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  1. They are full of sinners. Honestly, I think they should be free to determine how they want to run things (concerning masking) as well as all business owners. ETA: The first sentence is me being sarcastic.
  2. It’s just the separation of church and state 😁.
  3. Viruses are not, ha ha I think churches should be exempt.
  4. I read it as being frustrated with going above and beyond a health mandate/law (e.g. requiring a full body suit to attend class).
  5. Interesting. I also signed up on the Do Not Call registry. Maybe that’s why.
  6. Still chugging along. I’ve been thinking about which plan I want to do next year. I love reading through the Bible in a year. It’s the best approach for me to stay in the Word.
  7. Those pictures are sweetly spicy, but it’s the backstory that makes them truly great. Congratulations on a love rekindled.
  8. My mom made Pizza Quicks. They were hamburger buns topped with pizza sauce, hamburger, and mozzarella cheese. She would cook them under the broiler in the oven. I loved them. My husband and kids do not share that sentiment, ha ha.
  9. I only know of one business that does require it, besides the hospital and public schools. I think you have to at hair salons too (state requirement). The library use to, but now it’s optional.
  10. Thankfully there has never been a mask mandate where I live. I only mask when a business requires it. The majority of people here do not mask. Life is almost the same as it was before.
  11. I miss being able to carry my own bags in. Thankfully there are no surcharges here though. I might try putting everything in my cart and taking it out to my vehicle to load into my own bags. That was a good suggestion.
  12. I was defending BagelMcGruffin, not trying to make my own stance.
  13. I think I’ve said enough about the virus with you for now. I have pointed you back to what BagelsMcGruffin (or however she spells it) said and clarified, but you want to zero in on a certain point that I have no interest in discussing with you. Pick a bone with someone else. As for the mehs, I’m having fun throwing them in there after the discussions about people’s interpretations of the meaning of the word.
  14. Why don’t you go back and read all she had to say about it? I think she explains herself quite clearly and still cares about those who’ve suffered and died or, meh, don’t check it out.
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