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  1. I think you can use it as an excuse every time & that it sounds perfectly reasonable to say that. Something along the lines of I have to be careful what I eat, otherwise I pay for it type of thing. Nobody can really argue with that & it's something that would ring true (it is true) all the time. No need to worry about overusing it as an excuse (even w/ people w/ whom you have a tense relationship). I think a large part is planning ahead (just like you're doing with this thread) -- things to say, foods to eat or not eat, snacks/food to eat ahead of time or take with you, etc. Best wishes for success & happiness during these times. Re: tempting sweets being around your house a lot when people bring them over at the holidays. Could you stick them in the freezer? That way, if anyone wants some, they have to defrost it first. Maybe, for you, that would be enough to stop or reduce the eating of those items? (Please ignore this advice if not helpful.)
  2. Well, the real question is which study did the chiropractor use for the data? 😁 (Currently we have a bow on our tree. It's because this year we're using a set that my dd got from her grandmother. Often, we have no tree topper that we use. I have two beautiful snowmen glass toppers, but both are really too tall to fit properly on top of our tree. And the "tube" on the bottom of each is really too narrow to fit over the top branch. Next year, I'm going to have to see about rigging up a way to tie/clamp/otherwise attaching one based on some comments in this thread.)
  3. Not too long ago, I went to a concert of singer Sarah Aili. I ended up getting a bracelet from her. The cool thing is that the beads on it spell out "My Heart is Listening" in Morse Code. It's pretty & unique, imo. In a newsletter I received from her, she said, " *In your note at purchase, please include the name of the person you're gifting and I'll send along a handwritten note as well!" http://www.sarahaili.com/store
  4. I've been vegetarian for decades & have moved to being mostly vegan (whole foods, plant based, little to no added oils) recently (due to huge cholesterol issues which this style of eating has helped w/ a ton). My favorite places for good-tasting, easy to make recipes: https://cleanfooddirtygirl.com/ https://monkeyandmekitchenadventures.com/ I have tried plenty of recipes from other sites & had varying amounts of success (in producing the recipe, the taste, etc.). The two I linked have consistently given me doable, tasty results. (I actually subscribe to the meal plans from the Clean Food Dirty Girl website because I'm not a cook & hate all the planning & such that goes along w/ it.)
  5. I laughed too. I think my most liked review on GR is one of my most scathing, one-star ones.
  6. For my mom, sometimes drinking a very strong cup of black coffee helps.
  7. If you are creative, you could make some kind of "treasure hunt" to find the gift(s) from Santa, making the process take longer & be more fun but with fewer items total in the end. Make it be cooperative, maybe have a different consumable item with each or some of the clues, then a gift for each at the end or a "big" gift or two that would be shared among them.
  8. For those who like Red Bubble, you might also like Society6. I have bought some duvet covers from them, as well as a t-shirt. society6.com
  9. @Lady Florida., hope your ds is ok now that he's home & the adrenaline rush is over. If he can take something like ibuprofen, he might want some tomorrow. (I had a wreck when I was about his age; the car was pretty mangled but I was ok. But, oh did I hurt the next day or two. At the time, I never really took any medicines, so it never occured to me to take something. In retrospect, it would have been helpful as the stiffness & soreness set in the next day.)
  10. A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote
  11. What big box store was this? I really need to pass this info onto my sister. (Hoping it's Costco as she shops there. Lol.)
  12. Me too. Up until exactly this point, I'm thinking it's pads & tampons "arrayed" like a spray of flowers. Duh. Spray cans. That is a horrifyingly funny gift. I need to tell my sister about it for a wild Xmas party she attends. It would be perfect!!!
  13. I'm sorry, Kathy. Give your ds a hug from me. I know it was scary but I commend him for swerving to avoid the animal -- it shows his true kindness at heart. I am relieved for all of you that your ds is ok.
  14. A longshot... looking for a digital Christmas-themed watch. Must be a digital face, not an analog one. Can't seem to come up w/ the correct search terms or it doesn't exist. Anyone???
  15. Yes. But they often have many different styles of stuff you can order (classic fit tee, tri-blend, women's style, etc...) so select the style that matches the type of shirt you most often wear. Years ago my dc ordered me a tee from them & got too small of a size in a women's style. Red Bubble was very nice & awesome about exchanging it for the proper size. We tend to order the classic tees, the tri-blends, or various hoodies.
  16. I'll second RedBubble. We've been ordering tees and hoodies from them for years. Also saw this tonight:
  17. Lol. An extra outfit is always good. Traveling many years ago (when my ds was about 6 or so), we had an orange juice issue on the way (oj can get into your underwear??? 🤣) & a Pepsi issue on the way home for an international flight. The Pepsi issue happened during boarding so it would have been a very long flight indeed without something clean & non-sticky to put on. I realize he was 6, but spills can happen to anyone, especially with turbulence.
  18. This. I make sure the one day of clothing includes a long-sleeve jacket or pullover or something I can use on the plane when I get chilly. Plus Dramamine or Bonine. And a small paperback crossword puzzle book. I love to read but can't really concentrate on reading while flying. A crossword puzzle book works because I can do it in short spurts.
  19. Italian Wedding Cookies Chocolate-dipped Pretzels Buttermilk Biscuits Saw the mention upthread of homemade salsa & chips. I would love that too!
  20. Yes. Thank you for remembering! (Don't have pierced ears, though....)
  21. If you are into researching historical and genealogical records, USCIS is proposing a 492% fee increase for searches of the USCIS Genealogy Program. You can leave public comments before December 16. https://medium.com/@CleverTitleTK/records-not-revenue-4f331fe2a35f https://www.regulations.gov/comment?D=USCIS-2019-0010-0001
  22. Horror books aren't necessarily unique, but this tweet from Valancourt Books made me lol. 🤣 (And I do recommend Valancout Books. They specialize in reprinting rare, neglected, & out-of-print fiction of various genres.)
  23. My usual: Books Bird seed Running socks I'll give more info on books as I know we have bookish people reading.... A signed copy of Paperbacks from Hell by Grady Hendrix (I know dd has already ordered this for me) and an associated five-book subscription from Valancourt Books. 😂 And I would also love either a book subscription to And Other Stories OR the books they published in 2018 as they were the only publishers who rose up to Kamila Shamsie's challenge of publishing books written only by women in 2018.
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