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  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Your family is in my prayers.
  2. I don't know about feeling more invisible as I've aged. I think I agree with Mbelle about feeling it more strongly when my kids were little. As to people not saying anything about your weight loss, I'm sorry. Cheers to the new, healthier you! I will say that I'm more hesitant to say things to others because of an experience I had many years ago with a woman I knew. I saw her at a fitness center in the exercise pool and could tell she had lost a significant amount of weight. I approached her and said something about it to which she replied she had breast cancer and asked me to pray for her. She died a few months later. I learned that we never know what others are going through when they lose weight. It could be a healthy lifestyle change, sickness, or stress.
  3. To the bolded, yes, I mark when I read, but my system isn't as elaborate (I didn't have enough colors 🙂 ). I use red for when God speaks, blue with things that deal with the Holy Spirit or baptism, green for things I want to apply to myself, and black for all else. A good friend gave me some colored mechanical pencils that she uses for marking in her Bible so now I can incorporate more colors/meanings if I want. I had a Bible study leader that loved Kay Arthur's method, but it never clicked with me.
  4. I was intimidated by it at first, but have really liked reading so much of His word. I'm a slow learner and want to understand the connections between scripture. Reading it over and over helps me to do that. Maybe in another ten years I'll have a better grasp, ha ha. Chronological is an approach I have found beneficial. The linear approach to history clicks with my brain and you get to see God's plan for a Savior unfold.
  5. This past year I have managed to do Dr. Horner's plan (I have missed a few days). I was thinking about continuing it for another year, but a group is doing the M'Cheyne study this next year so I'm tempted to do it with them. I've done that one before and enjoyed it as well. What are your plans?
  6. I have done it for a little over a year now without pairing it with any specific eating plan and have lost a noticeable amount of weight that needed to go (I don't weigh myself). I roughly follow a 17:7 plan. As a sahm it can be challenging, but only if I don't eat more filling foods during my window. Dr. Jason Fung has a lot of good information about the benefits of fasting. It definitely isn't for everyone, but has worked well for me.
  7. I love this lasagna recipe. It's the one I always use.
  8. Sonlight for History, Apologia for Science, and Artistic Pursuits for Art are all things I have used.
  9. I've been doing intermittent fasting for almost a year and have had success in losing weight. My snacking was a problem too. I like using this approach verses counting calories or following a specific diet, plus there are other health benefits besides weight loss when we fast. Type two diabetes is in my family history, so increasing my insulin sensitivity is important to me. My occasional issues with heartburn actually went away, but my eating window starts in the morning because I like breakfast so I don't have a full stomach in the evenings. The 16:8 model is the one I follow.
  10. The curriculum I ordered was Foerster's! It does have enough review and things have been going a lot better.
  11. I think you've gotten excellent advice. OCD makes sense to me when I think back to when I was really struggling. It can really take over our thoughts. Please stop weighing yourself. The scale is not your friend, yet we can base how we feel about ourselves by what it says. Just stay away from it. I'll be praying for you. Keep fighting. Keep searching to find your path to freedom from the this stronghold.
  12. I don't know about any big hits as I use the same curricula each year (okay, I will say my kids love Sonlight History and Read-Alouds, but we've been using it for years). I do have one big miss. Horizons Pre Algebra isn't cutting it. It's so disappointing because I have been using Horizons Math since pre-k, but it's lack of explanations at this level are really frustrating. I have to use something else. The loss of time and money is bothersome and I wish I had done more research before investing in it. A new curriculum has been ordered and I look forward to ditching this and starting afresh.
  13. I've used this recipe for several years.
  14. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Corner Gas are on Amazon.
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