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  1. Maybe look in the party section at Party City (or similar) for clackers (so they can use them when cheering on teammates) or mini-pom-pom type things? Squeeze/stress balls to keep themselves busy while waiting? Water or gatorade bottles with a cute personalized label taped over the regular label? Holiday or winter hair/pin/necklace/light-up accessory like you could find at a dollar store?
  2. Seconding Terry Pratchett (esp. Wee Free Men). How about a non-fiction book? Pink Boots and a Machete by Mireya Mayor. Inspiring, funny, & entertaining. It's a fun book.
  3. So much heartbreak... http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-42122809 Eta: Updated news link and title.
  4. Wow. I hope this all reminds us to be better people.
  5. I doubt most people would do that because I assume most have good manners. And, if you like coffee, you will drink coffee however it is served (most of the time anyway). I think everyone is just stating their individual preferences but wouldn't hold a non-coffee-drinking host to those standards. (Heck, my dad has a really old coffee maker that doesn't have auto-shut-off, so he makes it & lets it sit all day long. But, if I want coffee when over there, that's what I drink. It's fine. Not as great as what I fix at home but it meets my coffee need at the time.) I'm not a tea drinker,
  6. I think it's nice you want to offer your guests coffee, but not necessary. I'm a coffee drinker but will drink whatever the hosts offer. If you do decide to offer coffee, I think a small drip machine might fit the widest variety of people, plus be the easiest for you to set-up & use for serving -- set it up once, brew the coffee, & then multiple cups of hot coffee are available. (In fact, just point to the machine & supplies & ask one of your coffee-drinking friends to set it up for you when they're over. That way they can determine the strength of the coffee, how much is b
  7. I saw two bald eagles yesterday. I rarely see them "in the wild" (here in our suburban area). They were lovely.
  8. Science Party Mini-Buttons? Science Party Laboratory Notepads? Science Party Test Tube Favor Containers? Science Party Stress Characters? Nose Pencil Sharpeners? (Plenty of germs in there, right? :laugh: ) Not sure if these would work for your class, but some reward ideas here. You could order personalized pencils of some sort...
  9. BaW friends, if my posts have ever caused offense or hurt, I apologize. I will bow out now.
  10. Coffee shop or dessert place Symphony Opera Comedy club Play Ballet Concert Sporting event (even local high school stuff) Holiday event (lights at Christmas, haunted house, etc.) 24-hour diner Tapas bar Events at local colleges/universities (museums, speeches, etc.) Truck stops (lol -- my sister always finds the most and weirdest stuff to buy at truck stops) Putt-putt/mini-golf Arcade Carnival or fair
  11. For the dc: bratwurst I cooked in the crock pot today w/ black beans, corn, & a southwest seasoning mix, served with rice. For me: leftovers (eggplant parmesan) from when we ate out a few days ago.
  12. Glad you are being understanding & willing to change his wardrobe, sheets, etc... to cotton or other natural fibers. It makes a huge difference. I echo much of what has already been said here. I usually stick to cotton or wool if possible. I have some bamboo socks I like. I can wear some blends in pants, but really need my tops to be cotton or wool.
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