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  1. I haven't watched Mrs. Maisel yet but you might try Getting On (Alex Borstein is in that, too), Veep, or Schitt's Creek. Oh, and I forgot the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.
  2. Hi, Did you end up counting 1.5 credits for one semester of GB? I'm thinking of enrolling my daughter in GB1 next year and that sounds like something that would work fabulously for us. Thanks!
  3. This sounds a lot like my plan. We will stretch it out all year, award 1/2 credit, and throw in CPR/First Aid. Will CPR be listed as an extracurricular on the transcript? I also decided that I'm going to hold off on it until my daughter takes Biology next year.
  4. Yeah, I get an error when I try to access the website sometimes. It usually works when I hit refresh. Yes, it is the same teacher for all 3 classes. My daughter tends to struggle with science so I was hoping to find something that works...
  5. How did this class work out for your student? This course is on my list for 10th grade next year. Would you recommend it? Do you feel enough labs were done to consider this a Lab science for transcript purposes? TIA 🙂
  6. Hello everyone, How did the Honors English 1 class use the Easy Grammar book? Do parents grade, are pages scanned and uploaded, how do the quizzes work, etc? I am considering enrolling my 9th grader, but I'm not at all familiar with Easy Grammar.
  7. Were you able to complete a single level in one semester? I was thinking of having my daughter take a creative writing class one semester and completing EIW 9 in the other.
  8. My 9th grader is doing EP Spanish 1 with the convo class this year. Did you take this last year? Did you find the class to be beneficial? Thanks!
  9. Thanks Momto6inIN. I plan on purchasing for my DD to use this year as well. She will be in 9th grade.
  10. Those who used this, how did you like it? Did you award a whole credit for it or just a half?
  11. Hi Lori D., I hope this isn't hijacking a thread... This is only my first year homeschooling in Maryland (I homeschooled for 3 years in Virginia where all we had to do each year was submit a notice of intent, course of study, and standardized test scores). I don't want to spread bad information so thank you for taking the time to pick this apart. Based on your interpretation, it sounds like a good case for not being compelled to teach all 8 subjects all year, especially at the high school level. You're right, why should we have to do more than even the local high schools require to g
  12. Surely they don't make PS students take art, music, and health every single year of high school, do they? It makes sense for lower grades, and I know some high schools do require .5 credit of PE every year, but I've never heard of high schoolers being required to take art, music, and health all 8 semesters of high school. My thoughts exactly! I feel like it's a way to make homeschoolers jump through some extra hoops. I think depending on who does the portfolio review, we may be able to get away doing say, one semester of health and one of PE. At any rate though, yep, all 8 subje
  13. I know as homeschoolers we don't have to do what the local PS does, but I like having at least a baseline. I just thought I might add that per Maryland homeschool requirements, we must show evidence of having taught 8 subjects each year (both semesters, too): English, math, science, social studies, art, music, PE, and health. That said, I guess I would be well-suited to do what others here have done and spread my credits out over 4 years. For those who lump cumulative activities and coursework together in one year, do you denote that on the transcript? Or would that explanation be m
  14. Good to know. I was a bit concerned when I saw how young some of the other posters' kids were when they took the class. My daughter will be 14 when she takes it. Thanks for responding!
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