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  1. My 2 oldest kids (grades 5 & 7) are using it this year and really enjoying it. We are using the newest edition (so instead of "World Book" it uses "Journey to the Eastern Hemsiphere") and I love having a book as a spine instead of the computer, especially because they share it and work together to answer the questions on the notebooking pages. The missionary stories are fantastic. I proofread all the readers and I'm very glad I did. If you don't want to introduce other faiths and beliefs to your children, then do not do this core. A lot of the books have main characters who are decide
  2. I love this thread because this is the first year I'm not making him tag along with his older sister :) SIngapore Math alternating with Life of Fred Jump In for writing Easy Grammar He has been working through Phonetic Zoo for spelling but I think I'll just scrap spelling for next year Vocabulary Vine Winter Promise Sea and Sky for history and science although he'll still probably do the labs for Apologia General Science with his sister since he loves science Rosetta Stone French Not sure on a Bible curriculum yet...maybe Apologia's Who is God? Continue with
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