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  1. My first thought was Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. She lived in an upside down house 😁. Good luck with your decision making!
  2. Honestly, I'm ready for it to all happen now, but it would probably be better to have effective medications available in all areas before blowing the doors wide open.
  3. It's getting better all the time here. My kids are playing ball, pools are opening up, restrictions on churches has lifted, VBS starts next week, and very few people mask here (this may cause some people's heads on this forum to explode, ha ha). Not everything is back though. The annual Fourth of July event that takes place at a nearby national park is curtailing most of its activities to the point that we are probably not going to bother to attend. That was a real bummer because they had kids' games, reenactments, special speakers, a "saloon" to buy sarsaparillas, and other activities. The art camp my kids loved going to got canceled as well as Missoula Children's Theatre. There are probably lots of other things still not up and running that I can't think of at the moment, but I'm thankful for the things we can do and am plenty busy running kids to practices and games. ETA: One gigantic change that I forgot to add is that my husband will be losing his job next month because of the impact Covid19 has had on the economy, so we will be adjusting to another form of "normal" before long. They are closing down an entire branch that he works for, so it affects around 90 workers and their families. I will miss the steady income and really good health insurance. He has other work lined up, which, God willing, will be able to sustain us.
  4. I'm quoting myself because the other night I asked my husband what he as looking at on his phone and he told me he wanted to buy some throwing knives! I told him about my plans for Father's Day and had him order the set he wanted, but not tell the kids that he knew.
  5. In our state, after June 15 churches will no longer have restrictions. I think that's great.
  6. Just this week my mom, sister, and I traveled to Pawhuska, Oklahoma for a trip. Why Pawhuska? That's where Ree Drummond, aka "The Pioneer Woman" is from. We stayed two nights in The Frontier Hotel, ate at Ree Drummond's restaurants, shopped the downtown stores, and saw lots of bison at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. We even were able to go out to The Lodge, where Ree Drummond films her cooking show. It was a wonderful getaway. The food was delicious, people friendly, and weather perfect. I'm so glad we were able to go.
  7. I'd like to get my husband a set of throwing knives. That's something you probably haven't thought of, ha ha .
  8. although awkward at first, it was nice to do something that use to be so normal when meeting someone for the first time. The first person I asked if it was okay (he initiated it, but we were at his place of business and I didn't know what company policy was) and the other I didn't hesitate when he extended his hand to me. He is a neighbor and friend to my in-law's. I've read that hand shaking might die out after all this is over, but perhaps that won't be the case everywhere. I live in farm and ranch country. I'm not looking for a lecture on my actions; just interested what others think will happen to the future of hand shaking.
  9. I hope things work out well for you and good job setting up a boundary!
  10. I feel very much the same. I put off having babies and finished college (which took awhile with moving, changing majors, and taking a semester off) and have been mostly a sahm since our oldest was born. ETA: And, yes, smarter with money too!
  11. I have a few problems with you trying to chastise me. First, you don't know me and you make a lot of assumptions about my stance and surely you know what assuming does? 😆 Second, I'm well aware of a Christian's need to love each other. Well aware (this is where actually knowing me might come in handy). Third, God alone knows how this is going to play out. People can try to use collected data to project what can happen, but history has shown that those projections don't always pan out. Also, the media does an especially good job highlighting the bad and dare I saw these boards lately have followed their lead pretty well concerning covid19. Fourth, when I spoke about my security in my future, I was only talking about myself, not my friends, family, society, etc. I cannot save anyone, Jesus does that, but I can share the gospel and leave the rest to God. I definitely need work on being more bold with my faith. Thank you for that reminder. Fifth, have a good Sunday and remember that Jesus loves you 😊.
  12. Today was my first day back to our church at it felt so good to worship in person with fellow believers. We followed protocols set out by the state (spacing and pastors wearing masks besides when they are on stage). Singing took place and I don't know if anyone had a face covering on during the service, but covid19 cases are super low here (last I checked there was one active case in our low populated and large county). We're hoping restrictions keep lifting so that things like Sunday School, youth group, and vbs can resume next month.
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