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  1. What kind of math games do you play? Can I use some of them with my autistic lil brother? Great news! :)
  2. It's been a while, but here - I've found the propper link - http://www.sensory-therapies.com/review/the-listening-program-tlp/.
  3. I have a younger brother who lives in US with our parents and my mother wants him to take TLP sessions (I've found some review on the blog about sensory therapies, http://www.sensory-therapies.com/review/the-listening-program-tlp/), but to be honest I'm not so sure about it - I've read some articles about ILS Therapy instead and they made me wonder if ILS wouln'd be a better way for him. And there is also B-Calm therapy that seems to be very helpful, but a friend told me that it might be unpleasant at first. Do you know anything about TLP? Should I let my mom do it?
  4. You are so sweet and loving parent. I wish I was younger. Fingers crossed!
  5. TLP is great, because the child's brain can be mapped in 4 regions which respond to different band of sound frequencies.
  6. I'm so sorry. You have my condolences. I've lost my grandpa and I still don't know how to talk about it with other people.
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