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  1. Thx for your reply Mergath. The video game thing is just one example unfortunately in a sea of thousands of outsourced jobs that would usually be in-house.
  2. North American students' decline in the maths and sciences is becoming more apparent. Standing at the top tier are nations from East Asia, leading us to ask if our education and performance is lacking some element that leads to success. Consistently outsourcing for products like video games to East Asian countries is on the rise, so what do we have to do to bring North America up to those high standards? Sites like StudyPug, Thinkific and a few others are decent still as they do simplify concepts so more students can understand but it's not good enough. The simplification of education has to be done on the ground level (Schools). We need more revolutionary thinkers like Sir Isaac Newton in North America. What can be done to bring such a dramatic change?
  3. 100% agreed with Walking-Iris. This is just a brilliant thread guys and thanks for keep it alive.
  4. Ya I am having the same issue :( - I hope it's fixed soon. Thx!
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