up what we put in front of them.


  8. We went this January and it was TOTALLY an unexpected trip.  I planned three hotels, all of our parks and some food the night before we left.  I did touringplans to guide me through the park - and we used our smart phones quite a bit to tell us what rides had big lines.


    You know, for all the stress of learning touringplans and the WDW app = we walked right up to the princess castle, dd got a makeover and a dress for $60.  I didn't know there was a huge demand on that kind of thing until after we finished the bippity boppity experience.


    We were there during a marathon week and supposedly the parks were full - the app said it was supposed to be like a 6 and ended up being one of their highest crowds of the holiday season.  We saw princesses, stayed for all the shows and had one of the most magical days of our lives.


    All that to say - plans, schmans.  The day will be what it will be - do what you can and let the rest go.

    Enjoy it :) sounds like an absolutely awesome memory making event in your family's life.


    I so wish I had family to spend time with (planned or unplanned) we have immediate family but my parents - well, they pretty much suck at the whole grandparent thing so blessings to you guys!!!

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  9. I've been recognizing the amount of food I end up tossing = whether it is because I was going to make something and didn't, or didn't label the food correctly, or just laziness :(


    I was trying to be efficient and think ahead so I boiled a dozen eggs  I then went upstairs to "rest" my eyes for a few minutes while they cooled in water.  12 hours later I came downstairs to find a pot full of cool water holding twelve happy boiled eggs!


    I have to throw them out, right?

  10. "We learned from this last breakdown that it would also be smart to take out the arms and clean out the spray holes from time to time.  A lot of what we thought was just normal aging of the DW was actually deposits building up in some of the holes."


    This for us too.  I have to do maintenance on my DW.  That includes running with DW magic product, or some vinegar in a glass, and using good dishwashing detergent cubes - not powder! - and taking the parts out and cleaning them, including the arms to make sure they run water through without clogs.  I also have to clean the insulation strip things with vinegar AND take out the filter pieces in the bottom of the unit.  


    We are very careful about what food is left on and the repair man - yes - we've had it less than a year and it had to be repaired/cleaned - said we should get a unit with a disposal next time.

  11. We did First Form and Second Form online.  My kids learned a ton - they were the giants of the group.  Meaning they were 9th and 10th graders, taking the class with smart little 9 and 10 year olds.  Was humbling but very! worthwhile for them.


    Online class was expensive, but well done.

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  12. Playmobil, marble runs, prepared art projects (our library has craft time and they have all the hard work done and hand kids a ready made kit - think pirate mask - parrot on shoulder, etc

    paper weaving project in a bag, like this

    , maze books, Usborne sticker books, weaving-pot holder loom, knot tying practice, silly putty, play doh, oil pastels, color by number paint set, sculpey, these




    thinking putty



    army men, puzzles, magnatiles, rush hour, maze toy like this...



    solitaire, ipad app - dragonbox or something like that, I forget the name...

    smart games - something like this



    exercise ball, jump rope, mini trampoline, rubber band balls, shaving cream finger painting,

    prepared activity kits

    kiwicrate / tinker crate / doodle crate.


    nature drawing, flower pressing, art study, 

    this link from Charlotte Mason handicrafts may give some ideas...


    the list goes on, lol.



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