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  1. I recently joined a gym (I'm not an athletic person at all) & have to say that I love walking on a treadmill (& the rowing machines, along w/ various weight machines). Tried the elliptical & about keeled over in 2 or so minutes. I do get motion sickness, and the elliptical made me feel motion sick rather quickly. Maybe I'm just highly uncoordinated. :o I've heard that ellipticals are more kind to the knees, though I'm planning on sticking w/ a treadmill. Is there a sports equipment place near you where you could go try out some ellipticals vs. treadmills before buying?
  2. Seconding this. We ordered our tickets through their discount broker a year ago when we went -- no problems, tickets arrived quickly, and they were cheaper than we could have gotten them at the gate. Have fun! :) (Oh & my kids were dying to go to Blizzard Beach -- after we got there -- and it would have been soooo much better if I had included that in our tickets that I bought ahead of time. Just Blizzard Beach for one adult, 2 kids w/ at the gate prices was over $100 -- OUCH! Live & learn, huh? :o There's a cool putt-putt place next to it, though. LOL.)
  3. "Alexander the Great" from the "Kids Who Ruled" series by McGraw Hill Publishing. I originally bought this book (plus the 2 others in the series) from bookclosouts. Fun book; would be good for the age of your children, I think. http://www.amazon.com/Alexander-Great-Jackie-Gaff/dp/1577685539/ref=sr_11_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1205199067&sr=11-1 I think this is the Usborne one you mentioned (?): http://www.amazon.com/Alexander-Great-Famous-Lives-Books/dp/0794508693/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1205199386&sr=1-1 We have other biographies from this series & have enjoyed them.
  4. Nice windchime for outside. Galileo thermometer -- these used to be super-expensive, but I think you can get a nice one these days for $30-$40. One of the most unique things we got as a wedding gift was an assortment of movie videos (from a movie-buff coworker) -- kind of fun & unique. Or, you could send some music cds as a variation on this. I'd say no on picture frames & vases too. We just got way too many of them. Someone mentioned a very basic cookbook -- Fannie Farmer's cookbook is great for that (my mom gave me one, lol). I won't admit how many times I had to look
  5. I know I've seen these topics discussed on the old forums (maybe here too & I missed it?), but I'm trying to revamp our schedule/plan a little bit & both of these ideas are intriguing to me. I've had a bit of a struggle this year rolling juggling 2 kids & still haven't hit my stride, I think. I'm looking for ways to help keep one child on track when I'm working w/ the other one. I'm thinking folder work would fit the bill pretty well. Maybe fill it w/ some additional worksheets, like math practice, copywork, logic or other pencil puzzles, etc.... Any ideas what to include or h
  6. One more (that I just heard about this week): Spirit of Grace homeschool group (part of St. Ann's Catholic Church) http://www.soghomeschool.com/Default.aspx
  7. Here's what I'm probably going to order very soon: http://www.handleonthearts.com/shop/index.html?osCsid=3947cc1155e4760d7d0b50a695d428bd I actually asked on the boards about this the other week: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9583&highlight=handle+arts
  8. I was just going to recommend 'The Beekeeper's Apprentice', lol. I would like to read the others in the series, but haven't yet. Last year, I read (and absolutely adored) 'Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress' by Dai Sijie. This is a book for people who love books. It is so charming & well-told. And, for a completely zany read (that was also lots of fun), try 'The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear' by Walter Moers. I bought it on a whim last year for myself & thoroughly enjoyed it -- it was a nice, fun, zany break from 'heavier' reading. If you're ever looking for someth
  9. Not totally sure yet -- still pondering lots of things & making a list of items I'd like to see at the hs curriculum fair that's coming up.... Next year, we'll be doing 5th & 2nd. So far... Math: MUS for both Grammar: GWG for oldest; may use it w/ younger too (I'm trying FLL w/ him this year but it doesn't seem to be a great fit w/ him) Handwriting: copywork/dictation for my oldest (she is finishing HWT's 5th grade/cursive book now); HWT w/ younger Composition/Writing: still pondering -- considering IEW, maybe Classical Writing (Aesop B or Homer???), maybe Writing Tales -- s
  10. They will love it, esp. if they love 'tongue in cheek' humor. Also, fyi, there is a neat toy store across the street from where the tour starts. It is Magic Mouse Toys -- they have a lot of neat & fun things that appeal to many ages. :-)
  11. In the past, I know the Charleston Symphony has done a fund-raiser where they sold raffle tickets to win a car. The tickets were $100 each, and limited to a fairly small # sold -- around 500, I think. The car was a nice, sports car of some sort. Maybe these days, a hybrid might be a nice option. :) If you had an 'in' at a car-dealership where you could get a slight discount on a decent car, this would be a fairly quick, easy way to get most or all of you $$ in a lump sum. Figured I would toss this idea out there, just in case it might be viable for your area.
  12. Cool! Bet he was excited, huh? We're in the process of redoing my ds' room -- nice to know about the Lego storage -- we needs tons of that around here. Love the idea of using the magnetic tins for the Lego guys; I think we'll borrow that ideas as my ds loves his Lego guys. The room looks great. :)
  13. Yes, that was a pretty cool & fun tour (did it the last time I was there). Drink coffee. Buy flowers at Pike Place Market. Ride the ferry. Go to Mt. Ranier. It is so gorgeous, it's breathtaking. Snoqualmie Falls is kind-of neat. Plus, there are some old trains & such in the old town of Snoqualmie, if you're into that. (Maybe someone from there could give more info...). I know there's a ton more I'm not thinking about right now, lol. I love it out there & jump at the chance to visit whenever I can.
  14. I was looking at the IEW site today, trying to find the video clips that they used to have on there for the SWI. For some reason, I can't find the link anymore. Can someone point me to the correct place? Thanks!
  15. LOL. I feel your pain. When dd was younger, she was terrified of Santa. We had to promise her that he would not step foot in the house; she grudgingly agreed that it would be ok if Rudolph came in while Santa waited outside. Still, on Christmas morning, she didn't want to come downstairs for fear that either Rudolph or Santa was still in the den. Rudolph was the gift-giver for years. For some reason, the Easter Bunny was never an issue. Go figure.
  16. Well, if you're meaning the 'Easter Bunny' type stuff, we usually do a few small items. I don't keep or use traditional Easter Baskets -- too bulky and wasteful, at least in our house. Once, I got very cute rice bowls for each child (pale yellow w/ little cats in the design), then added a few good chocolates to each one (my kids are spoiled to the expensive chocolates, lol). Plus, they usually get a book or two. These things are sitting at their place at the kitchen table when they come down. Another time, I got a set of 4 small wooden serving dishes (each is probably about 3"x3"x1") &
  17. Oh, and don't forget chapstick w/ sunblock. W/ the ocean water & the breezes (not to mention the glare of the sun reflecting off the water), your lips will thank you.
  18. You might want to look into getting a few pieces of sunblocking clothing -- stuff like bathing suit coverups & such. Sometimes that's easier than constantly slathering on sunscreen (which I hate doing, even though I'm fair-skinned).
  19. I look up which vendors will be there. Then, I make a list of the vendors I definitely want to visit & make sure to get to their booths first. I find this to be a great way to preview curriculum I'm interested in. If you're planning to buy, many vendors offer free shipping if you buy during the convention. Also, know that numerous vendors often carry the same items (for example, the Explode the Code workbooks or the Beautiful Feet guides). So, you may want to take a pad of paper w/ you to jot down which vendor had the item at which price, if you're looking for something specific &
  20. The Dangerous Book for Boys or The Daring Book for Girls. Gave my nephew (6th grader) the boy one last fall for his birthday & he still is using/talking about it. Dd (4th grade) got the girl one this winter & loves it. She & her cousin have comparied the 'essentials' lists & so on from the books. Lots of fun, imo.
  21. Wow, your home sounds much like ours in the 'homebody-ness' of it, except my kids are a little older (6 & 9). I've mused a lot on the same things you bring up. My kids are playing right now, out in the back yard together & often play together like that for at least a few hours every day. We have chosen to limit outside activities to one of our choosing (Dutch class for our dd) and one of their choosing (horse-riding for dd). My ds is not yet in Dutch class (we're still on the fence about it) & he is not very interested in trying a group activity at this point (though we di
  22. You may be surprised at what he chooses, lol. I'm sure he'll pick what's most interesting to him. And, as others have said, it's a great way for kids to learn decision-making skills. You could help him make a pros/cons list if he's having trouble choosing.
  23. Thank you! Hooray -- I'm glad to hear from at least one person who has seen this in real life. LOL. I'm considering this w/ my 6yo & 9yo (soon to be 7 & 10). How is retention? Do the kids enjoy the program? Do you feel it's worth the investment of $, esp. for a single family vs. a co-op? I'm not sure which program I'd pick. I was thinking of going ahead & getting the Apprentice Arts, starting now until summer & then finish it in the fall. After that, I was thinking of getting the Time Traveler one, which would fit in well at some point next year as we're planning to do
  24. Hoping to hear from anyone who has used this program. Thanks!
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