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  1. thank you very much for this. i promise you that i don’t take drugs; all of the failure stories and “bad trips†make me too scared to even try! (hugs)
  2. i turn 18 on july 18th of this year. my mother is usually a nice person but she seemed angry and sort of exploded on me when i brought it up.
  3. thank you, i think thats the best option too!!! i'll try my best to get one..thank you for being so nice <3
  4. thank you for telling me that stuff! we do have medical insurance, but the last time i brought up something that one of my mental illnesses caused to my mother, she told me she was going to send me to the psychiatric hospital.
  5. i used to have a therapist, but i no longer do. i haven't talked to my family because when i told my mother about my intrusive thoughts (caused by my OCD) she threatened to send me to a psych ward.
  6. helloooo. i've suffered from paranoia nearly all of my life. i think the earliest memory i have of it was age 8 or 9. i think every stranger is after me and at school i have to turn the cameras on the computers around. i feel targeted by people who i don't even know. i think the government is always watching me. please don't call me weird for this. i just want some answers or maybe suggestions on what this could be. sometimes i get bouts of paranoia (paranoia attacks??) where i start hyperventilating and have to check my door and my windows and hide under my covers. again, please don't call me weird. i'm a 17 year old female, if that helps. thanks to any of those who answer!
  7. for years now, almost 3 years, ive randomely smelled smoke. my grandma had smoked since i had lived with her (almost 8 years) and ever since she stopped and even toward the end of her doing it i started to smell smoke when she wasnt even around. i'm at my dad's house right now and he smokes. the times i smell smoke has doubled and i can't get rid of the smell. it's made my life hell and i hate it. i don't know what this is or how to stop it. it's caused me to be afraid of breathing through my nose. EDIT: i want to add that i smell smoke every where i go. i'll smell it in the theater, outside at the pool, in the mall, in class, etc. this isn't just around these two.
  8. i got a permanent crown wbout...7 months ago. ive tried eating on it at least once everyday and it hurts. it feels like its putting pressure on my gums and like its digging into it or somthing. i can't explain it. it doesn't hurt when i bite down without anything in my mouth though.
  9. hello! this has been happening for as long as i can remember but whenever i get scared/worried i feel my muscles tense up but ESPECIALLY my ears/near my ears? and my stomach tumbles of course but i think that's normal. anyway, after all my muscles have relaxed and sometimes while my muscles are tensed my ears start to ring? i have no clue why. like i said, it's been happening forever but i always thought it was normal until a couple of my friends told me that never happened to them. anyone know what it could be? some say it's anxiety but i'd like some more opinions, please.
  10. i hope that worked well for you! i got mine out with rubbing alcohol and a quick wash afterward!
  11. it turns out that rubbing alchohol works wonders! it was just on the surface, luckily. thanks! <3
  12. hello! at school this mornin' i got red and white acrylic paint on my clothes. anyone have any tips for how to get it out? it'd help a lot. thanks!
  13. i just came back! the nurse was absent today of all days- but i did call my mom, who was a nurse for 20+ years. she said it could last for awhile and that's it's probably a nerve that's causing it. she wants to take a look at it so she's picking me up at 12:10. thanks so much for your advice! you've helped a lot <3
  14. alright- i'll go to the nurse's office right after i'm done with my work in this class-the teacher is pretty laid back, i'm sure he'll let me go now. i would, but my mom works night shifts so she's sleeping and my grandmother is at work. understood! thank you so, so much!
  15. i'm in class right now. i get home about about 5:00. i'll talk to them about it as soon as i get home. thank you!
  16. yikes. i guess it makes sense that there would be- i slept on it for 6 hours. thanks for the advice!
  17. hellllloooo! my wrist/hand has been asleep all morning and all i can conclude is that i slept on it. it's constant and i've tried pinching it, shaking it, moving it, etc and it still won't wake up. it really hasn't woken up at all since i woke up at 6:20. it's 10:16. anyone know how long this'll last? thanks to anyone that answers!
  18. hello! i asked something on the board yesterday but i've got a question thats been swirling in my head for awhile. i know that before you work your way up to being a detective you have to work as a cop first. i've heard some people say that is takes 3 years and i've heard some people say more or less. i just wanted to know if there's anyway i can shorten my years of working as a cop. i have basically no interest in working as one. does anyone know how? thank you!
  19. i've been doing a daily set of arm curls for almost a year now and i've started to do 100 a month or two ago. i took a break for about 2 weeks, and started again. this pain doesn't usually happen is all that i'm saying. i heard it from my mom, but she isn't a trainer, so.. thanks for the advice! i'll ask someone in that field soon.
  20. thank you! i'll ask if i can go to the doctor soon.
  21. i guess i should've considered that. a whole year?? woah. that sounds pretty bad.
  22. i'm glad to hear another person say it may be tendonitis. that's a relief. i'll try and see if i can convince my guardians to bring me. thank you <33333
  23. i really hope you're right. thank you for an answer so quickly <33
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