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  1. First Day of School Again

  2. DD14 is off camping for a week. My summer break has started!

  3. Wrapping up final weeks - finishing early this year!

    1. HeWillSoar


      That sounds nice!!!

  4. Spring break #3 starts today! DD21 is home from college, DS19 heads back tomorrow.

  5. Spring Break Week #2 - DS19 home from college and DD13 is back slaving over her books

  6. Spring Break Has Sprung! I'm done!

  7. Just baked something with zucchini and pork rinds. My life is now complete.

  8. In spite of growing up in Alaska - this is the first time I have ever had an igloo in my back yard!

  9. Chaparone for Jr. High Jazz Band trip today. Now where are my earplugs?

  10. Sleep In Thursday! Too icy to go to classes.

  11. Friday Snow! Colleges Kids Home! W00t!

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Don't send the snow here, but do send my college boy home! :)

  12. Why is my dog shedding? It's -10F outside!

    1. Jean in Newcastle

      Jean in Newcastle

      Getting ready for his winter coat?

  13. Snow! And I have New Skis!

  14. Please snow! Please snow!

  15. I hate arguing with 2nd order determinants

  16. Had an intelligent discussion with DS17 comparing literary styles in three stories. I love high school!

  17. Picking up curriculum order today! Yippee!

  18. 72F? Help! We're Melting!

  19. Thrift Store Score! Outfitting DD12 for a hiking trip

  20. Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

  21. Snow! Again! Arrrrgh!

  22. Softball practice at 34F! Brrrrrr!

    1. tuzor


      Ah yeah, I'd be watching from the car.

  23. Brilliant sunshine... and still too much snow :(

  24. 9999 nuthatches on the porch roof

    1. Isabella


      It wouldn't be noisy then? :)

  25. Snow - 8 inches and still falling!

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