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  1. Keep an extra charging cord for your phone in your vehicle (in case you end up getting stuck somewhere you hadn't planned on being like a hospital or elsewhere). Minimizing what you own helps with streamlining. Store stuff where you would look for it (not where it "should" be stored). If you have a weird or unusual location for something, that's fine. Otherwise, if you store it in the "proper" place (i.e., that's where most people store the item), you'll never remember where you stored it. (This is a tip from the woman who does the A Slob Comes Clean blog & books.) I launder things together (tees, jeans, towels, etc.). We don't have anyone who does anything exceptionally dirty so there's no need. I don't see that it reduces the life of the item. I do love the color catcher sheets. Store things you use together, together. I use my coffee pot everyday. The cabinet shelf above it holds the coffee, the mugs, the small spoons. The grinder & the water pitcher sit on the cabinet next to the coffee maker. Freedom Filer system (which I'm pretty sure I saw recommended on these WTM boards years ago). I hate filing & paperwork, but this has made it a lot less painful. I burn papers instead of shredding them. So much faster. (Fireplace or burn pit. I just put them in a small paper bag & keep it with the wood.) Our recycling "bin" in the house is just a brown paper bag. When it gets full, the whole thing gets tossed in the recycle bin that gets rolled out to the street. Keep my purse emptied out & use a small purse. I hate lugging stuff around & try to keep it minimal. Years ago, I said if it couldn't go in the washing machine or dishwasher, I didn't want to own it. I've basically stood by that motto & it helps keep stuff from coming in & it makes keeping the items clean easy enough. A tip I saw years ago & was helpful when I had littles if they were sick -- make up the bed with two layers, so a bed pad, fitted sheet, another bed pad, another fitted sheet. That way if there's an accident in the middle of the night, the little one doesn't have to stand around while you strip & remake the bed. Just pull off the top layer set & the child can get back into bed right away. Use the library as much as I can, rather than owning thousands of books. Also, make use of the "holds" & "suspend holds" system to manage how many books I get at a time. ----- I would love tips on storing reusable water bottles. We have quite a few, use them all the time (at home & when out & about). They're too tall to store in my normal cabinets, roll around when sideways. I leave the tops off so they don't trap any moisture inside & have them in a lower cabinet but it just seems a mess & a pain. (I have some lesser used items behind them but I either knock over bottles trying to get to them or have to pull a bunch out.) Any ideas or solutions? I have seen the idea of storing them stacked in magazine holders, but I'm not convinced that's the right solution for us....
  2. I'm sorry. Sending hugs your way.
  3. https://humanlibrary.org/ https://twitter.com/Back_dafucup/status/1398138598633791489?s=20
  4. I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned in this thread, but I definitely recommend reading When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by Patrisse Khan-Cullors & Asha Bandele. Wow. Just eye-opening. I don't really know what to say about it other than to recommend reading it. Starred review from Publishers Weekly:
  5. And, if you know of someone who needs a life alert/medical alert system for an elderly/disabled family member or friend, check out the Medical Alert System from Costco. (I believe the one she got is the $80 system that includes 3 months of service.) https://www.costco.com/medical-alert-systems.html My friend got one for her mom recently. This morning at 5am, I got a call from them because they couldn't get in touch w/ the primary contact (& I was the back-up). All was well in the end, but I can tell you that their system works.
  6. Very practical: Reminder to keep up &/or add more smoke detectors to your house. We have smoke detectors but I just ordered a few more. And don't forget carbon monoxide detectors too. [Folks we have known 20 years had their house burn down last week. Fortunately the three people inside got out (one needed skin grafts) & after a few days, their cat showed up again (she was indoor/outdoor).]
  7. It's not a dryer. It's a portal.
  8. Rationally, in their theology, God made them naked. And even though Adam and Eve "messed up" things for humankind, God is still making people naked.
  9. 😲 Ok. Wow. That's different. I'm not sure I had heard of that. Smh.
  10. Atlanta also has multiple UU churches. I think one of them is one of the largest in the US.
  11. Thanks for the clarification re: him being infallible when interpreting doctrine. That is what I understood but didn't say very well. I do wonder if there will be a shift or split coming (not immediately but are the seeds being sown?), similar to what is going on in various Protestant denominations.
  12. I had wondered about that as I have seen statements over the past few years and was surprised because I thought the Pope was supposedly the infallible leader of the (Western) Catholic church? Protestant churches having dust-ups over leadership doesn't seem that strange or out-of-the norm to me; unusual maybe but it does happen. But Catholics? I had thought (at least in my younger years) they toed the line for the Pope.
  13. The article indicated it was likely this megachurch will be in the separate conservative branch, if and when it happens. So I guess that will be one big moneymaker in the group. https://religionnews.com/2021/04/26/prominent-atlanta-area-church-leaves-united-methodist-church-over-pastors-reassignment/
  14. The article said he had been there since 2016 as pastor. I don't know if he was there prior to that (in some other position), but I do know it has been a megachurch for about 20 years, if not more. Megachurches, no matter the denomination, seem to be a whole 'nother thing. I am not sure how they typically fit into their hierarchical structures....
  15. I recently read about this upcoming split (vote to be next year) because a large/megachurch in a major metro area just decided to disaffiliate with the main Methodist group. They say that it's because their pastor was told to reassign without warning (to a position on the race and reconciliation group), but the pastor doesn't want to leave his current position (in it since 2016), so he and this huge church are just breaking away. To me, it seems like there may be more there than grumpiness over a reassignment so I will be interested to see if they join the breakaway group once it is formed ("new, conservative “traditionalist” Methodist denominations. Churches and conferences would be able to vote to join those new denominations and take their properties with them.") I don't know much about Methodist set-up but I was pretty shocked to read about a pastor and his megachurches (2 locations) just quickly deciding to "leave", especially with these plans already in the works for the denomination at large.
  16. And my Dutch way is different from the video (probably because it's more of a Belgian/Flemish version...?)
  17. Now that I am learning about Salisbury, I really need to know how you pronounce Gouda. I say: hoe-dah (similar to/like the Dutch pronunciation). Honestly, if I ask for it, most folks look at me like I have 2 heads, seem confused, and eventually ask me if I want goo-duh (or sometimes go-dah). 😄
  18. I'm like the dude in the long-sleeved green jacket. Lmao.
  19. I just have to echo almost every word of this except I was brought up in SBC traditon and also now consider myself agnostic. Watching from the outside, so to speak, I will echo the disappointment the OP mentioned. In fact, I will go even further to say I watch with horror (and am leaning more to an atheist viewpoint the more I see of mankind). My main reason for commenting is that I think there's an entwined issue of Christianity (and the paths/actions being discussed in this particular thread/the trend of Christian Nationalism) and homeschooling. I think it's another factor because it does/will affect what others (individuals, universities, etc...) will correlate in their minds when you mention hsing or your child tells someone they were hsed. It may not be the correct assumption on their part, but with the rise and power of those voices, it may well be the assumption you and/or your dc will have to counteract/overcome if it doesn't apply to you. I am well past our (secular) hsing years but the current pitch of these voices make me loath to mention that we hsed, fwiw. This paragraph is probably political, so I will just leave a link for those who want to read it (not to discuss here and please don't read it if an exploration of the religious/political/hsing ball of yarn is going to upset you); it's a link to an article discussing how these more extreme religious/hsing voices are working diligently to continue to expand their voices and mission sphere: https://rlstollar.wordpress.com/2021/05/03/how-homeschoolers-plan-to-take-over-the-world/
  20. I get that. I agree as a cautious theory and at some point the science will either confirm or deny it. I am saying I think early confirmation bias in general is stronger with this vaccine vs. other ones.
  21. Bolding is mine. Maybe there was not initially (much) confirmation bias, but there certainly is more of it now. You yourself are saying you have confirmation bias at this point... ? With knowledge that this was a once-in-a-lifetime virus, as well as knowledge that there was a global rush to produce a vaccine, I think people in general were/are being hypervigilant to *anything* that may be/seem/feel different for weeks after being vaccinated. Millions of people get flu vaccinations every year (and they are slightly different every time), but there is never this level of scrutiny of "I noticed these weird things" or "I heard of someone who had these weird effects", etc. So I would argue that there has been *some* confirmation bias all along because people are actively looking for *anything or any report* of a feeling or experience that may be different..., which is then often ascribed as a possible vaccine side-effect (whether true or false). Eta: I would say you can see this in the big vaccination thread where many have expressed worry about the vaccine prior to getting it because they anticipate having side-effects of some sort.
  22. From The Wall Street Journal: Covid-19 Vaccinations of Pregnant Mothers Also Protect Newborns, Studies Suggest One study also found antibodies in the breast milk of vaccinated mothers https://www.wsj.com/articles/covid-19-vaccinations-of-pregnant-mothers-also-protect-newborns-studies-suggest-11617183001 "Pregnant women who get the coronavirus vaccine pass their antibodies on to their newborns, recent studies suggest, a promising sign that babies can acquire from their mothers some protection against Covid-19. At least three studies have found that women who received either the Pfizer Inc. - BioNTech SE vaccine or the Moderna Inc. shots during pregnancy had coronavirus antibodies in their umbilical-cord blood. That indicates the women’s babies got the antibodies, too. One of the studies also found antibodies in the breast milk of mothers who had received the vaccine during pregnancy. The studies didn’t look specifically at the safety of vaccinations, though in one of them, pregnant women who were vaccinated didn’t report more side effects than those who weren’t pregnant. Pregnant women are at higher risk of a severe case of Covid-19 and of preterm delivery if they are infected. The studies’ findings, though preliminary, suggest women could safely protect themselves and their newborns by getting vaccinated. ..." There is more info in the article about these studies these statements are based on, as well as other ongoing studies right now.
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