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  1. A random smiley. :)

  2. Happy New Year (a few hours in advance though)! :)

  3. :) Happy new year (a bit in advance)!

  4. Awww. :) I want that T-shirt!!

  5. Thanks. :)


    I'm in a bit of a whiney, self-pity, depressed mood - one of those days - so your message brightened it up for me LOL. :)

    I hope you're doing well too. Take care.

  6. Thanks for the help in the thread about Catholic study materials. :)

  7. Yes, I come to your page, and then I leave a random smiley to brighten up your day (or at least that is my intention LOL). Not really a private message, because it can be seen by others too, but cute for a quick smiley when you cannot resist leaving one. :)

  8. Great blog :), I stopped by a few times in past and liked how visually appealing and detailed it was about your activities with your daughter. You seem to post a lot of useful info and ideas for people who have kids approximately the same age (which excludes me, I am afraid, but I still liked it).

  9. :)

    I thought I would leave a random smiley.

  10. I really like your posts. You make me feel like less of an alien on here sometimes ;), plus you often show a capacity to say, in fewer words and more coherently, what I think as well. I also discovered AoPS for my middle daughter largely thanks to you.


    Overall, I like your presence on the boards. Thank you for it. :)

  11. Great post on vaccines. :)

  12. I thought I would leave a smiley. :) I like many of your posts and I appreciate your presence here.

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