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  1. The links are up to register for German I and II with Frau Cruz at Funcation Academy. There is actually a special link just for former German students of Landry at the bottom of the home page.
  2. I am a (former) teacher at Landry, and I just stumbled on this thread. I teach German I and German 2. I plan to continue teaching to finish the year. But we were just told about the closing about an hour before parents - so I am praying about where/how to finish the year. If you need either of these courses, feel free to contact me. Faith Cruz Landry is (was) full of wonderful teachers who are great at what they do & really love their students. The vast majority finished first semester without pay. I am in prayer for the teachers, the students, and for Greg & his wife. I don't believe he intentionally did anything wrong. I think he must have had some poor business/tax advice. This school was his life - it must be a devastating loss.
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