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  1. I've used this recipe for several years.
  2. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Corner Gas are on Amazon.
  3. Viaero has been good for many rural parts of the Cornhusker state. We have used our phones as hotspots and can stream movies through it (we have unlimited data).
  4. Heartwood


    Growing up ticks were a normal annoyance, like mosquitoes. We just pulled them out, flushed them down the toilet and moved on. The spot where it attached would itch for a few days. Knowing about Lyme disease and West Nile now being here makes me a bit more concerned about bites, but I just try to monitor the spot and watch for symptoms.
  5. Give yourself grace. You're adjusting. I'm sorry about the clothes. I know that's frustrating. If it makes you feel any better, I have pants in many sizes. What's more important is that you have a healthy, non obsessive relationship with food and that you continue to stay away from the scale.
  6. I will be praying for you. I strongly encourage you to ditch the scale. You yourself said you were okay with gaining. It's the numbers that are messing with your head. You also wrote about getting back to your "comfort weight," but in that same sentence you admit it was when you were heavily restricting. That's not your comfort weight. Give yourself time to adjust. Be patient. Some days we eat better than others. Don't let the scale dictate your happiness. I'm serious about letting it go. My journey is not the same as yours, but not knowing what the scale says was the only way I could move forward. That's my trigger.
  7. Yes and yes. I read parts for my political science class in college. Excerpts were included in the book Social and Political Philosophy edited by John Somerville and Ronald E. Santorini. There were also pieces from Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau. Jefferson, Thoreau, Mill, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mussolini, Dewey, and Ghandi. We had some great discussions from this. I think dialogue would be very important to put things into perspective.
  8. I've done it in the past without it bothering me, but with this new job my husband has I don't want to anymore. It annoys me to think that I'm expected to do it. He's an adult. Whether he packs a lunch or goes hungry, I simply do not care anymore. I think this new line of thought extends from the fact that for the last several months he's been working out-of-state and being the primary caregiver has tapped me out. Maybe my attitude will shift when he's home more. What do you do?
  9. I've been doing intermittent fasting since December and the hunger the last four hours varies from day to day. I do drink hot tea during my fasting window and find it helpful. It's debatable whether or not that actually breaks a fast. I don't believe it does. You can read opposing views online. Fledge Fitness on YouTube is one who says it's okay. He has a lot of informative videos on intermittent fasting. People have also been successful doing intermittent fasting without keto too. It has worked for me, mostly by reducing the time I have for mindless eating, and I'm not a keto follower. Just wanted you to know you have options. Best wishes on your journey!
  10. Maybe talking to a registered dietician might help too. He or she could evaluate your diet. Maybe you need more daily calories or satiating foods. They can offer snack suggestions and meal plans. I think counselling is excellent too for underlying issues. This battle can be won. I'm praying for you!
  11. I was given the book option also, ha ha. I've had mine for years (it's on my wrist). It fluctuates in size and hasn't been a problem so far.
  12. I'm adding you to my prayer list :). I think it's awesome that you are stepping out in faith.
  13. We did it once in Vegas. Yes, they were pushy, but we knew we couldn't afford it. It was several hours before we got taken back to our hotel (they picked us up at our hotel and then took us to the time share place). They were not in a hurry to take the "losers" who didn't sign up back. If we ever did it again we would have an escape plan :).
  14. During the winter Eucerin does the trick for my dry skin.
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