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  1. We are currently using Larson/Hostetler's Intermediate Algebra 4th ed. along with the Dana Mosely DVDs and both are working great. I'm trying to look ahead for the next course and am not sure what the sequence is meant to be. Does the Larson/Hostetler pre-calculus follow the intermediate algebra course? Does it include a good bit of trigonometry as well as a good intro of calculus? I would be most grateful for some feedback and/or assistance. Also, if anyone knows of the corresponding Mosely DVDs, I would appreciate the ISBNs for them. Thank you!
  2. I was happy to see this question posted because I am struggling with this same thing. My oldest is finishing up Jacob's geometry but not sailing through it. I'm actually thinking of going back to TT for Algebra 2. Any thoughts on that? I personally found TT easier to teach and more "friendly". I've heard pros and cons to their higher math courses and wondered if anyone had actually made this same transition from Jacob's to TT. Thanks very much!
  3. I was curious to know if anyone followed up with Jacob's Geometry with Saxon Algebra II and Advanced Mathematics. ???? We've run the gamut with math curriculum...Saxon, Teaching Textbooks, Glencoe...and I've found positives and negatives to each. Jacob's Geometry is extremely challenging (maybe slightly too challenging), but I'm determined to see it through this year. I love Teaching Textbooks for their very friendly format in the lower levels (through Pre-Algebra), but I have read they are lacking in proofs for Geometry and that their Algebra II is also subpar in certain areas. I've done Saxon before which is why I am curious to know how well it would flow after Jacob's Geometry. Any thoughts?
  4. My sophomore is currently working on Jacobs Geometry after completing Algebra 1 last year (Glencoe). I don't believe Jacobs has an Algebra 2 course. Does anyone have any recommendations for what we should do the last 2 years as far as curriculum following Jacobs Geometry? I know I'm looking way ahead, but I tend to obsess about these things if they aren't already in place! :001_smile: Thank you!
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