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  1. I have read a few of the responses, but not all the pages. I would absolutely expect a teen driver to follow that law. We have that type of law in our state & I, sadly, know one of the families affected by a wreck that helped lead to getting this legislation in place for our state. The teen that our family knew was driving the car. She survived, but some of her friends didn't. She will be living with that the rest of her life. And the families that lost their children/siblings/etc. will live with that forever too. It was horrendous, & I say that as an outsider seeing the impact. Laws like this originated out of horrific wrecks & lost lives. They are not isolated incidents & they happen in every state, which is why many states have such laws.
  2. Many years ago, my sister had a small dog who definitely got colder as he aged. So, as an elderly dog, she had some vests/jacket things for him & it seemed to help him immensely. She also had a medium-sized black lab/mutt mix. After the elderly, small dog started wearing clothes, the medium-sized dog started acting a little strange. After a short while, my sister figured out the dog was jealous & wanted her own clothes. When the little dog was wearing his stuff, my sister would put one of her t-shirts on the other dog, which made that dog completely joyous. 😂
  3. If the family resents the land being sold to your in-laws in the first place, and they have indicated they want first dibs for a buy-back, how will they feel when they see you (a younger couple), moving onto the property? Would they possibly see it as usurping their place in line for the property? (Not saying that's how it is but how it could be perceived.) It would make me uneasy. The hard feelings over the land ownership could lead to real problems, imo.
  4. I did get rid of some big items I listed previously -- a couch, 4 chairs, a bike, our remaining few bins of homeschool materials, a mattress, and a few other things. And, I have donated another car load of miscellaneous stuff, easy pickings I think of when I am not at home, then go grab to donate as soon as I get home. I also have a box of books that my dd wants to drop at various little free libraries. As far as papers and filing, I have gotten a lot done. Many things filed, many things recycled or burned. Still have old school papers to deal with and a few old files re: house things to go through. Freedom Filer has been awesome. Now that I have it set up, it is easy to file (keeps things from piling up on my desk), and it has been easy to retrieve a few items I have needed. Really happy with this choice. I also read both of Dana White's books. (She's the author of A Slob Comes Clean blog.) The cleaning one is basic but I can see that it would help the overwhelmed. Her decluttering one is really very good for overstuffed houses. She has some great advice. Generally, still working on reducing overall and having everything in the house have its own home. My other goal is to clean out/use up pantry items, then do a better job of not overstocking.
  5. Late posting this year, but if you want printable Oscar Bingo cards, here they are (from the How About Orange blog).
  6. Congrats Hoggirl, sounds like you have done a lot of work! Re: framed diplomas.... Have you considered removing the frames and matting and storing just the diplomas themselves? If you're not planning to hang or display them in the future, maybe it's something to consider?
  7. I didn't start the thread, but jump right in! There's still a lot of 2019 remaining to get rid of stuff.
  8. Re: shredding... I would have faced many hours of shredding as I had a lot to shred that I ignored for awhile, plus all the stuff I am culling now. My sister said to burn it instead. We bought a metal trash can and added some gravel I already had to the bottom of it. She, the dc, and I burned a bunch of stuff earlier this week. So much more fun than shredding! And we want s'more supplies on hand next time, lol. Definitely a great alternative. I already have another large paper sack filled for our next burn. A friend of mine wants to bring some of her shredding pile to burn too. It's like an ugly fire pit, I guess. Still fun, though, with family, friends, and food, lol.
  9. I decided to get the Freedom Filer labels and have been setting it up, then filing or trashing as needed. Got all the main categories done, am now mostly working on other stuff like resource materials, mementos, etc. Really liking it so far. Not as minimal as I would eventually like to be, but this works well for me now. And it has helped me trash and recycle a lot of paper, so I am happy those pounds are gone.
  10. Me too but my sister had the perfect solution for me. I bought a metal trash can, added some gravel I already had into the bottom and made a burn bucket/can. She, my dc, and I burned bunches of paper earlier this week. It was fun and freeing and so much better than spending hours shredding. Next time we'll be better prepared and have s'mores fixings on hand, lol. Have been working steadily on the paper monster. After asking in another thread for filing help, I decided to invest in Freedom Filer labels. So, I have been setting that up and filing or trashing as needed. Have another large paper sack filled with papers for the next burn. Loving this set-up so far. Continuing to do random stuff too. Have a couch, chair, and a bike pulled aside for donation, some desk chairs that are broken to trash, etc.
  11. A trio of Ikea Gassa etched glass art, hanging in a horizontal row. You can switch out the color panels behind them to be red or blue, but I just leave them out so it's more of a white on gray look.
  12. I didn't see this one but have seen previews for it. It's based on the French film, The Intouchables. The French version was great. (And it's based on a true story.) I'd definitely recommend it (the French version). It is rated R, which is fine as we have teens. Our whole family loved it.
  13. I am overrun with papers. Inspired by KonMari (& because I hate paperwork), I'd like to toss or simplify as much as I can. I would love ideas & inspiration for ways to reduce & then easily maintain a simple system. For example, I found this post online & really like the simplicity of it. (Not sure I can make mine quite as simple, but I would like to get close.) I am really working on tackling paper, would like to greatly reduce, & then set-up a relatively simple system that will be easy to maintain. Do you have a simple system for keeping up with home-related files (bills, medical records, accounts, etc....)? Do you have simple categories for filing (rather than separate files for every little thing)? How often do you weed or clean out files (especially older ones)? What *don't* you save? (What should I be tossing & never saving/filing in the first place?) Any tips, ideas, or examples are appreciated! I am fine with accessing some stuff online but I'm not interested in having to scan a bunch of stuff in order to save it (at least not right now). Thanks!
  14. Maybe it shows that I'm just old or boring at this point, but one thing my mom gave me for Christmas was this Oxo Extendable Sweep Set. Yes, I'm admitting I love a broom & dustpan. 🤣 The most awesome thing about it is that the dustpan has teeth & is amazing for removing cat hair from your broom. If you have pets, you need this broom with the toothy dustpan.
  15. My dad had given me directions for driving from Atlanta to Charleston, SC. (Pre-cellphone & GPS days.) Normally, I'm good at directions & like looking at maps, but this time I went with what he told me & didn't check ahead of time. It was pretty obviously wrong in the beginning as he had me heading west out of Atlanta, so I knew to do the opposite there. (That should have made me suspicious.) All was ok until he somehow routed me through Orangeburg, SC, on various state routes. I got very lost & ended up in the middle of countryside. There was really nowhere to stop and ask directions. After meandering around for awhile on my own, I eventually ended up in Jedburg & managed to get back out to the interstate from there. My unplanned "detour" had slowed me down quite a bit & I lost a lot of time. It mattered because on my way into Charleston, I was supposed to stop at the Charleston airport & pick up my cousin who was flying in from NYC. I figured by the time I got to the airport, she would have been waiting on me about two hours & would wonder what the heck happened. Turned out ok because, for her flight information, she had given me the time of her plane's departure, not the time of arrival. (Who does that???) So, it worked out perfectly in the end. I still laugh anytime I see the highway sign for Jedburg.
  16. Cetaphil Pro Dry Skin Eczema Soothing Moisturizer
  17. Yes. I even have an "abandoned" shelf on my Goodreads page for this very purpose.
  18. Russian bots are also adding to the discord and divisiveness over vaccines: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-45294192 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6137759/
  19. I would definitely go back to your insurance company. Tell them about the unacceptable immediate response from the other company and that you want them (your company) to now handle it.
  20. Yes. See here: https://redcrosschat.org/2018/10/17/how-disasters-affect-the-blood-supply-for-patients-in-need/ Donations are part of a national blood inventory.
  21. As others have said, let your insurance company deal with them. Awhile later, the other insurance company tried to contact me directly. My number is unlisted and they ended up calling an extended relative, who passed the message on to me. I was suspicious of what they would want so I called my insurance to ask if that was normal. They said it often is but that I was under no obligation to reply to that other company. So I didn't.
  22. Hugs. Can you call your insurance and have them deal with the other insurance company? I did that about a year ago when my life was crazy and a jerk driver floored it into me backward. (I was behind him in a drive-through line.) My insurance company dealt with getting everything taken care of and covered and made sure his company paid and took care of everything since he was at fault.
  23. Red Cross Has ‘Emergency Need’ For Blood Amid Freezing Cold Polar Vortex Hundreds of blood drives in dozens of states were canceled as temperatures fell dangerously low this week.
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