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  1. Ankle booties are what I normally wear with skinnies. I also like Converse, Vans, and ballet flats (depending on what too I'm wearing).
  2. My four kids have been in school five days, as well. The only one who likes it is the 9th grader. My 7ty grader doesn't hate it - he just prefers homeschooling and would gladly go back to it. My 4th grader doesn't like the long days and misses our curriculum and doing things together. My 1st grader likes it okay, but misses being home and having more play time. As each day goes by, they're realizing it's not exactly what they envisioned! And I am, too. I MISS homeschooling. I feel like I have stepped out of God's will for my life. I prayed about it, but I more or less made the decision for ME and because I was pressured by the kids. I really can see us homeschooling again - SOON. After this first 9 weeks, we are going to reevaluate. I don't like the things I'm seeing and hearing about the kids are school. 4th graders flipping people off, 7th graders using the F word and so forth. My kids are not used to that behavior from kids. (We do have grown relatives who curse - not the F word - but never kids). My five year old and I don't know what to to work our time. We do his school, read books, visit the library, clean, play outside, sure....but when you're used to having lots of playmates, it's quite a shock. I regret putting them in already. 😟
  3. Chocolate chip or blueberry muffins, applesauce, puddings, jello, yogurt, banana bread, chili in thermos with Fritos for chili pie, salad....
  4. I would definitely not do all of it in one day. I would maybe do math and logic puzzles and books on Monday, play a geography game on Tuesday (scrambled states of America or where in the world - my kids like to play both), and read a chapter in story of the world on Wednesday and Friday, with maybe a quick activity one day. I'd also like to have a read aloud, maybe one for the older group and one for the younger group. I for sure don't want to burn them out. I'm not sure yet how the math and English is yet on the school, but so far it's looking light.
  5. I just put my four older kids in Public school, 9th, 7th, 4th and 1st grades. I am already missing homeschool, although I know it's only been a few days. I am considering after schooling them a bit because I may decide to homeschool again next year, possibly even after Christmas break. I am curious, how much is too much? How much do you expect? My 9th grader is the only one who has homework so far, so I can't really see how much time that will take. Here is what I was thinking if doing: 1st grader - continuing with the phonics and reading portion of my father's world 1st grade (shouldn't take more than 20 minutes) and the math portion (maybe 5-10 minutes) 4th, 7th, 9th graders - Story of the World, geography games, math and logic puzzles, current events, and a read aloud (aiming for 30 minutes, 3 days a week) 4th grader -maths flashcards nightly (5 minutes) We do Bible time every night already. I read a chapter or two and we discuss and pray, sometimes sing. Does after schooling make kids sick of learning? I just can see where some things will be lacking in public school and want to keep the gaps filled.
  6. We tried BJU 7 and 9. It was hard. There were so many problems. The type was small. My cousin who is an algebra teacher at public schools looked at my daughter's 9th grade algebra 1 book and said it was college level. We dropped it.
  7. They all four love it. They had a great three days. I was surprised that each of them like it. I don't know how I feel though! My five year old and I had some long days. We didn't know what to do with ourselves! After cleaning the whole house, doing his school, and playing outside, we just kind of looked at each other. He kept saying he missed the kids and let's go pick up the kids and stuff like that. Hopefully it will get better for us. I have time for some more Kindergarten activities, just need to plan some!
  8. I feel like it was the right decision. I prayed about it, but my husband isn't crazy about them going to school. He would prefer they be homeschooled all the way through. My 7th grader is playing football though, and my husband has seen how happy it has made him. But this morning, he kept telling me how sad it was they were going to school... So it made me sad.
  9. Yes, it was a surprise in some ways. I had been considering it for a while. I was so overwhelmed homeschooling 5 different age groups, and my high schooler has really wanted to go to public. We have talked it over off and on for over a year. I just felt like it needed to happen now since she is starting high school. And I gave my others the option of going, and the four older ones wanted to go, too. So - they did. :-)
  10. And it's bittersweet. I don't know what I'm going to do with my time. I do have a kindergartner still home with me. I am so worried about them right now! Ugh! When will I quit worrying? They are 9th, 7th 4th and 1st grades. Maybe say a prayer for them?
  11. I like Gymboree and Crazy 8. Not expensive, but good quality clothes. (GYMBOREE is better than Crazy 8, but both good). They're stylish without being too growny looking.
  12. I don't believe you can blame slavery in all of the problems black people have today. Slavery was wrong, don't get me wrong. I do not think in any way it was right or good. It was horrible. But black poverty today is not a result of slavery. I was born and raised in rural Louisiana. I see black poverty right along with white poverty. I see successful black people right along with successful white people. It's a mindset, a lifestyle, not a reprecussion from slavery. And reverse discrimination bothers me just as much as racism.
  13. You really cannot compare WWII with the civil war. Hitler tried to exterminate an entire race of people, killing millions purposefully. The Civil War was the south trying to win it's freedom. The south didn't try to exterminate all the black people. Slavery was wrong, yes! But you're comparing apples to oranges here.
  14. I also enrolled my 9th, 7th, 4th and 1st grader this year. It was a hard decision, and I'm still trying to come to terms with it. The kids are excited and start next Wednesday. I still have my Kindergartner I'll be homeschooling, so I'll be able to so fun stuff and concentrate on him.
  15. What about the Lemeney Snicket series? My 14 year old daughter loves them. (Series of unfortunate events). The I Survived series are cool. True survival stories from children.
  16. I get them with little to no symptoms. Pelvic pain is the only symptom I get, if any.
  17. We will be moving there temporarily for my husband's job next week (until January). I'm curious of anyone lives near there and if there are any homeschool group/co-ops around ??
  18. I have semi-frizzy, wavy hair. I usually wash it in the morning, let it air dry, and spray it with OUAI wave spray (from Sephora - $26). It always looks like cute beach waves. The wave spray tames the frizz and works really, really well. Maybe once a month I straighten my hair for church or a night out, but I almost always use my wave spray. I fix my hair for myself mainly - I am so much more productive with make up, fixed hair, and actual clothes on (no yoga pants or sweats). That's just me though! :-)
  19. Thanks! I can't wait to get a little time to browse through these!
  20. I definitely have self educated myself. I read voraciously, I am always researching topics for my kids school work, I love watching documentaries and informative shows, I have learned more in ten years of homeschooling my kids than eleven years of attending public school. Anytime I have a homeschool mom say to me that she thinks she won't be able to homeschool in middle or high school, I always suggest self education! It's so worth it!
  21. I was in the schools "gifted and talented" program, as well. *I* know I'm smart enough to homeschool my kids, and I love how much I learn by doing it! I have thought about going to CC, but I don't know if I want to give up my "free" time right now. :-)
  22. Thank you for the encouragement! My 9th grader is doing consumer math this year, so I can do algebra this year! That way I'll be prepared to help her next year. Would you recommend teaching textbooks algebra for me? Or something else?
  23. We LOVE leftovers. All you have to do is add a little milk to something like Mac and cheese, or butter to pasta, or extra sauce, before reheating. It keeps food from drying out. We are major leftover eaters. I like them for lunch the next day.
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