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  1. My ds17 is taking the Honors Calculus class here next year. It will be a new provider for us.
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  3. All of my kids had their first full time job as lifeguards and swim instructors the summer they were 16. A couple of them also worked 10-12 hours during their Junior and Senior years of high school doing the same job.
  4. How exciting! Hope you have an easy delivery!
  5. Please at least have her checked by a doctor. Two years ago, my friend's ds9 had swollen lymph nodes in his neck that would get better for a bit and then get worse again. I think this went on for about a year, and he was under a doctor's care during this time. Unfortunately, he had thyroid cancer. Sometimes, it is something serious.
  6. Thanks everyone. This post was from last year. Hopefully, others will benefit from your suggestions.
  7. Molly at Apple Support called here about 5 times yesterday and 3 times today - so far - to tell me I have a breach on my icloud account. I'm not using an icloud account. It's an irritating recording and a complete scam. I just want her to stop bothering me.
  8. We've ordered wooden bunk beds, wooden bar stools, and rugs. It was a good experience every time.
  9. My ds had the extra science section at the end, too.
  10. My ds just got home. He didn't have much to say about it. They had one 10 min break, and then they had a few minutes before the essay as others were turning in their tests. The second one was a stay in your seat not walk around break. He's glad to be free of thinking about it until the scores are released.
  11. My ds is taking it for the first time. He's a bit anxious, but then again, so am I!
  12. The workbook was assigned, and she was expected to self-check it. I mainly checked to see that my dd was doing it. The quizzes and tests were online. I think they were given 2 tries on the quizzes, and the scores were averaged. We did not have to scan and turn anything in. I did not do the recitation with her. There were no additional assignments that I can remember.
  13. My dd did Third Form Latin with Meredith Cutrer. She really liked her as a teacher and did well in the class. We had planned to do the Fourth Form class with her but did not sign up in time. My dd refused to take Fourth Form with any other teacher! I could not keep up with going over the new information with my dd towards the end of Second Form, so that is why I put her in the online class. The online class moves quickly, but it got her through the book. I wasn't really involved other than checking her grades weekly to make sure she was doing assignments and doing ok on the quizzes.
  14. I like to post in these threads and then check back later to see how much I changed from my original plan. Algebra 2 - probably Larson Intermediate Algebra Great Conversations 3 - WHA Spanish 2 - WHA Physics - planning on Clover Creek Some other writing - no idea yet Elective of some sort at our co-op
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