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  1. Another vote for Derek Owens! My non-math loving dd is doing very well with Algebra 1, after a switch from 2 years of TT. Wish I'd known about it before TT.
  2. We used 5th, 7th and 8th without the writing. There were about 110 lessons (depends on grade, check table of contents on CBD.com) plus 20 or so tests, if you choose to do them. My dd did it usually 4 times a week, sometimes 3, and completed within the school year. Took her only about 20 minutes per day, and she did independently. In 8th grade I let her do the checking. We did not do the dictation part. I let her write directly in the student text and do diagramming in a separate spiral notebook. We love Saxon Hake Grammar and wish they had high school review books! Never used R&S so can't help there.
  3. My dd14 just finished Saxon Grammar 8. She's very good at grammar, but I don't want her to lose it. I'm unsure what to do for grammar for high school, especially based on SWB's recommendation in TWTM to continue with grammar in high school, at least through 9th and 10th. My dd wants to be an author/writer/editor, so I feel like I really shouldn't drop grammar completely, even though I know many people do at this point. SWB recommends R&S or AG, and I am not compelled to go either of those routes. I tried R&S back in 3rd grade, and AG in 6th after Saxon 5 (and dd begged to go back to Saxon) and didn't find them to be a great fit. Saxon was perfect for her. I've considered trying IEW Fix It but not sure about that and am having a hard time deciding which book to start in (she did the placement test, but it wasn't super helpful). I own BJU 9, because it came with the BJU Lit I ordered but I think it looks too easy for her (although maybe it would be OK for review). I do want to continue with some grammar in high school at least as review, so if you've used something after Saxon 8, I'd love to hear about it.
  4. We did use the videos for dd, but also bought a microscope. However, she got it for Christmas after the microscope lessons were mostly over. We intended to go back and do them, but didn't. The very expensive microscope barely has been used since. It was fun when we first got it, but in retrospect I feel like it was $ I should have waited to spend for biology. I really wish we'd gotten a stereoscope vs. a compound microscope, because I think we'd have use that more. It used to be that you could buy the "labs only" dvd for life science, but now that they've updated the course I don't know if that exists or not. Watching the labs was really good for my dd; she did the lab manual along with the lesson and learned plenty. You might already know that usually in December BJU does a $99 special for all courses, in case you want to buy the DLO lessons then.
  5. I've seen a reco for Fortuigence. We haven't used it, but it is self paced and reasonably priced (essays). Also WriteatHome could work.
  6. My dd14 has done Life Science and now Earth Science as DLO. She has also taken English Lit 7 and World History. I really like the format for the reasons mentioned by Paradox5. Also, the assignment for each day is listed there. The student checks off as they complete each thing (video, assignment, etc.) I have never used DVDs, but from what I understand there are MANY for one course and I personally would not like having to deal with juggling them. With DLO you can access from any device (just login), so there have been times we've used the ipad when the computer had a problem. The only downside is if your internet is down, you can't get access like you could with DVDs. They added a new feature this year that you can now "skip" lessons or parts of lessons (in the parent account) and then the student account doesn't show those as items to be completed. Also, on the DLO version the teacher guide is embedded in the course (in the parent's account) and all the handouts are there as well (you or the student just have to print them). There are some handouts that come with every DLO course also. My daughter has absolutely loved the videos -- they have added a lot for her, and it has been a great experience for her to take notes from a "live" teacher (she takes her notes usually in the textbook, but sometimes on paper). She had Mrs. Vick (awesome teacher!) for both classes, although the Life Science has been updated this year with a new teacher. For both Life and Earth/Space, all of the labs were demonstrated in full which was nice, because for those grades I didn't care so much about actually doing all of them but I liked that she could watch all the labs and do the lab report. And they dissected a beef heart which I was really not interested in doing at home!
  7. We only watched them when my DD did the DLO course 2 years ago, and it was fine. You can watch them and still do the lab activities in the book along with the teacher. If you love doing labs at home, you might want to get them but for us for 7th grade watching them was plenty (actually my dd did not watch all of the one with the cow heart dissection! That was too much for her at the time :). We do have a microscope and some of the slides they looked at, so she did that little bit. I understand from a BJU rep at a convention that for the high school science courses, the labs are started on the video but not all are completed since they expect them to be also completed by the student, but for the 7th and 8th grade courses they do show all the steps.
  8. I did Singapore Essentials K A & B with my K'er this year (flew through), and when she finished that in November, we started on Rightstart B. She didn't have a problem with not having done RS A. I called RS, and they recommended she start in B. It does a fair amount of using the math names for numbers, so she'd still get it in B.
  9. Yes, you could definitely switch them. DD14 is just finishing Earth and did Life Science last year. I think Earth & Space is a little more difficult than Life Science, but I agree they are both rigorous courses. My dd has enjoyed them both, although I think she liked Life Science more only because she was more interested in it. If you're using the DLO, Life Science has been redone with a new teacher (it was Mrs. Vick for both) that goes with the latest edition. And Mrs Twain is correct that there is no math required.
  10. My dd did WttW this year (in a co-op setting), and based on that I would recommend doing Elegant Essay first semester and WttW second. She really should have gone through EE first. WttW is assuming the student has essay writing experience (my dd didn't have enough, and it was a problem for her). Both of those require a fair amount of teaching and aren't student directed, which you probably realize if you talked to the IEW reps. You are correct that Teaching the Classics is teacher training. I had my dd watch TTC with me, but it is really directed to the teacher. You could do both EE and WttW (without the Jill Pike Syllabus) in one year and add a few novels like you mentioned.
  11. Yes, still available with DVDs. My dd did it online this year (which I prefer to DVDs because tests and quizzes are all online, and you don't have to deal with DVDs), but its definitely still an option to go the DVD route. You do not own the DVDs -- just rent them for 18 months from July 1 - Dec. 31 of following year (which is the same length of time as online). Here's the link: http://www.bjupresshomeschool.com/product/421511 If you order through a BJU Homeworks by Precept Rep I think you'll get a discount.
  12. Wish we lived close enough to take live classes from her! My dd got to meet Jennifer at the Midwest Homeschool Convention (she was in The Rabbit Room Press Booth), which was really fun for her.
  13. I think Master Books is now the publisher/distributor for Ask Dr. Callanan. That is the case for the Jacobs Algebra DVDs. At least for Algebra, there are no changes to the content. You could email Dale Callanan through his website; I did that to ask some questions for Algebra and he replied quickly.
  14. Not self paced, by my dd14 took this one last summer through WHA (Julie Etter was the teacher) and it was good. http://www.wilsonhillacademy.com/academics/study-skills-summer/
  15. My dd14, who is an aspiring author, just finished a 6 week online class taught by Jennifer Trafton, author of The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic and the recently released Henry and the Chalk Dragon. This was such an fantastic experience for my dd that I had to post a recommendation for anyone looking for online fiction writing for a child between 8 and 14. The class was asynchronous, all text based, and taught over the Schoology platform. The class she took was called Stories of Magic and Wonder, and she produced a great 6+ page fantasy story complete with illustrations of her characters and a map of the fantasy world. She enjoyed interacting with the other students as they wrote a class story and in other chat type exchanges (all without disclosure of their full names or any photos, so it would be safe for younger kids). The focus of the classes is about inspiring imagination and creativity, so there are no grades or corrections of spelling or grammar, but lots of encouragement and helpful feedback. Apparently this was the third of a four class series, but I didn't find out about the classes until shortly before this one. If you live in the Nashvile, TN, area these classes are also taught live. Here's the website & a little description from the classes page http://jennifertrafton.com/sleeping-giant-classes/ Is there an author inside of your child waiting to be awakened?From treasure maps to fantastical creatures, from play dough poems to larger-than-life characters, Sleeping Giant classes and workshops aim to stretch kids' imaginations and show them how fun writing can be! I teach at various locations in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as offering online classes to families near and far.
  16. We have it, and I agree with all the previous posts about needing the whole set because of the specialized cards. I personally don't think most of the games are all that fun, but it may just be me.
  17. My 8th grade daughter used it this year, and my thought is that it would be quite challenging for a 3rd grader. It seems to me to be written to a middle school level, but I do know that Classical Conversations uses it in Essentials, so that would be as low as 4th grade.
  18. I came across Homeschool Connections Aquinas Writing and it sounds really interesting, and possibly a good fit for my dd. I'd love to hear any reviews, and also wonder how it might be for a protestant student since its Catholic.
  19. Your description of your daughter sounds similar to my 8th grade daughter. She started in BJU in private K, started homeschooling in 1st and I put her in BJU for 1st and 2nd. She never liked math, but did OK at it. I moved to CLE for 3rd and 4th and she HATED it (I thought the built in math fact practice would be great, but the lessons were too long for her and the fact drills were TORTURE). Went back to BJU for 5th, and then did Saxon 76 for 6th. In retrospect, I wish I'd just stuck with BJU all the way. Her biggest issue was getting the math facts cemented, which really did not happen until I got a subscription to Reflex math. Now there are Kate Snow's math fact books, which I bought for my younger daughter, and I would have tried those if they'd been around. http://kateshomeschoolmath.com/how-to-teach-addition-facts-that-stick/ BJU does not integrate math fact practice very well, so I'd try Reflex or the Kate Snow approach in addition to BJU. I now have a K'er who is good at and likes math. She blew through Singapore K, and then I decided to switch her to Right Start B because I thought it would be perfect for her. She is completely capable of it, but doesn't like it as much as she liked Singapore. Getting through the lessons is a slog, but she does like the games. I'm either going back to Singapore, or switching her to BJU, because she does much better having a workbook. Some of the abacus approach is actually confusing to her. I also use AAR and AAS, and there is some similiarity to RS, but I don't like RS as much. I think it would be fine to put your daugher in Right Start B, because you probably plow through it quickly. You could even call RS and talk to them; they're very helpful and friendly. If you want to move her to BJU 2, I think she'd be fine coming from Singapore 1 (which I did use briefly with older DD), based on what I remember. I would supplement the math facts, however, like I mentioned above. BJU definitely has the cute/colorful factor going for it, and there's a story that is woven through each level that makes it a little more fun (my older DD liked that part a lot). And there are lots of hands on manipulatives for teaching each lesson. However, BJU does have to be taught, although I don't think its as intense as RS.
  20. Lora Marks is offering her Solidifying classes over the summer! My daughter took her Solidifying Math Class this spring, and she recently sent this information about the summer classes. I can't paste in the links to the registration information for some reason, but if you want to send me a PM with an email address, I can forward the email she sent with the registration information.: My Solidifying Math class costs $150 and will meet every weekday at 9 am ETfrom Monday, May 15 - Friday, June 2, 2017. My Solidifying Algebra class costs $150 and will meet every weekday at 11 am ET from Monday, May 15 - Friday, June 2, 2017.
  21. I have it sitting here, unused, despite my best intentions this year! I will send you a private message.
  22. This might not be helpful, but I have my dd doing the online course now and it is the 3rd edition. I also bought a used copy of the TM. I actually use it a lot with grading her work (I hate having to download the online TM pages), and planning what I'm going to have her do or not do of the online assignments. If I was going to teach it, I wouldn't try it without the TM. I think the TM with the lab video would make it doable. The textbook is meaty, but it obviously doesn't have all the teacher helps and answer keys for the section reviews, lab pages, etc. I found my used TM copy for less than $20 (it is a little worn) on Second Harvest curriculum, www.usedhomeschoolbooks.com. I've had good experience buying used BJU books from them.
  23. Reflex math was the best thing I ever purchased for my dd to learn her math facts, after spending a ridiculous amount of money on every other type of fact practice gadget, card or game that exists yet did not help her one bit. I subscribed for several years because she enjoyed it and found it helpful to keep her facts sharp even after getting achieving mastery. I highly recommend it also!
  24. We did not like it and went back to Saxon after 5 weeks of AG in 6th grade (dd begged to go back). Extreme mastery approach was boring my dd to tears because every lesson seemed like overload on just one concept and tons of parsing and diagramming (and she likes grammar and diagramming), and I have to admit that grading it was extremely tedious too. I did like the videos though, and loved the idea of plowing through a season and then just having review the rest of each year. My dd likes Saxon better than any other grammar, and I think it is because of the variety. However, she hated Saxon math so the format doesn't work across the board for her.
  25. Landry Academy has unadvertised specials going on now with great freebies (like extra generic semesters, free 2 day intensives, etc) for purchasing 1 or more generic semesters. The specials are shown at this link, and change every 4 hours or so (at the time I posted this, you had to buy 2 semesters to get the special, but yesterday it was just 1). From their newsletter: Final Unadvertised Homeschool Specials Our final specials for the year are here... Periodically we offer some great specials for a few days. The individual specials will be unadvertised - we won't be sending email for each special, so you'll need to remember to check the specials page frequently if you want to see each special. They change every four hours. These are worth setting reminders. Bless your family! Bless others! - Generic online class semesters for 2016-17 - Generic online class semesters for 2017-18 - Two day intensive generics for 2016-17 - Two day intensive generics for 2017-18 - Blessings for your friends - Summer camp generics for 2017 - Summer camp generics for 2018 - Trips - And more They will change approximately every 4 hours: Please consider forwarding this to your homeschooling friends and your homeschool group. All the specials will only be located on this page... http://www.landryacademy.com/specials
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